Sep 17, 2019


For every poker player, playing final table is like a dream. Taking somebody down from a title while making a ton of money is a lot satisfying. However, for many players, this dream remains a dream as many never make it to the final table. It is even more difficult for beginners who lack in experience and skills. But, fret not. Here are some tips that will help you win the game:

1.    Don’t bluff too much

It is a common misconception that poker players bluff a lot. While, over the years, poker players have shown some amazing bluffing skills, but these are not as frequent as you might think. It is not even as essential as people think. As a beginner poker player, it is good practice to try an occasional bluff, but not often. Sometimes, bluffing your opponent can get out of hand and result in a huge loss. So, bluff only when you think you have enough knowledge and practice.

2.    Use a Poker Tracking Program

While it is not compulsory, a Poker Tracking program will help you make better decisions. You should try it at least once and check for yourself if it is worth it. The poker tracking program does convert the raw data from the hands into useful information. It has proven very beneficial in the multi-tabling online poker where with so many opponents and tables it is hard to keep track of every single one of them. This program will locate the bad players for you which will be a huge help.

3.    Don’t play every hand

It is a common mistake of beginners to play too many hands. When you have just started playing poker, you are willing to play more hands and take more risks. Enthusiasm is well appreciated but as a beginner, you should stick to playing only the top 10 to 15 hands. 

4.    Play within your bankroll

Bankroll is the money that poker players set aside to play the game. They do this so that they don’t spend all their money on the game. This game has many natural ups and downs and so you need to have sufficient buy-ins so that you don’t go broke in one session.

5.    Understanding your opponents

This is the most difficult task for the beginners as they lack the ability to judge their opponents. This skill comes only with practice and experience. A great number of players play loosely, so if you know how to play them you can make plenty of money. It is all about observing. It is not easy and can be developed with time. Many pros have mentioned that they use a lot of reverses tells to confuse other players. And surely you don't want to get a reputation of playing like a fish. 


Poker is a difficult game. It is important that you pay attention to the hands, the ones you are in and the ones you are not in. Attention to detail is paramount. Poker games are long and so players who are not strictly disciplined can easily get distracted. To be a successful poker player, tournament or online, it is important to keep distractions to a minimum. Here are a few distractions to look out for:

    •    Noise

The noise coming out in any form, be it from TV, music, chatty players, and the crowd, needs to be kept to a minimum. Poker rooms are usually full of these distractions. This can keep you from focusing on the game. Unfortunately, you just can’t tell people to shut up during the game or lower the music in the poker room. All you can do is make yourself immune to these noisy distractions. Some players use headphones to cut out all the noise.

    •    Drinks

You think that having a drink or two while playing is harmless. Alcohol lowers your inhibitions and makes you lose your focus. You might think that you are not drunk but it might take a toll on your bankroll. So, don’t drink and play poker.

    •    Chasing losses

Many poker players fall victim to this distraction. After a few bad sessions, they try to chase their losses. It can work sometimes, but mostly moving the stakes up after short-term losses can result in force backing. 

    •    Bodily Functions

It might not seem a big distraction right now, but everyone knows that it is hard to pay attention when you are trying to ‘hold it in’. Many players refuse to leave just because they are so into the game and can’t afford to miss a hand. So, instead of holding your bodily functions and losing the focus, it is better to take care of your business first and then return to the game.

There is not a single correct way to avoid all the distractions while playing poker. All you can do is try some measures to stay focused. Don’t abuse the opportunity of multi-table online poker tournaments. Be it, playing with your kids or pets, or watching a baseball game, or talking to your wife about the weekend plans, all these situations are unfavorable for a poker player. Always play poker in a quiet environment where you are away from all these distractions.



To become an extremely advanced and successful player, you need to work on a few mistakes that you are knowingly or unknowingly making. Read on to know more about them,

Becoming greedy 

Many players play poker to earn quick money and there is definitely nothing wrong with it. But when it turns into greed, your focus shifts. You concentrate more on the money rather than the game, which increases your chances of losing the game. 

Too much bluffing

Bluffing is necessary when it comes to poker but as they say, ‘too much is too bad’ and it holds true even in this situation. Learn when it is appropriate to bluff and when it is not. 

Becoming a know-it-all

You can never stop learning. There is something new to grasp each and every day. When you don’t learn, you keep reusing the same old tricks and techniques and this will make you motionless in the game. So, basically, you will neither evolve nor win. Poker is a growing game and you need to grow with it. 

Ignoring health 

Professional players take very good care of their health. As a matter of fact, these players make it a point to hit the gym every day and eat right. This is because, in poker, you spend a lot of time sitting and this might not only affect your health, but make you lose concentration and spoil your game as well. So, be fit to play great. 

Mindlessly playing

Take a break when you must. Sometimes, you need to cut off for a day or two to reinvent yourself. This will help you play better when you start playing again. Don’t simply sit in front of your computer and aimlessly play. Get out, breathe in fresh air and then come back.

Not maintaining a balance 

You need to make a routine for your poker. You cannot simply neglect your everyday life and keep playing. Maintain all your relationships and hobbies along with your game. Don’t ignore anything. Find a perfect balance and this will also help you play better. Professional poker players are very strict when it comes to maintaining a proper balance and this is why they are immensely successful. 

Do not ignore online poker tools

When you play poker online, there are very many tools that are easily available for players. Learn to take complete advantage of these tools. If you lack in knowledge about them, learn. From software made for tracking to software that will help you strategize, you have it all. This will really help you grow more as a player. 

Too many tables at once 

If you are still learning, take it slow. Don’t let your excitement get the better of you. Remember, ‘too many cooks spoil the broth’. The same way when you start multi-tasking without first learning the trick, you will simply lose. Master this art slowly and steadily. 


Au revoir clammy summer and hello quick-witted summertime. Time to put your summer shades on as is here to amplify the super poker action. PokerBaazi invites you to dance to the chip rhythm of the Baazi Summer Carnival 2017. 

Baazi Summer Carnival brings you the biggest cash games and tournaments promotions with grand prizes. You won’t only play to win but with PokerBaazi you will assuredly win daily prizes. Seize the sunny chance by completing the targeted number of hands to win daily prizes up to 50,000. You can also play the maximum number of hands to win the weekly and overall leaderboard prizes.

Hey! Stick around because it’s about to get even bigger!!

PokerBaazi has added more and bigger value tournaments to its daily schedule. There will be a separate tournament leaderboard for the tournaments that will be held in the summer carnival. The new additions include:

  1. 50k GTD TOURNAMENTS TWICE A DAY every day. One at 10.30PM & one at 4 pm, which is sure to make your lazy afternoons less boring.
  2. 10K DAILY DEPOSITOR’S FREEROLL will be the depositor’s new wonderland.
  3. BAAZI SUPER SUNDAYS with an increased guarantee from the existing 15 LAC to 22LAC in the Sunday Primetime.
  4. For more added tournaments, set your clocks at 10:30 am for 1500 guarantee and at 2 am for a 6k guarantee.
  5. Daily PLO tournament at 25k GTD and PLO Re-entry at 11:30 pm

BAAZI SUMMER CARNIVAL TOURNAMENT LEADERBOARD comes with the attracting two international packages to Macau and Manila reserved for the top two winners.

Wanna know the best part. PokerBaazi antes up the opportunity to all stake players to win big prizes. All carnival cash prizes will be divided into four categories.

  1. Micro(1/2,2/4 blinds)
  2. Low (3/4,5/10 blinds)
  3. Mid (10/20, 25/50 blinds)
  4. High (50/100 and above)

So check off the most exquisite poker destinations off your bucket list with From cash games to various new tournaments, you can win the golden chance to take home packages of LAS VEGAS, MACAU, MANILA, AND THAILAND.

All you have to do to participate is to use the deposit code CARNIVAL.

So come on board with the Baazi Summer Carnival starting 19th June to 13th August 2017.


PokerBaazi gives you a chance to outshine and make your lazy Sundays more rewarding. It brings you more than exciting high-value tournaments. You can play big guarantees every Sunday. There are satellites running every day and to add more to the rack up, the poker zealots stand a chance to win tickets as low as 200 chips. You can play 4 tournaments in the prime time having a total guaranteed prize of 15LAC.

 On June 4th, 2017, at 21:00 pm Dinesh Singh took a shot at taking down the Baazi Super Sunday (10 LAC GTD) (Deep Stack 2 Re-Entry). With a total of 92 entries (26 Reentries), a Buy-In of 10,000+ 1,000 and a total prize pool of Rs11, 80,000. But Dinesh slickly enrolled in the satellite tournament with an amount of Rs.1, 100 and Not only did he bag the ticket for Baazi Super Sunday worth Rs11, 000 but took home a tremendous cash prize worth Rs.2, 83,200.

This is exalted Daddu26’s (Dinesh Singh) biggest win to date. The poker novice started playing poker only two years back and has been fortunate to get prudent success in tournaments.

” There are a lot of variances but I am still learning the game :)”.

Dinesh was below average stack during most part of the tournament. He avoided the ITM bubble and then built his stack on Final Table. “When final 3 were left, there were few tricky hands, but glad that I could ship this one”.

He told PokerBaazi “On the Final table my approach was to mix my game. At times, I was playing tight and sometimes, I was playing the opponent by bluffing. Heads-up was fun against Guruprasad sir as we both were competing for not the title but also the Last Man Standing Facebook contest”.

 He has been playing on PokerBaazi since 2016. Intrigued by the new and improved user-friendly software, he would love to become a regular visitor on the website,” I have been playing on PokerBaazi since last year but I used to play very rarely on this site. I will play more on PokerBaazi now, as it has gifted me my biggest win till date. My experience has been great playing on PokerBaazi and has also got few ITMs :). The customer care and the people associated with PokerBaazi are very humble and always ready to help which makes us all one FAMILY. Thanks to the entire PokerBaazi team, ###ProudToBeABaazigar!!”    

The spirited Baazigar recommends poker players like himself to keep on learning and improve your game by reading, watching videos, discussing hands, or whatever you think can help your game. “Variance is tough to handle and so is Bank Roll Management. You need to figure out the right mix of tournaments you should play according to your Bank Roll”.  Indeed word to the wise!

You too can win big. All you have to do is simply register on our website and get on the road with us and become a part of the Baazi Super Sundays. The awaited update on Baazi Super Sundays (BSS) is on deck and for further detailed information about the Baazi Super Sundays you can click on


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