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Whether you’re into Pot-limit Omaha, no-limit Texas hold’em or Open-Face Chinese poker, bankroll management is a crucial part of your overall poker strategy.

For new players, the poker bankroll doesn’t have anything to do with how you play the game. It has to do with how you handle the money in your account and how you don’t end up losing all the funds in your bank account.

Today’s responsible online poker gaming series focuses on managing your bankroll effectively so that you are never in a fix. Most new players don’t manage their funds properly and even before they know it, they lose more money than they can afford to.

What is a Poker Bankroll?

When a player sets aside a specific amount of money for playing online or live poker, it is known as a poker bankroll. This amount should be money apart from what you need to pay your bills and monthly installments. You should also avoid adding recreational or discretionary funds to your bankroll.

Effective bankroll management means that if in case you lose all the money in your bankroll, you would still be able to pay rent, manage bills, and sustain yourself.

How to track results for better bankroll management?

To efficiently utilize your bankroll, you must track certain poker results. The vital aspects that you must keep an eye on include:

  • Venue: Are you playing online or are you playing a game live? Is the game being played at a casino or somewhere else?
  • Type of game: The game type can also have an impact on the size of your bankroll. This includes types like a cash game, tournament, single-table tournament, multi-table tournament.
  • Hours: With database software, you can track your hourly rate and overall win rate. This is specifically true for poker games online. Keeping a track of your hourly rate helps to know how much money you need to set aside and how much you are investing in the game.

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Tips for better poker bankroll management

Poker Healthy Bankroll

1. Your Poker Bankroll is ONLY for Poker

Pros treat the game as a business. Just like you won’t use your personal account for clearing business expenses or vice versa, remember to keep your expenses and poker funds separate. As a golden rule, use money that you can afford to lose to build your poker bankroll.

For instance, if you need ₹10,000 for your EMI and ₹2,000 to pay a bill next month, you should let this money remain separately and only use the remaining as your bankroll.

It is crucial to understand that you must not need your bankroll for paying for anything else. Your situation should be such that you struggle to stay in the game and not struggle to pay the bills.

2. Change the stakes when you need to

If you are receiving poor results playing higher stakes, don’t worry about moving back down. Even the poker pros repeat this process several times before they are ready to stay up permanently.

3. Choose the game as per your bankroll

Your bankroll affects the type of game you can play. The game format, your playing style, and your tolerance of swings are all dependent on the size of your bankroll. For example, if you have a smaller bankroll, you can use it to play no-limit hold’em cash games but not for pot-limit Omaha. This is because the swings in PLO are wider. Similarly, in case you plan to play multi-table tournaments, you need a larger bankroll.

4. Refrain from making unnecessary expenses

Online poker tables offer a lot of in-game purchases. Additionally, sometimes you see ads around the home screen. If you are worried about your bankroll, avoid making irrelevant purchases as they are just a means to reduce your bankroll.


A few players like to start playing with a large bankroll since it allows them to play higher stake games. They are also not scared while betting. However, other players want to keep a smaller bankroll and climb the stakes step by step.

Poker bankroll is a personal preference depending on your pocket. But if you want to play responsibly and effectively manage your bankroll, you must only use the amount you have set aside for playing. You must be aware of how soon you can replenish the used funds and ensure that it does not have any negative impact on your financial stability.

Remember you can truly enjoy the game only if you play responsibly!

As part of the series on responsible gaming, today we’d like to talk about striking a balance between poker and daily life. 

Playing poker is a lot of fun. The game comes with some awesome aspects to it and has been consistently attracting the attention of many individuals. Apart from online poker being a sport to earn a lot of money, it teaches several skills like patience, control over one’s emotions and money management. It also helps to improve concentration, develop mental faculties, and enhance decision-making ability. 

If you have just started playing online poker games to have fun, then we’d suggest that you continue. Playing a few hands is a great way to relax your mind and unwind after a hectic day at work. If you have some free time and want to rejuvenate, we encourage you to take a shot on our free-entry tourneys. I ensure you that they are one of the most entertaining and exciting ways to take a break and feel refreshed. 

However, an extremely vital aspect to take care of when you start playing poker online is the amount of time you spend on the game. This may seem like an obvious thing that you will take care of BUT a lot of poker players get carried away and even before they know it, they are addicted to the game. They start neglecting work, family, health, and more. 

The grinder lifestyle too is an unhealthy one - tournaments happen at late hours, time spent on the screen is a lot, and taking breaks is not easy when you’re multi-tabling. It is so involving that few players, at times, even forget to eat their meals and sleep. 

In the game of online poker, it is also quite likely that you stop having fun but continue to play only because you want to prove a point and recover all that you have lost. You get emotionally involved and this behaviour is a strict no-no since it can trap you in a vicious cycle where you lose more money and your mental balance easily.

If you find yourself losing focus on important tasks when you shouldn't because you're thinking about money won or lost and are itching to get back to playing, it's important to review your approach to the game and make sure you're on the right track with these steps.

Perfect Poker

Eating and Sleeping well

 Discipline Eating

Fast foods like sandwiches, burgers, pizzas, and finger foods are the favourite choice for poker players. This is because they are easy to eat while playing the game. 

However, it is important to focus on what you’re eating and ensure that you eat a wholesome meal. You must not rush and spend time with your family as you eat a balanced diet.

Some tournaments can take up the time of an important meal and you don’t want to give up massive winnings, which is why you’ll just look to scarf down your meal as fast as possible. Even though this is acceptable, you need to ensure that it does not happen too often. 

Your sleep also holds incredible importance. If you haven’t slept well, your mind will never be fresh and chances of you making hasty, irritable decisions are high. You must get 6 to 8 hours of sleep. If you have a tournament scheduled, you must finish other activities accordingly. 

The quality of sleep is also vital. You must not keep thinking about the game as you try to sleep. You need to switch off and enjoy a good night’s sleep so that you are energized for the next day’s games. 

If you know that a tournament is scheduled to start late and is expected to go on for too long, play it only when you know that you don’t have anything urgent the next day. 

You must also rest your eyes since glueing them to the screen for long hours can cause strain and fatigue. 

A professional poker player’s lifestyle can go very wrong if not regularised responsibly. So it’s best to keep monitoring your eating and sleeping habits if you really want to enjoy your hard-earned poker earnings. 


Physical Health

One of the other vital things to take care of is your physical health. Your posture while playing, the distance between your eyes and the screen, and the use of your hands must all be watched to ensure that you don’t suffer from any pains or strains. 

Keep taking breaks in between. Get up, stretch your body, go for a walk, and keep yourself active. You must get blood pumping into your body. Make sure you keep taking water breaks and have a bottle of water next to you to stay hydrated.

If you plan to play for long hours or already do, it's important to get physical exercise to maximise the benefits of grinding. 

Participate in other Activities

Poker is a world in itself. Math, game theory, psychology etc. the learning process is one of the many things that get people into it. 

One can spend hours talking about it and with a thriving community, it's something that can eat up a lot of your time. 

Even though it's a great thing with many benefits, it’s important not to lose focus on other activities in life. Prioritise tasks and plan your day accordingly.

You cannot leave your children unattended or ignore your household responsibilities as you remain busy playing the game. You cannot be sleeping at your work desk because you were enjoying a tournament the previous night. You need to give every aspect of your life importance.

Consider tomorrow is Day 1 of refreshing your lifestyle. Here’s what you need to do first:

  1. Get your sleeping pattern on the right track. Get at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep.
  2. Sit back and enjoy wholesome meals with your family. 
  3. Never gobble down your food when you’re in a hurry.
  4. Exercise regularly. 
  5. While playing for long hours, stay hydrated and take breaks. 

Online poker demands a certain lifestyle for you to follow which can be owned like a pro with the right kind of food, sleeping habits and discipline.   

So, remember to manage your time and set aside a particular number of hours that you will spend on playing poker for fun. Make sure you stick to what you have decided. 


To enhance and improve the experience of playing poker online, PokerBaazi is introducing responsible gaming systems on its platform. Poker going online has made the sport fast-paced and therefore exciting and less time-taking. With regulations such as our new responsible gaming tools and KYC activated accounts, your winnings are safe and secure with the operators until withdrawals. Another benefit of online poker is multi-tabling, which we’ll be further discuss about. 

What is Multi-Tabling?

If you don’t already know, multi-tabling is the art of playing several online poker hands on different tables at one point in time. It is the bread and butter of online poker and the grinder. It makes the game more fun as you sit on many tables and while you create more chances of losing, you also have higher chances of winning.

Multi-tabling has changed the way poker is played. If you haven’t started multi-tabling, it means you’re not throwing good poker money away yet. But there are several crucial aspects to it as well. The average online player should be careful about how many tables he/she is playing on. This is different for every player depending on their skills and bankroll.

Let’s take a look at some of the concepts of multi-tabling for both experienced and newbie players.

How is your Focus Affected?

Some poker nits believe that multi-tabling is a waste of time. They say that when you are multi-tabling, you are not able to give each decision enough thought and time. This can lead to wrong decisions.

  • While playing many popular online games means that you are constantly invested in playing the game, it can also work against you since you have to make decisions quicker.
  • Playing more hands means exposure to more kinds of games which can help you focus deeply on your strategy.
  • It helps you build patience, which is extremely vital.

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What happens to the Bankroll?

Bankroll is an important determinant for your poker game. And what happens to it when you multi-table:

  • Playing more hands means you remain occupied and chances of you growing impatient to bet higher stakes impulsively are less.
  • You play safer and accumulate more. There is no place for speculative spots and it is more rewarding for tight play.

What do the Pros Say?

Pros have been multi-tabling for quite some time now. Some are even playing on 20 tables and here’s what they have to say about the practice of multi-tabling:

  • If you’re winning on one table, why not try on 3,4 more and increase the winning amount?
  • More tables mean better planning of poker strategy in the long-term.
  • More tables for some = less tilt
  • The chances of losing also increase and not always though, but a lot of times, players get emotional leading to bankroll consequences.
  • Players try to multi-table as an online poker strategy to recover their losses, however, in certain situations, they end up losing, even more, leading to a vicious downward spiral.
  • Players are not bored since they have different hands to play on different tables. They are not waiting for their turns and so, generally avoid taking impatient decisions.

If you can relate to the pointers mentioned above but multi-tabling hasn’t been working in your favour, then it is a good idea to give the practice a break. Or it would be a good idea to set limits to your play with PB Responsible Limits.

Should you Restrict Multi-Tabling?

  • MTT can be a lot of fun and can be extremely exciting, but poker (high-stakes especially) demands a high level of concentration, willpower and thinking that is taxing on both the body and mind.
  • When you play for long hours across tables, it is important to maintain a calm mind since you may end up feeling tired and you could also be avoiding other vital activities that require your time and attention on and off the online poker tables.
  • Spending hours in front of the screen also has a cumulative effect, so it's important to take a break if you're the marathoner type.

Getting the right balance is essential to achieve the most out of the game. You must keep everything in moderation - time spent, the number of tables, bankroll, and more.

Are there any Disadvantages?

  • Multi-tabling can backfire if you are not using the right strategies. You don’t even have to play badly, one awful beat can have you steaming. Handling the pressure of many games together can get taxing and if you are staking big winnings on the line, you may not be able to get past it quickly.
  • You can’t always manage if you’re in a couple of important spots. This can significantly affect your game and your bankroll. Not just that, it can also bother your mental attitude towards multi-tabling and the game on the whole.

The most important thing when deciding the number of tables you should play at is to understand what you are aiming for. Is your primary motive profit? Or are you trying to learn the game and enhance your skills? There are lots of other reasons and identifying what matters the most to you is essential to decide how many tables you want to play on.

Make your game more sustainable as you play to build a healthy bankroll for your next big game with PokerBaazi’s new responsible gaming tools.

Currently, we are offering poker tournaments and cash games for all kinds of players. PokerBaazi Mega Value Series begins on 4th December 2019 for mid-stakes players. The online tournament series features a guarantee of ₹1.3+ CRORE with buy-ins starting at just ₹1,000. Join the tables and enjoy the fun of playing online poker games!

PokerBaazi is here to help you play your cards right, on and off the felts

Playing poker is a lot of fun, especially when you can outskill your opponents at the felts. But the game of poker has much more to it. Along with effective bankroll management, knowing when to play and how much of your time and money to invest in the game is an essential component of enjoying your experience to the fullest.

At PokerBaazi, we aim to provide you with a wholesome gaming experience, which includes preempting and curbing any potential negative effects associated with playing the game recklessly. This includes tools that let you set your limits to the deposits you make, adjust your stake preferences at cash and OFC tables, as well take a poker break whenever you deem it necessary. You can request changes to these limits so that the way you manage your playing evolves with the way you play.

 Here’s more about PokerBaazi’s Responsible Gaming tools and how you can use them to improve the way you play poker.

Setting Deposit Limits

Setting your deposit limits lets you manage your bankroll effectively while playing poker online. We let you set caps on your deposit limit and transaction count per day, per week and per month. Use them to your advantage based on your playing style.

  • If you find that you have a propensity to grind for long stretches of time despite losing, set your daily deposit limit to a lower amount.
  • If you find yourself chasing losses often, limit the amount of deposits you make over the span of a week or a month.
  • If you have a tendency to get carried away while gaming for long stretches, limit the number of transactions you can make.

Setting Cash Table And OFC Table Limits

Cash and OFC tables may carry a lot of thrills when the stakes are high, but it’s important to be wise about the way you play. We let you decide the highest stakes at which you can play and encourage you to choose wisely.  Always have your bankroll in mind when setting your stake preferences.

  • It’s advisable to have at least 20-40 times the buy-in for whatever stakes you play at in your bankroll.
  • If you find yourself losing consistently at any particular stakes, consider lowering the stakes you play at by a level or two.
  • Be wary - playing higher stakes to recuperate losses made at a certain level might cause you further harm.

Poker Break

The excess of anything may cause harm, and the same holds true for the game of poker. If gaming starts to become a hindrance in your daily life or causes hurt to the people around you, it might be time to take a break from the felts. We give you the option to self-exclude by deactivating your profile for any cool-down period of your choice and tackling overindulgence.

  • If you’re using money allocated to necessities food, rent or tuition to play poker, it’s time for a poker break.
  • If you’re playing till you lose your last rupee or neglecting your personal welfare for poker, it’s time for a poker break.
  • If you’re playing using borrowed funds or have been feeling self-destructive, we strongly advise you to take a poker break.

Baazi Care

If self-regulation seems difficult through the tools of Responsible Gaming and you seem to be facing problems or gaming becomes a crutch, reach out to the PokerBaazi team and we will connect you to one of our Baazi Care expert counsellors. They can help you through any emotional, physical and mental struggles you might be facing in your personal and professional lives, and guide you towards well being. Whatever you go through, our team is only a call or e-mail away.

PokerBaazi’s Responsible Gaming Vision

PokerBaazi sees itself as an equal stakeholder in your wellbeing and aims to share the responsibility when it comes to Responsible Gaming. For this reason, our policies and procedures are framed keeping in mind any risks our players may face. Our systems work to monitor deposit, gameplay and stake level patterns and we try to personally interact with players anytime a deviation or any other concern is detected. And we’re working to make this even better as we move forward.

As we strive towards building an ecosystem that helps you play better poker, we’re evolving our Responsible Gaming tools to make them more intuitive, efficient and seamless. This means that you can expect a robust system that uses data and automation to detect if any player that needs to incorporate the features of PokerBaazi’s Responsible Gaming hasn’t done so yet, and mitigates any potential damage by automatically adjusting their gaming parameters to enhance their poker experience.

Here’s to making poker more fun, more rewarding and more responsible.

Leading the Indian poker industry on the innovation front, PokerBaazi is preparing to launch another tournament series. After our highroller series: PokerBaazi Premier League (PPL) and the Baazi Poker Tour (BPT), we are now presenting PokerBaazi Mega Value Series (PMVS) for our mid-stakes players.

Slated to go live between 4th and 8th December 2019, the series will be giving out prizes worth a massive ₹1.3+ CRORE guaranteed! We feel calling it a 'mega value series' is just an understatement.

Being an operator of online poker for Indian players, we feel it is our responsibility to develop promotions that aim for the holistic growth of our players. A family of 10 million players now, it goes without saying that our goal is to offer a game for all. PokerBaazi Mega Value Series is just another testament of the same.

Good news for mid-stakes players! PMVS is here to stay. With buy-ins ranging between ₹1,000 and ₹7000, this series will hit the tables every first Wednesday of the month from now on. The multi-day main event will be boasting a guaranteed prize pool of ₹50 LAC with three starting flights.

 The Gourmet Menu of the series:

1. (50 LAC GTD) Main Event

A multi-day online poker tournament, the main event will promise a guaranteed prize pool of ₹50 LAC for a meagre buy-in of just ₹3300. Players will have three opportunities in the three starting flights to play and qualify for Day 2 to claim the title.

A few days down the line, we will be offering a deposit code that players can avail for a FREE TICKET to this event.

2. (20 LAC GTD) HighRoller

The action will be where the poker pros will be present. Featuring a buy-in of ₹7500, this Michelin star-worthy tourney will be a treat for being a part of. Join to be among the A-listers of the Indian poker community.  

Here’s the complete schedule of the series:

Tournament Name

Tour Start Date

Tour Start Time


PMVS#1 2 LAC GTD (8-Max) (RE)

4th Dec

7:00 PM

1000+500+ 150

PMVS#2 5 LAC GTD (8-Max) (RE)

4th Dec

8:00 PM


PMVS#3 1 LAC GTD (5-Max) (RE)

4th Dec

9:00 PM


PMVS#4 20 LAC Mega Value - Flight 1A (RE)

4th Dec

10:00 PM


PMVS#5 5 LAC GTD (RE) (8-Max)

5th Dec

7:00 PM


PMVS#6 50 LAC GTD - Flight 1A (RE)

5th Dec

8:00 PM


PMVS#7 1 LAC GTD (6-Max) (RE)

5th Dec

9:00 PM


PMVS#8 20 LAC Mega Value - Flight 1B (RE)

5th Dec

10:00 PM



6th Dec

7:00 PM


PMVS#10 50 LAC GTD - Flight 1B (RE)

6th Dec

8:00 PM



6th Dec

9:00 PM


PMVS#12 20 LAC Mega Value - Flight 1C (8-Max) (RE)

6th Dec

10:00 PM


PMVS#13 2 LAC GTD (8-Max) (RE)

7th Dec

7:00 PM


PMVS#14 50 LAC GTD - Flight 1C (RE)

7th Dec

8:00 PM


PMVS#15 2 LAC GTD (7-Max) (RE)

7th Dec

9:00 PM


PMVS#16 20 LAC Mega Value - Flight 1D (RE)

7th Dec

10:00 PM


PMVS#17 12 LAC GTD MegaStack (RE)

8th Dec

7:00 PM



8th Dec

8:00 PM


PMVS#19 Main Event DAY 2 - 50 LAC GTD

8th Dec

6:00 PM


PMVS#20 Main Event DAY 2 - 20 LAC Mega Value

8th Dec

6:00 PM


The Special Backdoor Entries to the series

5 days, 13 tournaments, a massive ₹1.3 CRORE guarantee on offer with buy-ins starting at ₹1,000. However, if you think this could be burden on your bankroll, you can opt-in for our satellites. Satellites to this online poker tournament will soon go live with buy-ins as LOW as ₹50.

The satellite schedule will soon reflect in the PokerBaazi app lobby.

Apart from this, a deposit code to enter the 50 LAC GTD Main Event will also be on offer. Several ways towards the same destination of big winnings!  

Prepare to start the festive season a little sooner with PokerBaazi Mega Value Series. Register for our satellites with buy-ins as low as ₹50!

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