Jul 20, 2019


Value Bomb Day 2 Sum Up

Another multi-day tournament saw its conclusion on PokerBaazi, and it was a spectacular show on the digital felts. 1 Cr GTD Value Bomb- India’s Biggest High-Value Tournament featured four starting flights with the Final Day (Day 2) concluding on June 9.

The game went on for over 7 hours as a field of 324 players battled it out on the tables. Poker is a skill-based game and the list of the players who made it to the money proved the statement true as most of them were poker pros

The felts seemed to be on fire as it witnessed the gameplay of famous professional players of the Indian online poker community. Some of the known names were Arjun “smoothie12” Kochhar (INR 49,000), Siddhant “Bullzeye” Kapoor (INR 34,000), Guruprasad “fish_calling” Gupta (INR 34,000), Apaar “floatfish” Gautam (INR 21,000), Sahil “ImHighIshove” Mahboobani (INR 17,000) and Anik “EagleSong” Ajmera (INR 29,000).

Skill vs. Luck?

It was pretty evident throughout the starting flights that players who are regularly sharpening their poker skills are outshining the others significantly. The winner of Value Bomb (1 Cr GTD), Ratul “luna” Steves too has been a regular player on PokerBaazi.

Even someone who is not familiar to this field of gaming can immediately gauge the fact that it is, in fact, a mind-sport which is purely based on skills. They can simply follow the winners of various online poker tournaments and realize that skill is the only supreme power on the felts!

Here’s the final table payouts:

  1. Ratul “luna” Steves (INR 16,20,000)
  2. Lmevei “lmw91” Well (INR 11,50,000)
  3. Saurabh “Saurabh” Ramola (INR 7,60,000)
  4. Dhaval “dhavhe” Heda (INR 5,04,000)
  5. Rahul “pro27” Marwaha (INR 3,51,000)
  6. Balwinder “14balwinder” Singh (INR 2,45,000)
  7. Amar “Hai_toh_hai” Shaikh (INR 1,76,000)
  8. Venkata Vineeth “rocker” Kunda (INR 1,30,000)
  9. Vinay “vinay09” Rajpal (INR 1,19,000)

PokerBaazi never stops working hard and deliver for their players. Now that Value Bomb and Grinders Series (40 LAC GTD) have concluded, we still have some surprises to offer to our beloved Baazigars. So stay tuned!

Value Bomb Flight 1C Sum Up

India’s Biggest High-Value Tournament- 1 Cr GTD Value Bomb hosted the players for its third starting flight, Flight 1C yesterday. After the historic success of Game Changer (INR 3.77 CRORE GTD), Value Bomb too is becoming a promising platform for the players benefitting from the multi-day format. PokerBaazi has truly been instrumental in bringing newer tournament formats to the domestic online poker circuit.

Flight 1C held on June 7 witnessed a gigantic player field of 1141 players including 272 re-entries. After a crucial session on the virtual felts that went on for over 5 hours, a total of 111 players made it to the money and got qualified to enter Day 2 (June 9 at 6 PM).

The players who managed to put up a great show by creating tough competition on the tables were:

  1. Dhanajaya “LazyBrahmin” Sharma (450,985)
  2. Sumit “boronyx” Sapra (377,728)
  3. Siddharth “si151190” Mehndiratta (347,328)
  4. Apaar “floatfish” Gautam (343,486)
  5. Priya Darshani “ns413458” Sharma (322,167)

The field seemed to be filled with poker pros, the familiar ones of the Indian online poker circuit such as Vaibhav “durrrr1310” Saigal (215,615), Sahil “ImHighIshove” Mahboobani (210,238), Gaurav “gaug17” Sood (150,999), Adithiyya “Bezerk1” SB (115,127), Anurag “13anurag” Srivastava (112,514) and Nikhil “stringbet710” Sayilen (107, 627).

Go Turbo To Grab All The Value!

Two Mega Satellites are still live promising a total of 50 seats. These satellites are scheduled to go live between 2:30 PM and 5:30 PM today (June 8). You can enter Flight 1D (Turbo), the last remaining flight by paying a small Buy-In of INR 275 only!

Apart from this, you can also use a deposit code to enter Flight 1D or get yourself registered by paying the Buy-In (INR 2750).

Last Call To Seize India’s Biggest High-Value Tourney!

Following the multi-day format, Value Bomb (1 Cr GTD) will be hosting its last starting flight (Flight 1D) on June 8 at 7 PM. So play like a pro and leave the fishes behind!

For all the players who have survived to contend on Day 2 (June 9 at 6 PM), brace yourselves and dive in with all the might. All the best!

Value Bomb Flight 1B Sum Up

India is witnessing its very first high-value tournament- 1 Cr GTD Value Bomb. It hosted a player field consisting of 709 players in Flight 1A with 67 of them qualifying to enter Day 2. The audience saw the fierce competition on the PokerBaazi tables as they hosted the poker pros and even newbies of the Indian Online Poker Circuit.

PokerBaazi has been hosting and making multi-day tournaments a commonplace occurrence in the domestic poker industry. The field for Flight 1B consisted of a staggering 717 players including 233 re-entries. A total of 69 players qualified to enter Day 2 (June 9 at 6 PM) after a tough session that went on for five hours (7 PM – 12:13 AM).   

The top five outshining players who will be entering Day 2 with healthy stacks are:

  1. Barsha “sonaa” Jain (684,118)
  2. Nitesh “noplay” Shrothi (469,544)
  3. Prashant “prashant32” Butoria (401,763)
  4. Binit “punter27” Saraf (370,867)
  5. Neelansh “TheBigShow” Khurana (329,771)

The player field consisted of many rookies and professional players. However, some of the notables in the list are Sajjan “TheTeacher” Kumar (187,608), Guneet “guntz” Kwatra (180,230), Anubhav “Shovemaster” Raj (169,288), PokerBaazi Team Pro Jasven Saigal (153,916) and Rajat “LungFakeer” Sharma (112,365).

The Thrill Isn’t Over- You Can Still Seize India’s Biggest High-Value Tourney!

For players who could not make it to Day 2, you have multiple options to enter starting flights of 1 Cr GTD Value Bomb.

  • Use deposit codes on your deposits and enter Flight 1C and 1D which are scheduled to roll out on June 7 and 8, respectively at 7 PM.
  • Mega satellites are running live for today and tomorrow (June 7 & 8) offering 50 seats GTD. The sattys are scheduled between 2:30 PM and 5:30 PM.
  • You can simply register by paying the Buy-In (INR 2750).

A pool of opportunities to seize this high-value tourney which promises an unreal prize pool of INR 1 CRORE awaits you. Let the felts know about your presence. May luck and skills favour you!

Value Bomb Flight 1A

We, at PokerBaazi, have always tried to create a conducive platform for the poker players in the domestic online poker community. Multi-day tournaments are the new trend in the circuit, with massive prize pools being built over multiple starting flights.  On June 5, one of the most-awaited online poker tournaments- 1 Cr GTD Value Bomb successfully rolled out the first flight (Flight 1A).

The massive player field consisted of a total of 709 entries, including 210 re-entries. After facing tough competition on the tables for 5 hours (7 PM – 12:03 AM), 67 players survived the Day, each making it to the money and booking their slot for Day 2 on Sunday, June 9th at 6PM.

While the field consisted of both new faces and poker pros, the top five qualifiers from Flight 1A were:

  1. Siddhant “Bullzeye” Kapoor (667,450)
  2. Raag “Fernz666” Fernandes (628,493)
  3. Manoj “killbill” Pentakota (379,037)
  4. Arjun “Smoothie12” Kochhar (357,985)
  5. Haider “Haider” Madraswala (349,710)

 Apart from the aforementioned players, the qualifying list was filled with the likes of online poker pros namely Vinay “vinay09” Rajpal (275,451), Rahul “slowroller” Melwani (211,050) Guruprasad “fish_calling” Gupta (199,955), Anik “EagleSong” Ajmera (98,974), Sumit “boronyx” Sapra (70,086), Neeraj “SelfClaimedPro” Kumar (69.641) and Pranav “Pranav.bang1” Bang (45,664).

Reinstating Poker as a Skill-Based Game!

Each mega online poker tournament, both in India and abroad have hosted regular players and Value Bomb- India’s Biggest High-Value Tournament’s Flight 1A was no exception. A major chunk of the qualifiers were all professional players, who are sharpening their skills by playing and coaching. Their continuous successful runs have reinstated the fact that poker is a mind-sport which requires the players to acquire a set of skills.

For those who could not make it to the final day, you still have three more flights to own and enter Day 2. Flight 1B, 1C and 1D will roll out on June 6, 7 and 8 respectively at 7 PM with a Buy-In of INR 2750 each. So get yourselves registered and join the action!

Wish you all the luck!


Add A Massive Chunk To Your Bankroll While The Sun Does Its Job!

The summer heat is doing its job pretty well and we are at it again to help you beat it. We are aiming to make you root for the indoors more than you would have ever expected! Read along to know why!

Gear Up To Get Smeared With HIGH VALUE!

PokerBaazi has always tried to put forth innovation and creativity on the table. The Indian online poker circuit was introduced to such a massive success of the Game Changer (2 Cr GTD) - a multi-day tournament. It received a digital footfall of 3777 players which inflated the prize pool to a staggering INR 3.77 CRORE!

Only 24 hours are left to play in the newest creation- India’s Biggest High-Value Tournament- 1 Cr GTD Value Bomb. A Buy-In of ONLY INR 2500 lets you get closer to the unreal prize pool.

A multi-day tournament, Value Bomb will roll out from June 5th- 9th featuring four starting flights on June 5, 6, 7 and 8 at 7 PM with the event culminating on to Day 2 (Final Day) on June 9th at 6 PM. The entries and re-entries will not be capped however, each flight will end when only 10% of the field is left on the felts.

Being the biggest high-value tourney, Value Bomb is set to bridge a huge gap in the community as it offers a gigantic prize pool with a Buy-In of just INR 2500. In fact, it is offering a possible ROI of over 800x- now that’s something to die for!

You could be a poker pro, a newbie or a first-timer, but it would be a foolish thing not to take this chance of seizing big winnings this summer. So, enjoy being indoors and visit PokerBaazi to stand a chance to win from that crazy prize pool worth INR 1 CRORE!

We wish you all the luck!

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