Apr 09, 2020


The much anticipated poker tournament series, the (7 CRORE GTD) Baazi Poker Tour (BPT) is up and running! New to the poker industry, it is a 13-day-long poker tournament series which offers a holistic experience of both online and live poker. Love online poker? You’ve got it! Love live poker? You’re sorted. Want to go on an exciting vacation? You’ve landed on the right app!

A Perfect Blend of Live & Online Poker

The new year has just started, it’s time for you to kick-off with new winnings! The online leg of the series has already begun with guarantees as HIGH as ₹1 CRORE. Book your seats at the final table of the Main Event (1 CRORE GTD) and/or the HighRoller 6-max (50 LAC GTD) and we’ll fly you out to PokerBaazi LIVE, Goa. It’s a perfect mix of live and online poker for players who cannot be at the live felts for a long time.

Here’s the complete schedule of the Baazi Poker Tour segment:

Tournament Schedule of BPT Online:

Tournament Schedule of BPT Live:

BPT is a poker promotion that debunks all its competitor’s achievements. Its live segment features tournaments boasting guarantees as giant as ₹2 CRORE – that’s what poker pros live and die for!

Currently, we are hosting poker satellites that promise free tickets to various BPT tournaments for as LOW as ₹25! Yes, you heard that right. These satellites run every day, all day long so you can book your seats to one of the most exhilarating poker events in the country in style!

BPT – Where All the Poker Players are at!

The last edition of the series and undeniably one of the most successful poker tournament series in India saw several poker pros in attendance. The Baazi Poker Tour felts hosted the A-listers of the Indian poker community such as the first-ever solo WSOP bracelet winner, Abhinav Iyer, the first Game Changer’s winner, Prashanth Sekar, Nishant Sharma, Ankit Wadhawan, Vivek Rughani, Nikita Luther and many more.

Don’t worry if you’re new to poker! There were some players who were relatively new to the professional poker life at the BPT, however some of them did a phenomenal job at the felts. Abhijeet Shetty made it to poker stardom by winning the BPT Kick-off event in the last edition. He took home a handsome payday worth ₹8,52,700!

Everything that’s Exciting about the Baazi Poker Tour:

  1. You get to play and win from a gigantic prize pool of INR 7 CRORE GTD!
  2. Enjoy a harmonic mix of online and live poker.
  3. You would meet professional poker players and learn from them.
  4. Join the extravaganza for buy-ins as LOW as INR 3500.
  5. You get to enjoy live poker at PokerBaazi LIVE where poker meets luxury!

If you’re new to poker, you can enjoy our cash games which run 24x7 for lesser buy-ins or play free entry tournaments on our app. The PokerBaazi app offers a colossal monthly prize money worth INR 30 LACs through free entry tourneys.

If you love poker, then BPT is where you have to be! The online segment of the series has already begun and the live events will catch up soon. Hit the felts now to enjoy gameplay at PokerBaazi LIVE, Goa. It’s where poker meets luxury!   

Fast and fun, with something for everyone!

Open Face Chinese Poker is a wildly popular variant of poker that has become a staple in online games as well as at home.

To celebrate this exciting new online poker format, we're doing an awesome promotion from 11th December to 11th January so that you can double your enjoyment of the game.

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Our rewards program is just one of the reasons to start playing OFC though, here's 5 reasons why both pros and casual players are joining in on the OFC action:

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  1. Make a play in every hand

More hands means more fun! Unlike Texas Hold'em and Omaha rules, there is no 'folding' in Open Face Chinese poker. Players will be dealt cards multiple times each round from which they complete their hand. This keeps players in the game throughout. So if you're a player who doesn’t like spending time folding hands, then OFC is for you.

  1. Get skilled at a growing game

OFC has become popular around the globe, but it is still a new game in India. For players who get skilled at the game, there is an opportunity to earn real money online at a faster rate than even Texas Hold 'em and Omaha. While variance plays a factor, Open Face Chinese poker favours skilled play and strategy more than other poker formats. So start now. Get good. Win big.

  1. Play on the go at any time

Our lobbies are optimised for mobile so you can enjoy super-smooth games and play Open Face Chinese poker online on both Android and iPhone devices. All you need is a decent net connection and you're good to start!

  1. Enjoy stakes of all levels

When you play online poker and money is involved, you want to be sure that whether you win or lose. To ensure that all players can be accommodated, we've introduced buy-ins ranging from ₹200 all the way till ₹50,000, with multiple options in between. If you're a skilled player looking for some action or an enthusiast looking to learn, we have a table ready for you.

  1. Try out all major OFC variants

We offer all the most popular new variants of OFC poker, so that you can play Open Face Chinese poker, experiment and pick your favourite. Choose from Regular, Progressive and our exclusive Ultimate format and find out which form of the game works best for you.

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Get a newer look for your poker bankroll this new year as your favourite online poker app, PokerBaazi gears up to host an array of events. Kick-off new year with a bang with our promotions in Jan. Our extravagant online poker tournaments will walk the ramp offering hefty guaranteed prize pools as high as ₹1.3 CRORE. The fireworks are in making, come join us to begin your year with big winnings!

Three of our monthly online poker promotions will be rolling out with online poker tournaments offering guarantees as HIGH as ₹50 LAC! 

Christmas has gone but Santa isn’t stopping with giving away gifts on PokerBaazi. Here’s everything you need to know about our January promotions:

(1.3 CR+ GTD) PokerBaazi Mega Value Series (PMVS) 

Looking to play for massive guarantees for great buy-ins? You’ve landed on the right app. PokerBaazi hosts online poker tournaments that are made to scintillate the poker felts like no other online poker operator. One of them is PokerBaazi Mega Value Series (PMVS). PMVS is set to offer a gigantic guarantee of over ₹1.3 CRORE with buy-ins ranging between ₹500 and ₹3000.

Slated to hit your favourite online poker app between 1st and 5th January, the season of gifts is surely not ending on PokerBaazi.

Opt-in with deposit codes to get express entries to various online poker tournaments. Waltz in the new year becoming a winning player!

(40 LAC GTD) Baazi Grinders Series

The oldest of them all, Baazi Grinders Series will be part of Santa’s gift bag! Join in for buy-ins starting at just ₹50 and walk away with massive cash prizes from guarantees as high as ₹5 LAC!

Come and set the PokerBaazi felts on fire during the Baazi Grinders Series happening in the third week of the month (20th – 26th January). It’s not your everyday grind!

(6 LAC+ GTD) PokerBaazi BankRoll Builder Series (PBBS)

Are you a regular grinder on PokerBaazi? Even if you’re not, you’re here for a treat! PokerBaazi BankRoll Builder Series (PBBS) will boast a guarantee of ₹6LAC+ for buy-ins as LOW as ₹15, yes you heard that right!

Scheduled to hit the app during the last week of the month (27th January – 2nd February). Boost that bankroll like a poker pro!

Wait, Santa’s bag isn’t empty yet! Don’t forget that the third edition of our live and online poker tournament series, the Baazi Poker Tour (7 CRORE GTD) will begin on 2nd January with it’s online leg. The live events of the series will kick-off on 8th January. Poker satellites to enter various BPT online and live poker tournaments are still running for buy-ins as LOW as ₹20. Hit the felts to book your seats!

The month of January is ready for you to seize new winnings on PokerBaazi. We’re excited to host all our Baazigars. The tourney lobby is filled with opportunities for you to hit the winning track. Time to own 2020!

Self-exclusion is a feature that allows you to exclude yourself from depositing money and playing poker on PokerBaazi. This can be done for a specific period of your choice.

Before you decide to exclude, Here are a few questions that you must ask yourself:

  1. Have you ever missed deadlines or reached late to work or college because you were involved in a game of poker?
  2. Has your time with family and friends reduced because you are regularly playing poker for hours?
  3. Have you borrowed money to play poker?
  4. Have you played for longer than you had decided to when you started playing?
  5. Have you ever played till you put in all the money you have in your bank account?
  6. Have you ever thought of committing suicide or had any such self-destruction ideas as a result of what’s happening in your game?

If you answered yes to more than 4 questions on this list, it is recommended that you take a break. You must practice mindfulness and self-control when playing poker. Poker and the exciting new poker promotions will still be running after you come back from your break, but your time, money and mental peace won’t come back.

When To take poker Break

On PokerBaazi, during the period of self-exclusion, you will not be allowed to make any deposits or sit on any table to play online poker. However, you can still log in to withdraw your balance.

In case you registered for any PokerBaazi tournament, you will automatically be unregistered after you decide to use the self-exclusion option. The buy-in amount will be credited to your account and you will not be able to join the tournament.

Self-exclusion is an extremely beneficial feature for those who are unable to practice self-discipline and need to restrict themselves from playing poker. This could be due to several reasons such as either because they are utilizing more funds than they can afford to or because they are spending more hours than what they can spare.

If you answered no to more than 5 questions, we think you’re fit to enjoy our upcoming online poker and live poker tournament series. Here’s a list of poker tournament series with mind-blowing guarantees and concepts:

(6 LAC+ GTD) PokerBaazi Bankroll Builder Series (23rd - 29th Dec)

Boasting a total of INR 6 LAC+ across 29 events, this online poker tournament series is developed for the daily online grinders. However, the catch here is that poker players now have the opportunity to win from LACS for buy-ins starting at just INR 15!

The series has also promised amazing leaderboard prizes which includes tickets to the PokerBaazi Premier League (PPL), Baazi Grinders Series and Real Cash Bonus up to INR 2,000! Dig your pockets deeper this festive season.

(7 CRORE GTD) Baazi Poker Tour (2nd - 14th Jan)

Kick-start your new year with the third edition of the poker extravaganza everyone in the P-city is talking about. Yes, we’re talking about the Baazi Poker Tour which is a hybrid series of live and online poker tournaments this time.

The action is set to go top-notch with the A-listers of the Indian poker circuit in attendance. The schedule is out and the poker satellites to various BPT events are running live with buy-ins starting at only INR 20! Go book your seats to play among the who’s who of the poker community!

New and irresistible poker promotions and PokerBaazi bonus codes will be running throughout, stay tuned. However, make sure you put your mental and physical health on priority and take decisions accordingly.

India’s online poker circuit is set to witness the December Edition of the Baazi Grinders Series (40 LAC+ GTD) and we think it’s going to kick-start many newbies’ careers. Leading the industry with its poker promotions, PokerBaazi’s Grinders Series offers a platform for players who are new poker. However, with so many poker promotions on offer and severe competition, online poker regulars also hit the Baazi Grinders Series tables.

The December Edition of the series is slated to offer over a prize pool of over 40 LAC GTD across 35 tournaments in 7 days (16th – 22nd December)! Making our players’ needs our utmost priority and Baazi Grinders Series is one of the many steps in creating a holistic gaming environment.

A Surprise Addition to the Schedule!

This edition of the Grinders Series is set to make all online poker promotions run for their money. Two new formats of poker tournaments have been added to the schedule: Progressive knockout and Win the button!

In progressive knockout, if a player eliminates his/her opponent, he/she gets bounty bonus apart from his/her tourney winnings.

In the Win the button format, the player who wins the current hand becomes the dealer in the next hand – it’s poker thrill at its best!

Online poker promotions are flooding the social media but Baazi Grinders Series stands out among many due to the following reasons:

  • It acts as a platform for growth of new players.
  • It offers a gigantic guaranteed prize pool worth ₹40 LAC!
  • The buy-ins start at just ₹50 against prize pools as HIGH as ₹5 LAC!
  • Two new poker formats have been added: Progressive Knockout and Win the button.
  • The Grinders Series offers exciting Leaderboard prizes. All you have to do is play as much as you can.
  • It offers an easy access to the 5 LAC GTD Main Event via a deposit code. Use poker deposit code DECGS on a minimum deposit of ₹5000.

The gifting season is here, join one of the biggest online poker tournament series and gift yourself massive real cash prizes!

What can you do with your winnings on PokerBaazi?

You can further your winnings with our marquee tournament series, the Baazi Poker Tour (2nd – 14th January). A hybrid of online and live poker tourneys, this massive poker promotion will offer a prize pool of ₹7 CRORE GTD! Spread across over 12 days of poker extravaganza, the BPT could be your shot to poker glory!

You can book your seats to the poker tournament series via our satellites with buy-ins starting at just ₹20.

To know what satellites are, visit: How Poker Satellites can be your ticket to winning big

Another option is to hit our cash tables that have been revamped with blinds lowered to 0.25/0.5 for a buy-in of just 5/50. Apart from this, you can now make a minimum deposit of ₹25 instead of ₹100. This means, you can climb the Baazi Rewards level easily.

Baazi Rewards rewards is our loyalty rewards poker promotions program which operates on cash games. So hit as many cash games as you can and win prizes such as a trip to Vegas, Australia, a MacBook Pro, a Jaguar Xf, iPhone 11 Pro and much more!

If you are not a part of the PokerBaazi family yet, join us and enjoy PokerBaazi’s bonus codes and deposit codes. Sign up on PokerBaazi.com, make your first deposit using code WELCOME100and get 100% instant bonus.

Hit the felts now to make the most of our monthly online poker promotions!

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