Apr 23, 2019


Vikram Kumar left no depth in ravelling out as much knowledge as he could about Poker. Vikram was introduced to Zynga poker by his friends in 2008 and is perfectly pivoting in it since then. He gradually shifted to home games later to reap the mark in competitions and challenges. As the saying goes 'Do with passion or not at all”, Vikram indeed made Poker his passion and gyrated his heart in Poker games. Saving as much zeal as he could, he soon moved to Colombo and Bangalore. He enhanced all his poker skills turning them into a remarkable zenith and eventually to a full-­time Poker player. It looks like an event of yesterday, but the appellation earned by him defines proficiency.

Vikram returned back to the circuit last year and played all IPC events. He has many flairs on his shoulders, which persuaded him to become a Pro. He came 5th in the 5k warm-up IPC event in Oct 2015 and secured a remarkable numero uno at the 50k High Roller IPC event in Oct 2015.

He later came 4th at the 30k Main Event of IPC in Jan 2016. These accolades have earned him a great respect in the Indian Poker community and further proved his career choice wise.

PokerBaazi is his first choice to play online Poker in India due to a secured and a transparent platform provided on it. He has been a regular player at PokerBaazi and is as thrilled as we are for his new role. As he joins PokerBaazi Team Pro, Vikram is keen on working together with team members Abhisek Panda and Paawan Bansal, sharing his knowledge through blogs, webinars and other innovative ways to motivate all the upcoming young guns of the Poker community.

PokerBaazi Team, on behalf of all Baazigars, welcomes Vikram Kumar to PokerBaazi Team Pro and wishes him Good Luck!

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We kept our undertaking of showering you with more exhilarations on the third day of Pokerbaazi Premier League II. The third day consisted of four events and encompassed exciting imprints. The satellite for the first event started at 5.15 PM for the 15K GTD (FreezeOut). 23 players participated in it with the total numbers of Rebuys and Add-ons were 22 and 17 respectively. The actual delight began at 7 PM when the antagonism started for the 15K GTD FreezeOut. Massive 89 players participated in it and prize pool was 26,700. The number of places paid were 10. Player with the username ‘LOL...’ took the first spot for a prize of 8010.

The satellite for the second event instigated at 7 PM for the 30K GTD PLO FreezeOut (POT LIMIT Omaha) where 19 players partaken. The commotion just got bigger with the dazzling upcoming anticipations. 73 players participated for the 30K GTD PLO FreezeOut (POT LIMIT Omaha). Total prize pool was 54750 with the total number of places paid were 10. Player with the username ‘Vinayy20’ took the top spot with the prize amount of 16425.

The upheaval just got finer with the Rebuy Satty at 9.15 PM for 5 Lacs GTD (Re-entry). 38 players participated in it with the total number of Rebuys and Add-ons were 27 and 29 respectively. The next session started at 11 PM for 5 Lacs GTD (NO LIMIT Texas Hold’em). 92 players participated accustomed with 16 Rebuys. The prize pool went up to enormous 5,00,000. ‘Jerome’ took the top spot with the prize amount of 1,50,000.

The next earshot commenced at 1 AM for 25K GTD FreezeOut, NO LIMIT Texas Hold’em. 74 players joined in it and the winning prize was 37,000. ‘Ishamael’ won the top spot for the prize of 11100. The game has just begun and there are much more looked-for delights. PPL II is a 5-day affair. As we have always cited, leadership points are as central as games and we provide goodies to top ranking players on the leaderboard. Boronyx took the top spot with 707 points, Bongking got the second rank with 566 points and Sherkhan88 got the third rank with 541 points.

You can visit the website for the complete details and to register for the upcoming events. Stay tuned for all the latest updates of PPL II. Please follow our all social media channels for all the live updates.

With the commencement of PokerBaazi Premier League season II on March 16, 2016, the first day subsisted four events and featured many delighted winnings. The satellite started at 5 PM for the 12K GTD. 35 players participated in it to make it verily gripping. The actual fun began at 7 PM when the showdown started for 12K GTD. Splendid 105 players participated in it making it a merit podium and winning prize was 26500 won by ‘Intruder’.

The game got really exciting aftermath in this very first game. The second event was 40K GTD Rebuy Addon where 91 players participated. The winning prize was sumptuous 90000. ‘Boronyx’ took down the top spot for a prize of 27000.

The league trailed to more excitements with the mega satty at 9.15 PM for 2 Lacs GTD Event3. 25 players participated in it. The next sitting started at 11 pm with 2 lacs GTD FreezeOut. 93 players participated in it and the prize pool went up to a whopping 3,25,500. ‘Bongking’ won the event for the first prize of 97650.

The next session started at 1 am with 30K GTD FreezeOut. 76 players participated in it and winning prize was 45,600. ‘Donvitoo80’ scored the 1st place for a prize of 13680.

Day 2 of PokerBaazi Premier League II will unquestionably be more thrilling. Registration has started for all the upcoming showdowns. You can visit the website and register to play. The fun has just started and there is much more out to look out in the forthcoming days. PPL is a 5 day affair where every day is filled with electrifying buzz. We will keep posting all our latest updates for an impulse aura of poker. Please follow our all social media channels for all the live updates.


Turning a few bucks into millions is soon going to be a reality as PokerBaazi Premier League (PPL) is back with its season II. With the much-looked-for exhilaration in its basket, it is surely going to be an incredible experience for you. All you need to do is just view the schedule and register online on the website. Poker is usually considered as a game of chance but it is indubitably a competitive game and this league brings you a terrific cum thrilling viable experience. To make your competitions more excited, we bring you 20 tournaments of different rousing structures which guarantees win of worth 20 Lacs.

Satellite your way into India’s biggest Poker tournament which starts on 22nd Feb, PokerBaazi Premium League Season II. The season indeed provides you a lot bigger guarantees and prizes in the poker. The game just don’t offer big attractive guarantees in its event but it equally offers exciting leaderboard prizes worth 4 Lacs too. Designed by our Pro Abhishek Panda, PPL II is a five days event from 16th to 20th march. You also have a chance to win a free ticket in the respective satellite event two hours prior to every big and small event in the PPL II.

The main event in PPL II has a whimsical guarantee of 10 Lacs inured with Pre-Season satellite every Saturday at 11 PM (Entry 1000+100). There is an equally excited chance to win a 34K All Events Package in the Pre-Season Satellites starting from 22nd February, 2016.

  • All Events Package Step 1 Satellites Monday to Saturday at Midnight. (Entry 340: Win entry to Step 2 Satellite)
  • All Events Package Step 2 Satellite on Sunday at Midnight. (Entries from Step 1 Satellites & direct entries worth 3400)

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up to Pokerbaazi.com now to win real money in Poker. You can check out the full tournament schedule on our promotion page or visit our website. Please follow our social media channels for all the live updates.


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