Jul 18, 2019


In one of the most exciting pieces of news to come out of the Indian poker industry in recent times, PokerBaazi announced that Phoenix Poker Room (in Bengaluru) will be renamed as PokerBaazi LIVE and will now come under its management.

PokerBaazi is one of the most popular online poker platforms in India and with good reason, the most trusted one. Founded in October 2014, PokerBaazi has transformed the poker industry with the implementation of a customer-first policy, best promotions and exceptional service. Having gained massive popularity over time, PokerBaazi is today one of the market leaders in the poker industry and has conducted tournaments and events pan India, including the recently concluded Baazi Poker Tour Edition 1 in Goa.

The acquisition is a continuation of the PokerBaazi’s journey to improve the gaming experience in India. Both, Phoenix Poker, which began operations three years ago and is among the most popular poker rooms in Bengaluru and PokerBaazi, have collaborated to offer a seamless gaming experience to poker players across both the platforms. Wth both brands sharing significant synergies, especially in creating a trusted, transparent and secure space to play for regs and beginners alike, Bangalorians and players from across the country can certainly look forward to good times ahead.

Speaking about this deal, Navkiran Singh, CEO of PokerBaazi, had this to say “Creating PokerBaazi is the zenith of my entire poker career. PokerBaazi is more than a business; it is a revolution aimed at offering a fair and transparent gaming experience to players of all levels and interests”.

“With this significant partnership, we have enhanced our user base, giving players a secure and fair environment where they can learn and have fun”, he further added.

PokerBaazi LIVE promises to bring an experience to the live poker circuit like never before. With more promotional announcements to come in the near future, players can definitely look forward to good times ahead. Bangalore, Baazigars are coming your way!!!

We all know how a flop can affect your hand and can simultaneously improve the hand of your opponent. You will certainly need to decide how to progress once you have evaluated where you stand post-flop. However, you might want to consider a few basics of post flop play when playing online poker cash game in India.

When playing the turn and river

Turn and river give you the benefits of many strategies based on your poker experience. If you notice someone not playing deep into hands and looks as uncomfortable, then that indeed serves a splendid opportunity to make a raise or bet, as putting extra pressure on them could force a mistake. It also becomes imperative here to make a large enough bet if you think you are winning.

When you flop a draw

You have an awesome opportunity to make a monster hand if you flop a double-sided straight draw or a flush draw. You should fold when you can no longer make your hand, bet heavily as soon as you make your hand or in the best language to see the turn and river in the cheapest amount possible. If you have a position on the bettor, then it serves you a brilliant prospect to raise on the flop and won’t cost you much to see the river.

Get rid of small pairs when they miss the flop

The odds of making trips on the flop are almost 8 to 1 and let’s say if you don’t get that opportunity then odds of making it on the fourth cards are 22 to 1. You should improve to three of a kind when you have a small pair and if you don’t improve, then your hand has pint-sized value and will easily be mucked.


Better you realize it earlier than you regret later!! There is certainly no harm in folding to the same competitor several times at least when he/she has pushed you off two or three hands. You should recognize the time when you should get out and condense your losses.

No to aggression

It is often believed that most post flop players are aggressive and being aggressive give you an edge over others, but it must be toned down by the hands you have, the nature of the table and your position.


It is said that position is crucial before the flop rather than in post flop, but a modification should be made for the position as the later you act, then most of everything will slacken off.

Bet most of your draws

You should always call or better say bet when you have a flush draw i.e you have two suited cards and two more of your suit flop. This betting will give you an opportunity to win the pot in two ways, first, the flush card might come and you win anyway (touch wood!) or second everyone folds immediately.

Poker is a game swarmed with excitements, amazements, thrills, marvels, tremors, being lousy or perhaps just hoping with joys. It is notorious for its roller-coaster rides across the world. It is played for its challenges and remarkable skills. As in real life, people may not always be open about their feelings for you. Analogous in poker where it is not just about you and you have to be very attentive of people around you. Likewise to this anecdote, we bring you a few more comparisons on how playing poker is related to real life.

  • You are enforced to take decisions based on your interpretations and experiences
  • You can never control the cards or situations you are dealt with but you can control how you play your cards or how you react to situations
  • You know you have given your best but the outcomes can still be unbearably wrong. The best thing you can do after that is to keep making the best possible choices
  • Poker is like life, most people don't learn from their mistakes, they only recognize them- Cem Arel
  • Luck can sometimes give you a perfect hand or that perfect opportunity, but it's the skill of playing your cards right that wins you the game
  • You might face a bad breakup or your Aces get cracked sometimes
  • Probability rules life and probability rules poker
  • We tend to overthink in both poker and in real life
  • Who you know is more significant than what you know
  • It's wise to learn from your mistakes but you will not learn anything from whining over the past
  • Poker game is always not fair
  • It’s not about the Destination, It’s the Journey
  • Know when to quit

Suited connectors are hands which are next to each other in rank and both are the same suit, for example, 4 and 5 of hearts. Constructively, it can hit straights in two directions and can also make flushes. They are considered powerful as your opponents will find it really tough to put you on a hand. Being able to know the true value of connector is really important to win the game. 56 suited is better than 78, but only when it is in later position and 78 is suitably better than 56 regardless of the position. However, there are few factors which should be given consideration to know the true worth of suited connector.

Let’s say you have 34 and even if you are in position, it is advised to not involve in raised pots and moreover, it would work extraordinarily for stealing attempt/raise in late position. It might even get difficult to earn money with 34 when you have a flush. It is likely that other players will have a bigger flush than you and those who won’t have will gladly step out of the way.


You should only play this hand when you expect to win a lot of money whilst hitting your flush or straight, as they are highly speculative hands. However, you might not want to spend too much money just to see the flop. Do you?

Early or Middle Position

As it is a known fact, your opponent controls the hand when you are out of position and much of the strength of suited connector comes from when they flop a draw, but playing draws out of position can be troubling. The value of suited connector remains somewhat static from early to the middle position. You just cannot afford to call too big a preflop raise as it can cost you a lot of money. So, it is best to avoid playing this hand in early or middle position.

Late Position

This is considered as a perfect position to play this hand as here you can fantastically call and hit the flop hard. The value of suited connectors indeed skyrockets when you jump to late position. You enhance the chance that your opponent will hit something on the flop and bet out by entering the flop with more opponents. It will give you much needs implied odds to play this hand and win a lot of money.

Just because you have suited connectors and a flush draw, it doesn’t mean you must always want to put lots of money to the pot. It is really important to be cautious to determine exactly how strong your draw is on different boards.

Did you know that writing in uppercase may correspond that you are screaming at your opponents while playing poker game online? If you are playing online poker in India for the first time and chaotic about some of the acronyms used there then you surely don’t have to worry. We bring you some of the common short terms used to play poker online which undeniably makes it more interesting than live poker. After getting acquainted with these terms, it will also be easy for you to apprehend what your opponents have to say about you and about the poker proficiency of the table.





Smiley face


Frowny face


You are welcome




Non-specific card


You too


Thank you


It can be thanks or 10 subjecting upon the situation




Small blind






Pot limit


Over the top




No limit


Nice hand



Nice catch


Just kidding


Good luck


Good one


Good game


Good call


Be right back


Better luck


Big blind


Ace of spades


Ace of hands


Ace of diamonds


Ace of clubs


To ban or remove


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