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Poker is a family of card games and entails the fusion of patience and high stakes. It is undeniably considered as a skill based game for people who take their job very, very seriously and deadly for edgy players. The year saw a dreadful 8 hours heads up match and not-so-experienced Qui Nugyen winning the WSOP 2016 Main Event and writing his name into the history of poker. This is the intensity of the drama that poker presents. Poker ruled the year 2016 when we talk about online games. Let's take a look at the players who went onto rule the poker world with their talent and hard work. According to The Hendon Mob – a website powered by the Global Poker Index, the All Time Money List of 2016 includes people based on their total live earnings: 

    •    Daniel Negreanu ($32.6 million): is from Canada and was named the best poker player of the decade by Global Poker Index. He was also inducted into the poker hall of fame in 2014. He has an extremely philanthropic side to him, because of which he organizes different events to raise money for the underprivileged. 

    •    Erik Seidel ($30.9 million): was inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame in 2010. His total net worth is around 41 million USD. He actively invests in the American stock market too. He is 4th on the list of All-Time Most Popular players of 2016. 

    •    Antonio Esfandiari ($27.3 million): was born in Iran, was a magician by profession and loves playing Texas Hold ‘Em Poker. At one point in his life, he was ranked number one for all-time tournament poker earnings. 

    •    Daniel Colman ($ 26.0 million): is an American who rose to fame when he beat Daniel Negreanu to win a cash prize of $15.3 million, which makes him the recipient of the second largest ‘1st place’ prize in the history of poker.

    •    Phil Ivey (23.8 million): resides in Las Vegas and has won 10 World series of poker bracelets, 1 World Poker Tour title and appeared at 9 World Poker Tour final tables. He is known as the ‘Tiger Woods of Poker’ and has also donated huge sums of money to charitable causes. 

    •    Scott Seiver ($21.7 million): is an American who rose to fame by winning the No Limit Hold ‘Em WSOP (World Series of Poker) bracelet. 

    •    Phil Hellmuth ($20.9 million): is an American who holds the record of winning fourteen World Series of Poker bracelets. He has been winning tournaments since 1989!

    •    Sam Trickett ($20.5 million): the only English poker player in this list who has amassed over 20 million USD in live earnings. 

    •    Fedor Holz ($20.3 million): is a German who is currently the highest ranked live tournament player according to the Global Poker Index at a young age of just 23! He won his first WSOP bracelet in 2016 in the $111,111 High Roller for One-Drop event and earned $4,981,775.

    •    Brian Rast ($19.0 million): is best known for his online poker tournaments. His most recent win was at the 2016 WSOP, where he earned close to 1.3 million USD.


There are many disputes regarding the origination of the most popular card game. One of the version said that poker was originated by Chinese around 900 AD, as a variant of the Chinese Dominoes. In 969 AD, Emperor Mu-Tsung was first seen playing domino cards with his wife on the eve of the New Year.

Another theory states that poker game was originated as a descendant of the Persian card game 'As Nas'. It was also known by the name Ganjifa or Treasure Card. It didn't consist of a deck of 52 cards, but rather was played with 25 cards and had rounds of betting and hand rankings.

In French, an ancient game named 'Poque' was also highly popular. It was somewhat similar to the present Poker game. Three cards were dealt to each player and deceptions played a vital role to gain higher betting amounts. The 16th-century Spanish game 'Primero' is also similar to the 'Poque' game. Primero is known as the 'Mother of Poker' as it is similar to the modern poker game. 'Poque' was developed keeping in mind the basics of 'Primero' game itself. 

The poker game came into the public eye when the French colonials brought the game to Canada. It was first embarked for New-Orleans and from New Orleans, it was passed on to Louisiana, Mississippi and nationwide. Because of Mississippi's participation in trading, the crew members of the trading boats used to play this Primero game to kill time. Soon, this game got famous among the soldiers of the North and South during the civil war. 

In 1871, when Queen Victoria heard the US Minister explaining the game to the members of the court, she inquired him about the rules of the game. And that is how poker game was introduced in Europe. It gained more popularity during the World War I, where soldiers used this game for recreational purposes. 

The 52 deck poker game became famous due to Rheinfelden tale, where the author mentioned about the game that he had observed in 1377. Also, 'The Lying Game', which is basically the early version of poker game was also explained by Joseph Crowell in his script in 1829. 

Texas Hold’em was invented in the 1920’s when the Stud Poker failed to lodge all the Texas breeders who wanted to play, due to lack of cards as all the players had been dealt their cards. Live telecasts in the 20th Century of poker games not just allow poker enthusiasts to watch the game, but it also helps them to learn about the game from the comfort of their homes. Poker gained a huge popularity in the 21st century due to an introduction of online poker and live poker tournaments. World Series of Poker helped grab many players and because of the intense coverage, the pros became celebrities and helped appended new dimensions to the professional game. 


The last day of the Pokerbaazi Premier League (PPL) V concluded with the fete and stood up to the expectations of ardent poker players. The Main Event of PPL V reaches a prize pool of 29.5 LACs making it the biggest ever online tournament in India ! The first event was for 40K GTD [FO] No Limit Texas Hold’em and the prize pool went up to 45600. ‘Fsociety’ took the top spot for a prize of Rs 10944, ‘Rohitbegwani’ took the second spot for Rs 7752 and ‘Shekharpetro’ took the third spot for Rs 5472. 

The delight was trailed by the next event for 75K GTD and the prize pool was Rs 120500. The player with the username ‘Donkabomber2’ gripped the top position for a prize of Rs 28920, ‘sherkhan88’ took the second spot for Rs 21088 and ‘Mafiamessi’ took the third spot for Rs 15364. The inquisitiveness just got magnificent with each and every move. The next event for 2 Lac GTD created an outstanding prize pool of Rs 292000. ‘Igotu’ took the top spot by winning an amount of Rs 61320, ‘utgwithurmom’ took the second spot for Rs 45260 and ‘saisid’ took the third spot for Rs 34310. 

The competition just got spectacular when the total prize pool coasted to whopping 2950000 for the main event of PPL V 2.5 Million, making it the biggest online tournament in India. ‘Highness’ outranked everyone with the prize amount of Rs 575250, ‘Joecada’ got the second position for a prize of Rs 427750 and ‘Alwaystiltaa’ took the third spot by winning an amount of Rs 317125. 

The next event was for 60K GTD and the total prize for this event was Rs 97200. ‘Striker’ got the top spot by winning an amount of 23328, ‘zlatan’ took the second spot by winning Rs 17010 and ‘Shrey94’ took the third spot by winning Rs 12393. The last event of PPL V for 1 Lac GTD created a prize pool of Rs 158000. It was won by ‘Rehab77’ with an amount of Rs 37920, ‘Slecker’ took the second position with an amount of Rs 26860 and ‘Akshayp’ took the third position for Rs 18960. 

Ready to take your excitement to the next level? The success of PPL Season V calls for a big party! PokerBaazi.com presents PPL After Party from 19th December - 28th December 2016. You will have 5 VIP points packages to choose from. All you have to do is play your favorite cash games & win massive VIP rewards.

The winners of PokerBaazi Premier League Season V Fantasy League are- Paawan Bansal - AceKissers, Rohit Begwani- BubbluDubblu, and Avinash Kumar- Gunner Daddy's. The PokerBaazi Team Pro Paawan Bansal - 'ukissmyace' won the Baazigar Of The Series crown.

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PokerBaazi Premier League in its Season V reached the next level with the prize pool reaching 1.1 CRORE! Season V had a total of 3049 entries in 24 tournaments spread over five days.

Five consecutive days of super exciting tournaments, each one getting its guarantee crushed. This season of the PPL started with a 30 LAC GTD Rebuy event which attracted 146 entries. The craze of PPL was only going to shoot up from here and we saw 190 entries for the next in line, a 50K FreezeOut event.

The 20K HighRoller event this PPL had a 15 LAC guarantee. 98 entries along with 19 re-entries took the prize to a whopping 23.4 LAC! It was Rajat Sharma ‘LungFakeer’, who took away the HighRoller crown along with a big prize amount of  5,61,600. The heads-up match at the final table finished with Rishab Jain on the other side of the crown. Rishab won 4,09,500. The event had top 6 places paid in 6 figures!

In the race up to the Main Event, we witnessed some exciting contests including the big PLO tournament. It was a 5 LAC GTD Rebuy event which started on Day4 of the League. Baazigars proved their love for this variant of the game, taking the prize pool up to almost 8 LAC!

The final day had a line up of 6 tournaments. FreezeOut, Rebuy, a hangover Turbo event & the highlight of this season, 25 LAC GTD Main Event. The Main Event started at 10 PM & had 222 entries. Big names from across the Indian poker spectrum took part in the big game. One of the most talented players in the industry, Kanishka Samant ‘Highness’ emerged as the winner. Kanishka proved his mettle in a battle which lasted for over 8 hours! He took away a prize amount of 5,75,250 out of a massive prize pool of 29.5 LAC.

The most interesting fact of this season of the PPL is about the Baazigar of the Series. PokerBaazi Team Pro Paawan Bansal became the Baazigar of the Series, but without a win! Yes, Paawan got 10 ITMs including 5 final table finishes. He missed the numero uno twice, finishing 2nd in the 45K GTD Rebuy event & 60K GTD 6-Max Turbo Rebuy event.

Congratulations to all the winners and a big thank you to all the participants, who made this India’s biggest online poker league!

PokerBaazi Premier League 5 just got splendid on its day 3 adorned with an exclusive chance to win cash prizes in online poker India. The first event commenced at 4 PM for 30K GTD [Turbo R+A] NO LIMIT Texas Hold’em. 93 players competed in it. The total prize pool for this event intensified to Rs 51800. ‘moghulkhan’ took the top spot for a prize of Rs 12432, ‘kingofaces’ netted the second position for Rs 9065 and ‘ukissmyace’ earned Rs 6605 for the third position. 

The expedition was followed by the second event at 6 PM for 60K GTD [R+A] NO LIMIT Texas Hold’em. 87 players strived in it and the prize pool was remarkable Rs 93200. The player with the username ‘GoneClubbing’ took the top spot for a prize of Rs 22638, ‘Jungleman’ seized the second position by winning Rs 16310 and ‘somzprash’ earned Rs 11883 for the third place. 

The buzz just got higher for the next event held at 8 PM for 1 LAC GTD [FreezeOut] NO LIMIT Texas Hold’em. 148 players contended in it. The prize pool went up to Rs 148000. ‘sumitralhan’ paved to the top position with the prize amount of Rs 31080, ‘kidpoker2837’ took the second spot for a prize of Rs 22940 and ‘lukha’ earned Rs 17390 for the third position. 

The inclination just got astonishing for the next event held at 10 PM for 5 LACs GTD [PLO] [2R+A] Omaha Poker. 71 players participated in it and built up a prize pool of Rs 795000. ‘BillyJean’ outranked everyone with the prize amount of Rs 198750, ‘Peacelover’ got the second position for a prize of Rs 151050 and ‘Qweasdzxc’ earned Rs 111300 for the third position.

The fifth event for 45K GTD [FreezeOut] No Limit Texas Hold’em held at 12 AM. 133 players participated in it creating the total prize pool of Rs 59850. ‘Vivek25’ took the top position for a prize of Rs 13167, ‘Duuuur’ won Rs 9875 for the second position and ‘Chennaino1’ got the third place by winning Rs 7182. 

The competition just got spectacular when the total prize pool coasted to Rs 110000 for the last event 75K GTD. 84 players participated in it. ‘Peekay’ grasped the first position with the prize amount of Rs 26950, ‘blackgod’ got the second position for a prize of Rs 20350 and ‘SurajRathi’ claimed the third spot by winning an amount of Rs 14850.

On the Leaderboard standings after Day 3, ‘ukissmyace’ took the top spot with 1917 points, ‘sunit’ conquered the second position with 1363 points and ‘pocketjs’ got on to the third rank with 1250 points. Head over to the PPL 5 Main page and check out the schedule of the remaining events. Want to register? Have more questions? Just drop us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us at 1800 3000 9630 Toll-free. Follow our social media channels for all the live updates of PPL 5. 


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