Jan 19, 2020


Free Entry Tournaments Just Got More Rewarding!

PokerBaazi is known for its mega-rewarding Free Entry Tournaments, which are, in fact, the best of their kind in the entire industry. But like they say, complacency is the enemy of progress. That’s why we’ve revised our system and created one that rewards skill, and gives you a brilliant reward for playing with composure and dedication, and a lot of incentive to learn the intricacies of the game.

Not only that, it now involves more winners than ever before, making the system much more inclusive for talented beginners trying to jump forward on the learning curve of poker while also making sure the true champions of the game who know exactly how to play it right get the big real money rewards that go with a big victory. Say hello to our all-new Free Entry Tournament system!

 Free Entry Tournaments

The first type of Free Entry Tournament starts every hour, right on the hour. With rewards of INR 200, INR 150 and INR 100, the top three winners out of the total seventy-five have a lot to play for!

Free Entry Tournaments                                                                                                         

The second type of Free Entry Tournament starts twenty minutes past every hour, and has a total of eighty winners! After the top reward of INR 200, the tournament gives players who come in second, third and fourth a reward of INR 100 each!

Free Entry Tournaments 3

The top reward for the third kind of Free Entry Tournament is INR 300, followed by INR 200 for the second place winner, INR 150 for the third place winner, and INR 100 for the fourth place winner. This category has the most amount of winners – One hundred!

But Wait, There’s More!

Now here’s the real kicker: While no other poker platform allows you to withdraw the money you win in a Free Entry Tournament, PokerBaazi lets you withdraw 100% of your winnings. That means all the money you win at these tournaments is real money that you can transfer to your account with a click of a button. That means you have a prize pool of INR 40,00,000 or 40 LAC every single month that you can participate in for free and transfer everything you win to your bank account!

So what are you waiting for? Log in to India’s most trusted poker website and start learning, playing and winning big, all for free!

PokerBaazi’s marquee tournament series, the PokerBaazi Premier League (20th – 29th September) is back like never before, so gear up for bigger prizes and better rewards!

After a successful rollout of PPL- Special Edition with a massive INR 5 Crore GTD, it’s back with an even bigger prize pool of INR 7 Crore GTD. This adrenaline-pumping series is spread across ten days, giving you opportunities to win like never before!

Along with hosting events to enter tournaments to our live poker extravaganza- Baazi Poker Tour (9th – 14th Oct), we are also offering INR 15 Lac worth of leaderboard prizes. When you add that to the amazing tourneys you can take part in, it really becomes everything a poker player could ask for. 

Increased Prize Pools For Bigger Winnings

Team PokerBaazi has designed a schedule that will help you take winnings to a whole new level. Here are the details:

The MoneyMaker (1 Cr GTD)

The highlight of the entire series, the Main Event will be rolling out on 29th September at 7 PM. The Final Table of this tournament will be played at our poker room, PokerBaazi LIVE in Goa. Make sure to practice your poker face!

The HighRoller (70 LAC GTD)

Play with the crème de la crème of the poker community on 26th September at 7 PM to compete for the mammoth prize pool worth INR 70 LAC. The Final Table of this event will also be played at PokerBaazi LIVE.

The Endeavour (60 LAC GTD)

Now compete to win from a gigantic prize pool worth INR 60 LAC with two starting flights. Flight 1A and 1B will be held on 22nd September at 5 PM and 9 PM respectively. The qualifiers of the two starting flights will play to seize the title on Day 2 to be held on 24th September at 8 PM.

LeaderBoard Prizes (15 LAC)

This time, we have added a twist to the PPL LeaderBoard. Play as much as you can in PPL and stand a chance to win entry offers to various BPT events to be held at PokerBaazi LIVE, Goa.


Now make way to the PPL felts- the satty way. In this edition of PPL, we are running satellites starting at INR 40 only! These satellites are running every day starting at 4 PM.

Enjoy the best of live and online poker this PokerBaazi Premier League. We’ve increased the prize pools, so are you ready to #UpTheStakes?

Game Changer Day 2 Sum Up

After 5 days of fierce competition, a winner emerged in the early hours of Monday morning to walk away with the Game Changer trophy and a whopping INR 40,78,998 in prize money.

A big congratulations to Shagun “sogani22” Jain for a truly momentous win. Emerging victorious from a field of 4796 entries - the largest ever field for an online poker tournament in India - he shipped the tournament on Day 2 after a gruelling eight hours of play against 431 skilled competitors.

Game Changer Winner

The final table saw 9 players battle it out for 2 and a half hours for the ultimate prize. Here’s what the final payouts looked like: 

  1. Shagun “sogani22” Jain (INR 40,78,998)
  2. Vivek “lazyguru” Singh (INR 25,03,512)
  3. Gautam “rabbithunter” Kaul (INR 15,87,476)
  4. Gopal “Vishallb22” Bajaj (INR 10,04,762)
  5. Rakesh “spiboy314” Gpai (INR 7,12,206)
  6. Ratul “luna” Steves (INR 5,56,336)
  7. Narendra “IMUNAGI” Purohit (INR 4,46,028)
  8. Deepak “Pokerroller” Prakash (INR 3,40,516)
  9. Dhinesh “dhineshrocky007” Kumar (INR 2,58,984)


Other Notable Players in the Field

Pros like “lazyguru” and “luna” reinstate the fact that poker is a game of skill that rewards you for playing it right over the long term. Along with them, Sikander “advanced_basic” Rajwade secured  11th position for a payday of INR 1,91,840; previous Game Changer winner, Prashanth “IveyLeague” Sekar, came in 12th to take home INR 1,41,482 and pro Nadeem “SpadeHunter” Basha finished 25th with winnings of INR 67,144.

While many pros were in the money, the field consisted of many newer faces. We’re delighted to bring in a new wave of players and be a part of their success story.

We extend our gratitude to everyone who was a part of Game Changer and helped make it such a huge success.

Team PokerBaazi now gears up to host our online poker tournament series- PokerBaazi Premier League (PPL) 7 Crore GTD between 20th & 29th September. The stakes were high this time, but we’re taking them even higher, so get ready to #UpTheStakes!


The Action intensifies at Flight 1C

It was another great day at the felts as 700 players battled it out for their shot at glory and a seat to Day 2 of the Game Changer 2 Crore GTD. The day ended with 116 players in the money and the largest stack being built so far, setting up an exciting playing field for the final day. 

Today the final flight 1D will be played at 8:00PM, and we'll have to wait and see how the results will impact the dynamic as we enter Day 2. One thing is for sure though, no one will back down from the fight for the ultimate prize pool!

Here's a quick look at the chip leaders from Flight 1C:

  1. Deepak "Pokerroller" Prakash
  2. Sandeep "effuno" Verma 
  3. Sonia Jain a.k.a. "VasooliChacha"
  4. Vivek "lazyguru" Singh
  5. Ashutosh "senojwod" Balodhi
  6. Apratim "checmate" Sharma
  7. Prashanth "IveyLeague" Sekar
  8. Pratik "Pratikp" Kayal
  9. Niranjan "Orion7" Kumar 

Big shout-out to Prashanth "IveyLeague" Sekar, winner of the last Game Changer who is now once again in the money and one of the chip leaders! All the best for Day 2 guys!

Your last chance to be the Game Changer

Get your FREE ticket to the final flight today by depositing INR 25K and using the code 'GCDAY1D'. You can also take part in our mega satellites today for just INR 550 and win from over 50 guaranteed seats!

The final option is to directly enter Flight 1D at 8:00PM by paying the buy-in of INR 5,500. Whichever route you take, this is your last chance to compete for the INR 2 Crore prize pool, so make sure not to miss out!




Playing Up a Storm!

The felts were alive with action yesterday as 701 players competed for 5 hours, battling it out during the second flight of the Game Changer 2 Crore GTD.

With a slightly larger entry field and 481 re-entries, Flight 1B was witness to big hands, big plays, and big stacks, making it a day of exciting poker and intense competition.

Eventually, 115 players made it across the line to finish in the money and with a place at the table on Day 2 of the Game Changer.

Game Changer Winners


Here are The 9 Chip Leaders From Flight 1B:

  1. Prakash “pinnug” Gupta (591291)
  2. Taranjit “RamSlam” Singh (392730)
  3. “Illusionist” Anish Patra (365889)
  4. Gaurav Verma a.k.a. “BIT00Poker” (347673)
  5. Parth Syal a.k.a. “Parth31” (344007)
  6. Ritu “RitzG” Goenka (335854)
  7. Shashank Shekhar a.k.a. “Acekiller” (327942)
  8. Arsh “Button_Hai_Bro” Grover (318366)
  9. Nitish “Somnath” Gupta (309302)

A big congratulations to all the players who’ve fought hard to make it to this stage. Special shout-out to Nitish Gupta, the winner of the last MoneyMaker tournament on PokerBaazi, who is now once again in the money.

The action is only set to grow as the tournament continues so watch this space for more news, and get into the game as well!

Looking To Become the Game Changer?

There’s still some time to participate, so hurry and register yourself!

On deposit of INR 25K, you can avail our codes - ‘GCDAY1C’ and ‘GCDAY1D’ for a free ticket to enter either Flight 1C and 1D.

You can also take part in our mega satellites for a buy-in of just INR 550 today (23rd August) and tomorrow (24th August) - more than 50 GC seats guaranteed so don’t miss out

Alternatively, you can take part in Flight 1C (23rd August) and 1D (24th August) directly by paying the buy-in of INR 5,500 and play at 8:00PM for your shot at the INR 2 Crore prize pool.

We look forward to seeing you at the felts. Good luck!

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