Jun 25, 2019


Health comes first even for a poker player!

The world of poker is full of glamour and extravaganza but, in order to maintain growth in your career, you have to be physically and mentally fit. The players who are successfully running their career for a long time work on the same principle- health comes first!

A few aspects to focus on to lead a healthy life:

  • Maintain a daily schedule: As many high-end poker tournaments are hosted during the late night hours, it becomes a necessity to have a proper work-sleep schedule. After calculating the hours you put in for actually playing the game and learning the skills, you should have a definite sleep schedule. Although we know it is easier said than done but, it won’t take an arm and a leg to achieve this goal!
  • Have a balanced diet: Eat your veggies, mate! Sitting on your gaming chair for long hours is essentially the reason behind players getting unfit. Dull skin and bags under the eyes is the consequence of this lifestyle. So no matter what process you choose, make sure you take a balanced, healthy diet.
  • Pledge to be physically fit: Abstaining from alcohol and exercising daily should be a pointer on your to-do-list. With more technologies surfacing, we have a plethora of options to choose from such as Zumba, Pilates, yoga, cardio exercise and many more. Physical activities work both for the betterment of physical as well as mental health.
  • Always try to take long breaks: Not many players realize the importance of breaks and vacations from their regular life as a professional poker player. Taking breaks not only rejuvenates the mental health of a player but also aids in leading a happy family life.

Following a healthy regime does sound challenging and demanding but, it could do wonders to both your personal and professional life if you manage to reach the end goal. A few months down the line, you will be in a happy place, definitely!

With a healthy body and mind, you just have to hit the felts hard! Introducing all-new Weekly Super (5 LAC GTD) multi-day tournament with a tiny Buy-In of INR 99. May this be a starting point for you to maintain a healthy body all while creating a heavy bankroll!  

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The one subject that you hated the most in your school, which made you think how will it impact my life on a day-to-day basis is the answer to the question whether Poker is a game of luck or skill. It’s all solid mathematics. Poker exemplifies that by knowing your permutations and combinations, and calculations right, you can easily be a millionaire by just playing the game. If you have got the skill, all you would need is a bit of luck and you will be on your way.

 Skill Trumps Chance

A research done over a period of one year had shown that the elite 10% top performers were twice as likely to repeat their performance in the second half of the year, after their successful first half; and those who were in the exclusive 1% of winners were 12 times more likely to achieve high rankings again. These numbers just go on to show that if you are dedicated to play and win, nothing can stop you, not even luck.

 With a little bit of patience and observation, you can be the next big Poker player from India. Over a certain period of time, you can understand the minute details of the game, learn how to maneuver the hand in your favour with dexterity. At the end of it all, Poker is all about how you turn the odds to manipulate the game.

 With PokerBaazi, you can not only sharpen your skill, but also win real cash in the process. Our easy-to-use interface enables you to play and win easily, even if you are a beginner. Every ten minutes you can participate in our exclusive Free Entry Tournaments. You can start with that and eventually move on to the big ticket tournaments with huge guaranteed cash rewards that are a regular on India’s no. 1 online Poker platform, PokerBaazi.

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India is a land of cultures and traditions and this is the defining characteristic of our country. The diversity, the evolution of certain traditions through the sands of time has earned us the identity of being unified despite the oddities. Playing cards have been one of the social acts that brought people of different descents closer.

Against the popular belief, card games have been an integral part of our country’s culture. Albeit the origin of this culture has been unknown to humankind, it can be traced well back to the period when India was ruled by Mughal emperors.

The historians can vouch for the fact that cards existed well before modern times. They have found various kinds of hand-painted cards made out of cotton fibres, wood, ivory, hardened paper, and many such ingredients.

How Did a Deck of Playing Cards Look Then?

With the arrival of the Mughal Dynasty, people from Iran, Armenia, Spain, Europe, entered India spraying their culture all over the country. These foreigners brought the culture of playing cards in the Indian mainland. Unlike the popular cards used in contemporary times, the cards used to be round or oval in shape earlier. In the Persian language, these were called ganjifa.

The first ever mention of playing cards was in Mughal Emperor Babur’s memoir, Baburnama where they talked about sending exquisite, hand-painted playing cards to a friend in Persia.  

Initially, these games were restricted to only the royal families, but it spread like wildfire to other parts of the country thereafter. Every community had its own version of the game. The Hindu community designed a game called Dashavatara Ganjifa, which had ten incarnations of God Vishnu painted on the cards. The main aim was to teach, learn and tell stories from the Ramayana, Mahabharata and many other Hindu scriptures.

Since then the tradition of playing cards has travelled and evolved through time with various European countries ruling parts of the subcontinent to modern India. The games turned from the Mughal (Moghul Ganjifa) and the Hindu version (Dashavatara Ganjifa) to the latest versions. These versions were now influenced by a plethora of cultures such as the Spanish, German and the French. As a matter of fact, the card games Indians play now are largely influenced by the French ways.

Thus, it goes without saying that the concept of playing cards have now been ingrained in our minds. Playing with our grandparents and cousins during vacations have been one of the fond memories of everyone in the country. With the introduction of online card gaming apps, the love for games such as poker, rummy and more has only increased.  

India’s most trusted poker website is at it once again! Keeping up on the promises, we earlier today revamped the PokerBaazi website with focus on improving the user journey and providing a seamless experience to all viewers. In addition, certain changes and additions have been made to our industry-leading Player Rewards System- Baazi Rewards.


 Driven strongly by the idea of creating, crushing and recreating, PokerBaazi.com has always raised the bar in all aspects of online poker in India. From Player Rewards to tournament guarantees, new formats to player-centric structures, we take great pride in being knows as India’s finest.

 This morning, we released an upgraded website version which is centred on providing users with a seamless and comfortable journey. A unique dashboard has been included which tracks and shows players all their important gaming information and stats such as games played, information on accounts and transactions, and game history. Apart from the recent upgrades that have been made by the company in terms of software and user experience while on the tables, this move is intended to give players the same hassle-free experience even off the tables.

 Baazi Rewards

 India’s leading Player Rewards System – Baazi Rewards, has gone on to become a benchmark for many. The carefully designed rewards system gives back to the players in a way that is most beneficial to them. From cashbacks to cool gadgets, holiday packages and super cars, players can avail prizes that account to up to 40% in rake back.

The Baazi Rewards have a minimum effective rakeback of 20%. The structure of the rewards is so defined that as players move up the ladder, they are entitled to higher rakebacks of up to 40%. As part of the website revamp, even the Baazi Rewards has got a facial uplift and delivers a gamified new look.

 New Additions

 Contuining the philosophy of offering what the players wish for, we have added some exciting new prizes in the Loyalty Rewards Program under the Baazi Rewards. These include a super bike, PS4 gaming console & Euro trip pack for 2.

In addition, the biggest tournament brands have been made available at a massive 40% rake back and will be available at all times. These include:

  • The Game Changer 2 CRORE GTD
  • The MoneyMaker 1 CRORE GTD
  • Value Bomb 1 CRORE GTD

 Check It Out & Be a Baazigar!

 Every player on PokerBaazi.com is part of the Poker Baazi family. And every member of the family is treated with love and respect. We are always listening, always improving, and always setting new targets – just so that we can break them, over and over again. To celebrate success of just concluded special edition of PokerBaazi Premier League, we launched Mysterious May today which offers 31 unique one-day deposit offers in 31 days of May. It’s your time to taste the all new refreshing website and enjoy the super action that continues post PPL. Wishing you all good luck on the digital felts!

PPL Special Edition 2019 - Day8

Day 8 of the PokerBaazi Premier League Special Edition played host to events 34-38 last evening, marking the final day of the 5+ Cr GTD series. It was a massive Sunday on PokerBaazi.com, with the Main Event of the PPL SE – The MoneyMaker recording a prize pool of INR 1.34 Crore. Popular poker player Raman “ifryu” Gujral took home the title along with a smashing INR 22,52,880 in prize money, while Ankit “akj290” Jajodia put up an extremely impressive performance all through the series, finishing on top of the PPL SE Leaderboard winning INR 3 LAC in prize money.

Let’s take a look at the highlights from last night’s action:

PPL #34: 2 LAC GTD

The Day kicked off with a 2 LAC guaranteed event. 233 players signed up along with an additional 234 re-entries. The top 54 players were paid out and it was “Happydent” who finished on top of the pack for a payday of INR 46,933. Second place was taken by “mowgumotu”, who took home INR 32,900 in prize money.


Next up we saw a 5 LAC guaranteed PLO event with a buy-in amount of INR 2750. 138 players along with 178 re-entries showed up for this one, pushing the pool up to INR 7,90,000. The top 36 players made it to the money. Ankit “akj290” Jajodia finished on top of the pack, scoring some valuable Leaderboard points along with INR 1,74,511 in prize money. Second place was taken by Prince “NaNki” Singh (INR 1,22,450).

PPL #36: The MoneyMaker 1 Cr GTD

Event number three for the Day was the most anticipated event of the series and the Main Event of the PPL SE – The MoneyMaker. Guaranteeing a 1 Crore prize pool, the event went on to record a massive INR 1.34 Crore owing to the 752 entrants and 589 re-entries. 144 players made it to the money and it took all of 10 hours and 15 minutes to find our Champion – Raman “ifryu” Gujral, who took home a surreal payday of INR 22,52,880! Second place was taken by “gatamujer”, who took home a hefty INR 15,79,698 in prize money.

PPL #37: BSS SuperStack 25 LAC GTD

Next up was another biggie, the 25 LAC guaranteed BSS SuperStack event with a buy-in of INR 5,500. 408 players signed up for this one, and by the time registration closed, another 321 re-entries helped in taking the prize pool up to a massive INR 36,45,000! 90 players were paid out in this event which saw plenty of regulars making deep runs. Finishing all the way on top of the pack was “effuno”, who defeated Ashish “rocky3705” Ahuja heads up for the title and INR 6,59,745 in prize money. Ahuja settled for a payday of INR 4,62,550.

PPL #38: BSS MegaStack 5 LAC GTD

The last event of the Day and PPL SE series was a 5 LAC guaranteed MegaStack event with a buy-in amount of INR 2750. It saw 149 registrations along with 111 re-entries, with the top 27 players making it to the money. Faiz “AilaGaya” Alam was the eventual winner, taking home INR 1,52,945 after defeating “sidchat” heads up. Second place took home INR 1,07,315 for his efforts.

Congratulations to all the Winners of Day 8!

PPL SE Leaderboard

The PPL SE Leaderboard saw some incredible performances by many players, but none better than Ankit “akj290” Jajodia, who managed to overtake Gaurav “gaug17” Sood on the final Day of the series to seal his position at the top of the Leaderboard standings. Ankit finished with a total of 6228 points which include 2 wins and 23 cashes from the 37 events he played this series. Sood put up a great show all through the series and finished in second place with 5684 points, scoring 1 win and 18 cashes. Nishant “nishant177” Sharma rounds off the top three, scoring 5330 points which include 2 wins and 16 cashes. Check out the complete standings here.

A big thank you to everyone who came out and participated in the PPL SE. Until next time!

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