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A key factor in your winnings and losses in a game of Poker is your bet size. It is also a major differentiator between amateurs and pros. At the end of the day, you will realize that optimum bet sizing has maximized your winnings and minimized your losses. So, what is the optimum bet size?

Always keep in mind that your bet size should be relevant to the current pot size. Your bet size should be big so that your opponent gets bad odds to make a call and when you get a call on bad odds, it means money in your wallet. In almost all situations, a big bet as big as 3/4th the pot size or higher will be a good bet. However, there are rare situations when a small bet, 1/4th or half the pot size, will be better for you. When you are sure about your hand and are certain that your opponent won’t call a big bet, only then the small bets are beneficial to generate maximum profit out of that hand.

The advantage of a big bet over a small bet is not just in extracting the maximum profit out of a hand but also in helping you out in putting your opponents on more precise range of hands. A player will only call your big bet or big raise if he has strong cards but will call a min bet or min raise on any draw.

The most important part of the game where you should apply optimum bet sizing is pre-flop. A good pre-flop bet size is 3 or 4 times the big blind (BB). If you make a smaller bet, you are going to attract calls on random cards, which are sure to raise probabilities of you getting a bad beat.

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PokerBaazi Premier League (PPL) is a big bang mix of Poker tournaments of both Texas Hold'em & Pot Limit Omaha. Not only does this 5-days long Poker extravaganza include a big variety of cash guaranteed tournaments but also provides an opportunity to show a splendid use of skills in the various deep stack and turbo tournaments. PPL in its first season will be held from 16th-20th December'15.

The guaranteed prize of over 12 LACs makes PPL one of the most anticipated online Poker events in the Indian online Poker network.

The main event in this year's PPL will be a 5 LACs GTD DeepStack FreezeOut tournament at 11PM on 20th December'15.

PPL Leaderboard won't entice you any less! Following are the prizes:

First Position: 20K Bankroll on & JBL Flip2 Wireless Speakers

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Most of the people have a common hobby when it comes to spending your daily free time and that hobby is called Nothing! It's just being lazy. Though being lazy has its own fun but spending your free time in a more useful way is going to be more beneficial in the long run.

Let's focus on defining a useful way to spend your time. Some people love playing outdoor, some fitness freaks hit the gym, some prefer reading along with a blend of coffee, but there are some who have the urge of earning money even in their free time. This group of people are usually Poker players!

Poker in India is a growing trend. And with players willing to spend their maximum time playing the game, online Poker has picked up the perfect spot. Online Poker is a very easy way to make good money for people who have a passion for Poker. Online Poker lets them make an efficient use of their time. With some good and reliable online Poker portals launching in India, it is becoming easier and easier for the players to enjoy their favourite game as and when it suits them. You may find people with varied views about online Poker. Some have positive views about the games online, however some people are still trying to convince themselves about the genuineness of online Poker in India. Those who are confident have realised the convenience of online Poker as a wise way to utilise their time.

Those who don't play Poker may still put the Online Poker players in the Lazy category. If you play Poker, it's up to you to decide if playing online is being Lazy or Wise!

Do you feel the website you have been playing on is rigged? Don't worry! You are not alone in believing so. It is a very common player phenomenon to adjudge poker games in India website rigged after playing there for a couple of months or so. As the conclusion is same, so has got to be the reason. The reason for this conclusion is a series of bad beats which a player believes is impossible in a real game. It could be quads beating your full house, a higher straight flush beating your ace high flush or even a smaller straight flush.

It obviously cannot be discarded that these hands have a rare probability of occurrence. But this probability will always increase with an increasing number of hands you play. In Online Poker, the frequency of hands dealt is much higher as compared to a real game and multi-tabling increases it manifolds. The other factor is the occurrence of a bad run. A closer look at this beautiful game of Poker will reveal the fact that it is indeed a mix of good runs and bad runs, good hand and bad beats.

Your feeling about a Poker site being rigged is further solidified when you interact with other players who have had their bad runs on that very website. It is totally up to a player to judge that bad run at the correct time and accordingly control the losses. So before reaching any conclusion, just check if it is that bad run!

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