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How you feel and how you look has a lot to do with what you eat. Eating healthy food certainly lifts your brain power and impacts your overall life. If you need to perform superior in anything, you need a right fuel for yourself. This will eventually help you play online poker better.

As spot-on as you can believe it, eating well can undeniably improve your chances of winning the poker game. If you feel like you are following every right strategy to win the game but still facing hard luck, then it is probably time to start focusing on your eating habits. We bring you a list of 9 foods to improve your focus at poker.


This is indeed an on-the-go food and you can reap all its benefits just with a handful of them. They consist of amino acids which can help you in increasing concentration. They can also enhance your cognitive skills as they are rich in Vitamin E. They are upright for your stamina and muscles.

Dark Chocolates

Who doesn’t love chocolates? Well, almost every individual does for its lip-smacking taste. But did you know that chocolates can help you focus better? They consist of endorphins which can make you feel active and enhance your memory. They have been considered really effective for brain and body.


Drinking lots of water has lots of benefits. Our body is made up of mostly water and for the same reason, it depends profoundly on water. Water helps the brain work faster and can enhance the memory to a great extent.

Fatty fish

Fatty fish consist of Omega 3 fatty acids, also known as Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) which is valuable for brain and heart. People who eat more fish are jollier and less inclined to mental ailments like stress and hopelessness. It also develops memory and helps focus better. Herring, sardines, Bluefin tuna, salmon, fatty fish, algae, and seafood are some of the best sources of omega-3 fatty acids.

Green vegetables

This is considered as the most chosen food to boost brain power. They are really high in vitamin B which is essential to develop memory. They also consist antioxidants which advance your brain. So, do remember to include dark leafy greens, cabbage, and broccoli in your meals.


Avocados are really helpful to regulate the flow of the blood to the brain and other parts of the body. Your brain needs lots of blood to function at a high level and proper current of blood boost your brain. It also sharpens your memory and helps you stay focused.

Green Tea

Green tea has been addressed as the healthiest hot drink as it contains antioxidants that fight free radicals in the body. Apart from doing wonders for your body, it enhances several cognitive functions which improve memory and concentration level.

Berries and Cherries

Blackberries, blueberries, and cherries are a good source of flavonoids and anthocyanin that improve and boost memory functions. They are extensively accessible and can be mixed into cereal or baked.


Tomatoes are rich in antioxidants which maintain the fat. The brain consists primarily of fat making it completely susceptible to free radicals which can cause inflammation. They are widely available and can be included in almost every meal.

You might have heard a lot from the doyens saying online poker and live poker functioning in the same way. Players are dealt two cards, the blinds are posted, a flop/turn/river turned, betting happens, the pot awarded to the best five cards, people win or lose tailed by the hand ranking chart. However, they might sound kindred, but there are not too many connections playing online and live poker when it comes to the environs, dynamics or overall decisions. The debate will never come to a satisfactory conclusion since the bifurcation ratio differs in the set of skills and abilities. We bring you few major differences between playing poker online in India and playing live poker tournaments in India.

Slow or Fast

You might find live poker as a slow game due to the number of hands you will see during play. One other reason which can frustrate online players is that they cannot play multi-table in live poker. In live poker, you cannot play more than 25-30 hands/hour whereas in online poker in India, you can even play more than 100 hands/hour if you are playing multi-table. Apart from that, you will have to store all the database in your skull as hand histories aren’t automatically saved as in online games.

Skills Required

For online poker, you need a lot of calculative skills like the ability to control tilt, analyse your opponent or more over your own play and making quick decisions especially if you are multi-tabling. For live poker, you need to be easy-going as you cannot play multi-table, basic understanding of seat selection, spotting tells or any other clues and thorough records as you cannot rely on the tracking software.

What is it about?

Online poker is all about playing your Ace game, firing up as many tables as possible as it is more about volume, rake back, a highly developed multi-tasking ability, position, stack, the ability to manipulate bubbles, a balance of aggression, a complete understanding of ranges and of course different tracking software like HEM and Poker Tracker. Live poker game relies on different parameters such as the cost of traveling, choosing the tournament and the game and most importantly reading your opponents.

Multi-way Pots

Even before a community card is dealt, you will recurrently be heads-up to the flop or even pre-flop with all-in and call situations that validate many more pots go multi-way at a live table in comparison to online table. In an online game, fewer players are constantly calling pre-flop raises, so you will see far fewer multi-way pots.

Live is livelier

In live games you get the opportunity to meet like-minded people which can make the live game livelier than online games which are somehow too pasteurized, can create ennui and you just hop from one table to another, centring on rolling money and not on chums playing on the table. Live is way more fun!!

As we all now, Poker games is a game of skill and there is no set formula to become a master poker player. However, with a few tips and tricks, you can indeed change the game in your favour. You can do this by mastering the art of manipulation which can help you in winning more pots irrespective of the cards you have in your hands. Floating the flop is a move that turns the tables against your opponent by spinning his/her continuation bets to their disadvantage. It is a bluffing technique that needs to be perfected before you attempt it for some obvious reasons.

It is commonly used in every form of Texas Hold’em and considered as an influential poker move. Look out for any weakness by calling your opponent’s bets on a flop with a confidence and make the situation favorable for you. You should have all the vivacious information before you make this move as some players can also fake control of a variety of hands and involves in persistence bets. Seeing that you are liberally calling his bets when you take away the pot from him/her on the turn or river, he may be less inclined to fire continuation bets.

What it simply means?

When an opponent checks on the turn, you make a move that calls a bet on the flop with the only intention of betting with the pot in mind. The biggest benefit of Floating is that you can take a note of what your opponent does in the next round of betting; you can release if he bets and you can attack if he checks. But you also need to remember that if your opponent becomes aware that you are betting most turns that he checks, then he might begin defending himself against the float. So, utilize it smartly with moderation.

What to remember?

  • It is most effective in heads-up pots
  • You should be in position before you attempt this move
  • It never works against a loose or a passive calling action
  • Floating the flop and bluffing the turn will typically be more effective than floating the turn and bluffing the river
  • Check for your opponent’s flop continuation bet statistics if you are anticipating it in an online game
  • Make sure that your opponent holds better cards than you do
  • Attempt this only with tight and aggressive players as they are the only one who constantly indulge in continuation betting and preflop raising

PokerBaazi is proud to reveal that IPC champion and one of the prominent figures in the Indian poker circuit, Jasven Saigal has taken the role of a Strategic consultant at PokerBaazi.

Poker Pro turned Tournament organizer, Jasven Saigal is an extremely enigmatic megastar and has won many championships during his 8 years of poker career.  Hailing from a family who runs a catering business, Jasven indeed entails poker charisma and passion. Having served as co-director at Aces-Unlimited, Jasven is a rare combination of poker player and entrepreneur, extremely talented and successful at both. He was also voted as the ‘Live Tournament Poker Player of the year 2014’ by GutShot magazine.

 “We are thrilled to have him on our team at PokerBaazi, building value for our team and budding poker players. Together we will augment the reach of poker and show upcoming poker enthusiasts the competitive, fun and strategic game of poker,” said Navkiran Singh, CEO of PokerBaazi. He will add a lot of flair, skill, and swag to PokerBaazi, added Navkiran.

As the newest member of the PokerBaazi family, Jasven becomes part of a team of some of the best poker players like Paawan Bansal, Vikram Kumar and Abhishek Panda.

“I am very happy and humbled to be a part of PokerBaazi family. We will work toward inspiring more people in India to play and enjoy poker” said Jasven. He continued: “I have always done my best to work for the betterment of poker game in India and I will continue doing that. PokerBaazi has enormous potential and I’m excited to work with Navkiran and his team in introducing an amazing gaming experience.

Welcome to the team of PokerBaazigar!

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