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Playing poker is already a fretful experience and issues with the internet connection while playing poker online can make it worse. Unfortunately, if you have faced this problem or being an extra cautious looking for any related information on the internet, then you are at the right platform. We bring you a few steps to follow if you ever get disconnected from the internet when playing poker online.

Get the hint

If you are wondering that why the flow of the game is normal? If there are no cards being dealt or no bets or there are no chats from the other players, then bang on as you are no more connected to the game.

Don’t lose focus

The first thing you need to take care when you get disconnected while playing poker is not to panic and lose focus. You need to calm down and stay in an aura of the game. Don’t let the stupid things run over in your mind and better take a walk or a glass of water.

Find the problem

If you are no more connected to the game then there are two things which need to be considered. Either there are internet issues from your side or there could be issues in poker sites where you are playing.

How to find?

Launch a new web browser and search for anything, if you are able to search then your internet is completely fine and there are issues in a poker site. You can re-launch the poker application if it is no more there.

Steps to follow if there are issues in your internet:

  • Abandon the poker application
  • Connect to the internet again
  • You need to start the application again
  • Sign in once again to the poker site you were using
  • If you sign in and not directed to your table, then you can find your table with the “find a player” option.

The most admiring factor of playing poker online is that you are not required to stay at one place. You can stay wherever you want and can still win real money online for a real living. It is becoming a trend these days for poker players to relocating to different places across the world and Thailand has been the most desired choice for them. It is cheap, the climate is amazing and the food is simply remarkable.

Easy find

Playing poker game online in Thailand is really easy as the authorities do not care much what you are doing on the internet. Although, you might want to know that gambling is illegal in Thailand but playing online poker has never been uptight by anyone. During this internet era, most of the people are living their lives through the internet and you do not have to announce people that you play poker for a living. You won’t face any issues connecting to online poker rooms or connecting to best poker sites. All you might be needed to change your address at every poker site you play.


The climate of Thailand might not impress you at first but it is surely one factor which is keeping all online poker players hooked to Thailand. Lush landscapes, natural air-con and cool and dry season are some of the highlights of its weather. From July to October, there are intense bursts of short rains which can make your life bit slow else the climate is perfectly fine to stay.

Fabulous food

Thai food is popular already and has earned many loyal followers from across the globe. The food here is not just excellent but it is cheap as well. You can have your famous Thai meal while enjoying the kite surfers. You do not have to go to Thailand to experience Thai food but it is undoubtedly an excuse you will hear from online poker players.

Everything is cheap

Chiang Mai is the most preferred destination for online poker players as Bangkok and Phuket are considerably costlier. Prices may vary as per the location and the proximity it has from the beach and the season of course. You do not have to live near the beach if you are planning to live there for a while and can save a hell lot of money living in outskirts. You can make money in your own currency with the help of Geo-arbitrage.

A perfect place to spend money

Why earn money if you cannot spend it splendidly? Thailand attracts more than 30 million visitors every year. Food, clothes, electricity, calls, internet pack and you name it, it is way cheaper than you will expect. Experience some of the amazing beaches of the world here. People are hospitable and good in English, so you won’t face many issues in language. Have no doubt why it is known as “The land of smiles”.

Play poker games in India to find fish or Bad poker

You might have read a lot about how you can make a lot of money in poker from bad poker players or better known as the fish. It is indeed one of the most useful strategies while playing poker online. If you haven’t cultured to beat bad poker players, then you won’t be able to make much profits in the game. Here is a short guide for you on how to beat the bad poker players.

You will generally come across two kinds of bad poker players: Passive bad poker players and Aggressive bad poker players.

Passive Bad Poker Player

You can win a lot of money from Passive bad poker players by making better hands and betting strongly. Passive players do not like to fold and like to call a lot. As the name suggests, these players are very passive and refrain from betting a lot. Even if they do then they will usually have a hand. Avoid bluffing them as they might call you down with minimal holdings.

Aggressive Bad Poker Player

Aggressive bad poker players can fetch you more money than Passive players as they do a lot of senseless things in aggression. You should make a big call down when you see his/her value range is thin and bluff range is comparatively high. When aggressive, they do not have any idea of hand reading and hand ranges and be prepared to spot on. They will bet far too much without a hand and they will frequently check raise.

As we said, aggressive players are more profitable than passive players and they are rare to find. So, if you find one, then try to make as much benefit as you can from him. You need to slow your hands specifically with passive bad poker players. You can even consider playing slowly with aggressive players as they will keep bluffing on many turns and river.

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You might have heard about the difficulties faced by poker players such as bad beats, tilt, bankroll management and many other glitches. But the most uninformed problem faced by a poker player is a sleeping disorder. They face really troubling time to get a good sleep after a hard session. The sleeping disorder can drastically affect a game since it requires a lot of focus. Without focus, a player will make poor decisions which can cause him/her to lose money.

Poker drains your body and mental level and it is sometimes hard to forget poker beats especially after losing a game. However, you can improve this approach with practice as not thinking about money even after losing is a talent harnessed by Pros.

Losing money can take a toll on anybody and winning money can be venomous. The situation could be any and if you are facing sleeping problem from any of the states, this article is for you. Read on these tips to let the body chill out and relax.

Say NO to Medicines

Don’t ever get into the habit of sleeping pills as they will infect you slowly and steadily. It might relax you for some days but it will be an obsession after a few days which is evidently not a good thing.

Do Something Which You Like

Play piano if you like it or write something if you enjoy writing. The activity can be anything from reading the book to cooking your favorite dish, but doing that activity before sleeping will blow away all your troubles.

Avoid Big Meals

Whether it was winning or losing, many poker players binge on the heavy meal as soon as they are done with the poker online game which can really be a turn off for a good sleep. Your body would need a lot of time to burn away those calories causing you to lose sleep.


This is by far the most effective method to remove stress after the online poker game and helps focus better. Half an hour of meditation is enough to get a good sleep. You can watch online videos to know more about meditation techniques.

Don’t Go Directly to Bed

This is a common mistake made by poker players as they go directly to bed after playing a session. You need to give yourself a time after playing to calm down your thoughts and compose your brain.

Follow Bedtime Rituals

After a hefty poker session, take a warm bath while listening to soft music. Dim the lights hours before you go to bed.

If nothing works, watching Hannah Montana for 15 minutes would definitely work. After all, winning poker game is not just about how you play the game but more about a healthier way of life.

Position defines the order in which you act in a poker game. It becomes really significant in a no-limit Texas Hold’em than in pot-limit and fixed-limit games. You should always be aware of your position relative to the dealer button. A table position in poker is indeed making a difference between a winning a hand and losing a hand. Having a position in Texas Hold’em also refers to being last to act on the flop, turn or river. Also, you get to know the strength of your opponents by acting after them. With our upcoming PokerBaazi Premier League (PPL) season II, we bring you few guidelines on how Position in poker can value your online poker game and win you more money.

Early position or EP

It refers to the seat left to the big blind. In this, you will always be the first to act throughout the hand and first to act after the flop. You will be relying on your cards to win the pot and you might desist playing weak cards from these positions. It is considered as the least favorable.

Middle position or MP

It refers to the seats between EP and LP. You get to play a few more hands than EP. But do remember if all the players from EP fold, you will have to act first on each round.

Late position or LP

It refers to the seats nearest to the right of the button. It is considered as the most favorable as you will be one of the last to act on each round. At this position, you can go as easy as you want with the range of hands you play.

The Button

It is a position from where you can play as many hands as possible and you will be the last to act on every betting round except the flop. It is usually considered as the best seat in the hand.

The Blinds

It is considered as the least anticipated since a player is required to underwrite to the pot and must act on all betting rounds after the flop.

There are three options you have in poker which are raise, call and fold. You can stake any amount when you raise as long as it’s at least twice the preceding bet. You call that is to put in the same amount as the earlier bet if no one has raised. In fold, you throw away all your cards.


To win money in poker or to make a bigger pot, you should raise three to four times if your cards are worth playing. In this way, you can also make players with weak hands to fold.


If you do not have strong hands like pocket cards or ace-king or ace-queen and someone has raised in front of you, it becomes really important to call that time.

Raise or fold

You can consider the options of raise or fold if no one has raised as it will win you more hands by giving you more options after the flop.

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