Aug 15, 2018


Online is the answer to everything. From basic to mammoth tasks, the internet helps us in everything. Not only tasks, the internet is the biggest medium of recreation for us in this generation. Every kind of gaming has arrived to a stage where we can play them on our mobile phones to laptops- Be it outdoor games like football and cricket and indoor games like carrom, chess, poker. Previously, it was a trend that poker was only played in poker rooms but now, digitalization has helped us to the game bring to our hand, in our convenient devices. Here we will talk about few perks of online poker gaming over live gaming-

1) Comfort: Just imagine, you are in a casino or poker room, playing live poker for over 4 hours now. You are sitting there, managing both your game and public decency. How tiring the whole process is! You can survive another hour or two of gaming, after which, your fatigue would start influencing your game. As a result, you have much more chances of losing than winning. Now imagine another situation where you are literally sitting or lying on your bed in your undies, with your favourite food by your side, enough water and no care about public decency. I bet you, such comfort won't exhaust you much even if you play for 12 hours at a stretch. You are taking breaks as per your mood and then returning to the game in your homely comfort. Now you can decide for yourself.
2) Variety: Most of the poker rooms don't have a huge variety of games. Plus, few of the rules of the game and chip value vary from casino to casino. Is it possible for you to go to a different poker room after every hour of gaming? Thats impossible! Thus, you are missing out on so many offers, tourneys, rake back deals and others. But online poker gives you this liberty. You can change the website as per your will even after every hand! Thus, you not only get a variety of games and tourneys but also financial benefits like great rake back deals.
3) Your expressions are your secret: If you are one of those, who find it very difficult to put on a 'poker face' during gaming, online gaming is the right choice for you. When you play online, no one can see you thus you can express your frustration, bliss, irritation, nervousness as and when you wish; your body language would not compromise the strength of your cards this way. Go and burn a voodoo doll of your biggest competitor when you are angry without caring about who saw you during the process!
4) Multi-table gaming and faster gaming: Since you are a matter and according to science, a matter can't be omnipresent. So, while live gaming, you can attend to only a single table at a time. Thus lesser opportunity of earning. Online poker isn't that heartless and thus lets you play on multiple tables at a time- it's just a matter of minimizing one dialogue box to open another. Also, online gaming is faster comparatively. The number of hands within the same time span equals to more opportunity to earn.
5) Your bankroll is never too less: Not being to afford is not something you should be ashamed of. It's natural. But what do you do when your bankroll isn't enough to play a game of poker at the casino because most of the casinos don't have micro- limit games. You need to have a stipulated minimum amount to enroll yourself into any table. But online poker allows poker to be played at very low stakes and micro-limit. You even have free-roll tournaments if you are totally out of cash. So, there is a scope for everyone.
The perks of online gaming are countless. I have listed only five of them here. Rest is for you to enumerate after your online gaming experiences!
There is always a first time. Being new to something is not at all unnatural. On the other hand, it's our interest that motivates us to learn something new. But unfortunately, most of the times, we don't know from where to start. Poker is also a big dynasty which has its own mazes. Any new comer might get all hassled during the initial period. So here is a guide for all you new comers. Its a step by step guide, that ensures your hassle-free entry into the poker world. take a look:
1) Know your level of interest:
There are a variety of poker players. Some play for recreation, some play for the temporary adrenaline rush that comes along with it and some play to take it up as a serious alternative profession. Before you plunge into the poker world, you will have to know your type because depending on that, you would have to sketch your poker graph.
2) Know the deck of cards:
If you are new not only to poker but also to the world of cards, you have to know the cards well, first. It doesn't matter whether you are a recreational player or aspire to be a professional, knowing the value of cards and their rankings is very important. If all the cards have the same value in your eyes, it's impossible to take up the next step, i.e. learning the poker rules.
3) Learn the poker rules by heart:
Once you have the cards by heart, the next step is to know the use of the cards in poker. For this, you need to know the basics of poker rules- the number of cards used, the expected combinations, the technique of the actions etc. Now, these are only basics. You will have to work a lot more in practicing these if you wish to make a profit from the game.
4) Get well acquainted with the hand rankings: To get poker under your grip to some extent, you have to have the hand rankings learned by heart. hand rankings predict a lot during the game- the strength of your whole cards, your betting strategy, your decision to act and also the winner at the end. If you are not well versed with those, you won't be able to incorporate the poker strategies into your game to turn the tables around.
5) Learn a few poker strategies: Poker strategies are not well defined and aren't a part of any guidebook. Each player uses a different strategy to turn the table in his favor. If you follow a number of live poker games, you'd come to know that the poker pros come up with different strategies each day, making the game even more spectacular. But there are a few basic strategies that are evergreen. Strategies like bluffing, gauging the strength of the hand, balancing aggressive and passive playing, etc. are contemporary to all gamers. Master these strategies so that you can develop your own strategies later on.
These are the 5 inevitable steps that you need to follow as you enter the poker world. Rest, all you need is practice and patience to become a poker pro. Obviously, your extent of practice decides your expertise! So keep practicing and happy poker! 
Poker no longer remains to be a card game played in the Indian households only during Diwali to welcome the Indian Goddess of Wealth. Indian's, with the passage of time, have fallen in love with poker and many of them have taken it up as a full-time profession. Now, since India can't boast of the ample number of casinos or poker rooms, online poker is the solution to the problem. Online poker has become very popular for multiple reasons- you can be at your own comfort-zone as you play, you can play during any time of the day, and going by the Indian taboo, you can also keep your identity unknown if you wish to. Thus, no wonder, online poker has taken the poker community by storm. But, those people who are not well acquainted with online poker yet, here is a beginner's guide for you:
1) Get your concept cleared about online poker:
Before you indulge in online poker, you will have to know what its fervour. Online poker is same real poker in its basics but there lie some minor differences which give it a different identity. You will also have to do away with your myths regarding the same, to perform better at the virtual felt. Myths like the virtual felt are rigged, there are problems with cash transaction etc. should be done away with, totally.
2) Research about the online poker websites:
One should be very careful before investing money online. Just like every field, one can't disagree that there doesn't exist fraud online poker websites. But that doesn't mean that the whole system is rigged.Thus invest enough time in researching about different websites and then select the one that's best for you. Websites like PokerBaazi is licensed and safe.
3) Website loyalty:
If poker is not just a recreational game for you, staying loyal to one website benefits you in many ways. You tend to understand the playing pattern on the particular website. This consolidates your profit making, plus, getting a ticket to the biggest tournament and series on the website becomes much easier. e.g- During "The MoneyMaker", PokerBaazi rolls out innumerable satellites which can help you secure a ticket for as less as INR 20. Thus, if you are a Baazigar, you'd have more access to all these opportunities. Also, most of the well-established poker websites have their team pros who are selected on their game and consistency. That's another feather to your cap if you manage to become one.
4) Choose your cup of tea:
Online poker can fetch you a lot of money because they have a variety to offer. Thus you also have to be very sure when you join the table for a particular game. You have to understand which game is properly under your grip- whether its Texas Hold'em PokerPot limit Omaha etc. Otherwise, you have chances to lose a lot of money. Also, this doesn't mean that you shouldn't experiment. But try and do that when lesser investment is involved. Smart poker players lose less and earn more.
5) Prep yourself well:
Online poker can be a bit tricky because unlike real poker, you can't have your opponents physically present before you. Thus, you can't make judgements on the basis of body language, expressions etc. Thus, it's best that you first get accustomed to the online poker style and then invest money. Online poker websites roll out numerous free-roll tournaments which don't require any investment. You can enrol in those, get accustomed to the online way of gaming and then invest when you are more certain about winning than losing.

Online poker is not to be feared. It can fetch you with enormous profits at you own disposal and comfort. You just need to be well versed with its gaming pattern and style. Wait no more! take home the best that you can!

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Here’s what the co-founder of, Navkiran Singh had to say about the collaboration. “It’s a proud moment for PokerBaazi to associate with Match IPL- first of its kind in India. I think MIPL is a great platform for poker players to showcase their skill in this spectacular mind-sport. We are really looking forward to becoming a part of this breakthrough concept. This will play an instrumental role in changing the mindset of people about poker, especially in our country.”

Joining hands with Match IPL 2018 will give PokerBaazi the edge required to propagate poker as a game of skill. The venture is in tandem with the visionary approach leaders at PokerBaazi aspire for.

About Haryana Hawks

Aiming for the stars and soaring higher than ever! Yes, this is the motto of Haryana Hawks, one of the chosen 10 teams at the Match Indian Poker League 2018. The team’s mascot clearly states that they have eyes set on the coveted title and glory galore. 

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The Match Format

Match IPL Qualifier1: This tournament will start at 8.30 PM on 18th March 2018. Entry through deposit code MIPL1 with a deposit of 500.

Match IPL Qualifier2: This tournament will start at 8.30 PM on 19th March 2018. Entry through deposit code MIPL2 with a deposit of 500.

Match IPL Qualifier3: This tournament will start at 8.30 PM on 20th March 2018. Entry through deposit code MIPL3 with a deposit of 500.

Match IPL Qualifier Finale: This tournament will start at 8.30 PM on 21st March 2018. Only the top 15 players from Qualifier 1, Qualifier 2 &                                              Qualifier 3 will be eligible to play this tournament.  

The Finale winner will be selected to play for HARYANA HAWKS team in the Match IPL Edition 2 to be held on 31st March at Kolkata.

Following are the prizes that come along with the Qualifier Finale.

Rank1: The Summit 10 LAC GTD on 22nd March, BSS 15 LAC GTD on 25th March and The Endeavour 15 LAC GTD on 27th March

Rank2: The Summit 10 LAC GTD on 22nd March and The Endeavour 15 LAC GTD on 27th March

Rank3: Mini Endeavour 5 LAC GTD on 26th March and Mini Summit 5 LAC GTD on 28th March


If we consider Poker as our family, bankroll is surely the head of the family. It is the bankroll that determines the number of hands that we play. The profit that we make during the game and the duration for which we are playing. In short, the major decisions during the game are taken, keeping in mind the bankroll to our credit. Ill-management of bankroll can be disastrous. Poker is a game which brings in a lot of profit but if a player's bankroll management is flawed, he doesn't stand a chance at the felt. His winning depends only on strong luck, which is the least important factor in poker. This write-up is your guide to effective bankroll management. So, without any more delay, let us dig in.

Decide on how much you want to invest

Bankroll refers to the money that you wish to invest in betting while playing poker. Bankroll doesn't include your assets, bank balance etc. It is secluded as the amount you wish to spend in playing poker. This segregation itself solves a lot of problems. Decide much before you start, how much you are ready to invest? For some, it might be $10 while others can afford to spend $1000. Don't get carried away if you see others investing more. "Cut your cloth according to your cloth" is the mantra to effective bankroll management.


Practical expectations

Most of the novice players are more interested in the profit that poker brings along. Greed to earn more and more takes over sanity. Gradually, the player turns aggressive and starts investing in playing online. If he is lucky, he doesn't suffer losses. But 99.9% losses faced by the player is disastrous.


Keep a record

This is the third step to proper bankroll management. After you decide on how much to spend and set achievable goals for the day, you must also keep a track on how you are spending the bankroll. You must keep a track of how much you are spending per round of betting or per hand. This way you can be sure that you haven't crossed your limit of expenditure. Always try to avoid the auto top-up feature when you play online poker. This feature refills your poker account with money when it is on the verge of finishing. This makes you clueless about the amount invested. So it is best that you re-charge your account manually.

These are the basics of bankroll management. Once you religiously vow yourself to be more sincere at handling funds while you play poker, these three ways will guide you through the development of the basic tendency of sincere bankroll management. Now, don't just be a player, be an ideal poker player. 


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