Sep 19, 2019


BPT Main Event winner Punnet Dua speaks exclusively to PokerBaazi about winning Rs 8.5 Lacs, his preparation for BPT and poker experiences.

    • The BPT 25K Main Event is by far your biggest cash – what did it feel like to win such a massive tournament?

It was a great feeling to have every chip in the field with me after two days of play. All I want is to do the same, but "more" of it. More events more action.

    • What were your preparations like for BPT?

I played the online satties, cracked it for 3 events but the high roller. Watched videos, read blogs, carried a book and a pen to study my stats for my live tournament.

    • There were more than 200 entries for the tournament. What was the trail? Were you out to win it, or to try or just ladder up?

My objective was very clear from the beginning, to win a lot of money. Post the final table the objective was clear.

    • There were Pros like Paawan Bansal, Abhishek Panda, Maria Kirloskar and Nikita Luther etc. Come on, admit it, you were terrified, weren’t you?

Well, absolutely, amid a din, I believe I had the best of the field on my table adapting to the moves did take a lot of time and patience. It was a great learning experience for me. I learned a lot from DK's, Panda's and Kanishka's style of play, debated with them about various important hands. Archit Khandelwal also helped me striding the final table.

    • What are your plans in Poker for your future?

Play more. Tournament is indeed my preference over cash game. Looking forward to the next series at Goa to share my action with people who believes in me.

    • How did you make your first bankroll in poker?

Well, to be honest, that was a part of my salary and that’s been the case typically until this year before quitting my job last November to focus wholeheartedly on poker.

    • What was your biggest poker loss in one day?

I bubbled for WSOP main event satellite, I will consider that as my biggest loss. After going step by step it was the last step for two seats. The biggest cash game loss for me was 2 Lacs in a day.

    • Who is your favorite poker player and why?

Daniel Negreanu- His reads are spot on, and has that outgoing personality while playing poker.

    • What are your thoughts on BPT Tournament?

Crushed guarantees and great online backing. Winning the satties online indeed increased my ROI (return on investment). Jasveen, Navi, Ankit, Sanket were great hosts. They were personally involved in all goings-on and undeniably created a fabulous spectacle for the poker community.

    • How is your experience playing at PokerBaazi?

It’s been a steady journey so far for me, Omaha action is super loaded and crazy good for high stakes players.

    • How different live poker tournament is from online poker? Which is easier?

Well, this is an endless argument, I see online poker as a tool to play more hands per hour and play the same hands differently to know the best of the spots and positions. The practice and experience in online games can add skills to your live game and vice versa, but eventually to win a tournament you need to read souls sometime or the other.

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Started synchronously with 50K High Roller Event, the event brought 20 Lacs in guaranteed prize pool. Players began with a stack of 20,000 chips at a blind of 25/50 and a blind interval of 35 minutes. Late registrations were allowed up to the 4th level of the game. The tournament brought 94 entries in the beginning and notable players like Abhishek Panda, Vikram Kumar, Rajat Sharma, and Maria Kirloskar participated in it.

The numbers increased to whooping 175 in the next half hour, bunting it into a majestic feel. The thrill began when PokerBaazi pro took down the pot with a higher full house. Pro Maria Kirloskar and Jagsy Chahal got eliminated on level 6 and 7 respectively. The buzz escalated when Sanjay Taneja busted Amit and Siddharth Sighvi got eliminated. Sumanth was leading the chip count with 110,000 at level 9. Jasven Saigal got eliminated by Vineet Kumar, Sonu Singh got eliminated by Ratul, Kavish Kukreja got eliminated by Anup Palod and Krishna G eliminated by Eka.

The exhilaration reinforced with the proclamation of the prize pool which was whopping 43.5 Lacs, with the minimum cash prize of Rs 50,000. Kanishka Samant got eliminated by Arvind and Sanket doubled up to survive. 80 players were left to combat till level 13 with Niranjan leading the chips to 180,000. Vikram Kumar got eliminated by Nikita Luther and S P Behra got busted by Rajat Sharma. Nikita Luther was leading the top 50 players with 2,50,000.

Level 18 boosted up with the elimination of Tarun Goyal as popular TV actor Ujjawal Rana had him covered in stacks. Nikita Luther was still leading the remaining 28 players with a stack of 414000. The tournament was candied with top 24 players who were entitled to the cash prizes. Ujjwal Rana and Guruprasad Rana had a quick elimination at level 19. Ujjwal Rana placed 24th bagging Rs 50,000 and Guruprasad Gupta finished 23rd for the same prize money.

The next convolute had eliminations of Harjas Wadhwa, with an amount of Rs 50,000 and Pradeep Singh, by winning an amount of Rs 60,000. Simon Mint was leading the remaining players with a stack of 4,80,000. Farukh Shaikh and Manish Goenka had eliminations in the next level winning an amount of 60K and 70K respectively. Archit Khandelwal finished 17th for Rs 70,000 followed by the speedy eliminations of Varun Gulati, Jimmy Arora and Mukunda D. PokerBaazi Pro Abhishek Panda placed 13th for Rs 85,000; Girish Sahane placed 12th for Rs 1,00,000, Raj Talwar placed 11th for Rs 1 Lacs and Rashidullah placed 10th for Rs 3,20,000.

The final table was formed with 9 players, Sumanth Kumar was leading the table with a stack of 8,36,000. Rajat Sharma finished 9th for Rs 1.25 Lacs, Nikita Luther finished 8th for Rs 1.5 Lacs, Abhishek Jalan finished 8th for Rs 2 Lacs, Sumanth Finished 6th for Rs 2.6 Lacs and Revanth Finished 5th for Rs 3.4 Lacs. The final four players restructured the total prize money left for them encompassing Rs 10 Lacs for first prize, Rs 8.5 Lacs for the second prize, Rs 7.5 Lacs for the third prize and Rs 6.5 Lacs for the fourth player. Ankush was placed in the fourth place for Rs 6.5 Lacs. Simon Mint got the third spot by winning an amount of Rs 7.5 Lacs. Puneet Dua won the main event by winning an amount of Rs 8.5 Lacs adorned with the tourney trophy.

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The third day recommenced with the elimination of Arjun Dhingra, Kunal Kabba, Rakesh Reddy and PokerBaazi pro Paawan Bansal. 15 players got on-board in top 15 to compete for the final prize. The chip count of top 10 players was; Sridhar – 670,000, Vinod Megalmani- 570,000, Pranjal – 480,000, Kartik Ved – 410,000, Jasven Saigal – 380,000, Zeeshan – 350,000, Prateek Jain – 250,000, Kishore DP – 250,000, Shashank Desai – 220,000, Deepak Kempegowda – 182,000 and Prabhakaran Che – 159,000.

The first elimination in the top 15 was of Md. Rasidullah, who took home Rs 1,10,000. Kartik knocked off Clawin D’Souza in the level 21. He won Rs 1,10,000. Pratik Jain finished 13th for Rs 1,45,000 and Prabhakar Che finished 12th for Rs 1,45,000. Kanishka finished 11th for Rs 1,45,000. The thrill heightened with Jasven stacking up to 1.2 million. Deepak Kempegowda finished 10th for Rs 1.8 Lacs and Vinod Megalmani finished 9th for Rs 2,20,000.

Meanwhile, the main event of the third day for 25K began at 7 PM. Pranjal raised to 55,000 to which Kishore moved all-in and Pranjal called. Kishore finished 8th for Rs 2.2 Lacs and Zeeshan Finished 7th for Rs 2.9 Lacs. The excitement turned aesthetic with Jasven leading the table of 6 with 14,05,000. Sridhar finished 6th for Rs 3,65,000 and CV K Sam finished 5th for Rs 5,05,000. Jasven placed 4th in the tournament by winning Rs 6.5 Lacs and Kartik Ved finished 3rd with an amount of Rs 9,05,000.

The event stimulated to the winner moment with Heads up deal made between Shashank Desai and Pranjal Batra. Shashank Desai won the tournament by winning a whopping amount of Rs 14.5 Lacs and a high roller trophy. Pranjal Batra decided to go for 18.1 Lacs cash prize. The thrill is to be prolonged to capping today with a start of the final event of Baazi Poker Tour. Stay tuned for all the awesome updates of Baazi Poker Tour.

Action escalated to the apex of the second day at Deltin Royale Casino, Goa for the 50k Highroller event of Baazi Poker Tour. Played on 6-max tables, the tournament brought 15 Lacs in GTD prize pool. Shortly after an instigation, 64 players registered keeping the tune higher and better. The tournament began with an announcement of Shuffle Up & Deal by the tournament director Roshan Morajkar.

With few dawdling hops of event- Ronak decided to fold, Abhishek Jain decided to call, and elimination of Gaurav Didwania, the aura maintained its charisma with registration numbers intensifying to 105 in just one hour. Players also had an option to re-enter till the end of the 4th level. Sangeeth Mohan, leading out at 3000 got eliminated by PokerBaazi Pro Abhishek Panda.

The action seemed to be boundless with registration crossing over 129 amassed with an elimination of Danish Sheikh by Sanket Sangaria. Jatin made a bet of 550 from UTG+1 to which, Kanishk flats from the Small Blind. Jatin Kukreja stepped up magnificently in beating Kanishk Upreti with a higher flush. Pranav Desai opened with 625 and got 4 callers on the table – Phaninder, Sahil Agrwal, Farookh and Tarun.

Level 6 and 7 elicited some interesting shots with effects like Anup calling to shutdown, PokerBaazi pro Vikram decided to fold and elimination of Ankush by Vinod Megalmani. Rahul Melwani went all-in preflop with 25,475 and got a call from Archit. With a start of level 7, there were whopping 145 entries and 15 re-entries but the news just got majestic with an announcement of total prize pool, Rs 72.5 Lacs.

The ensuing ticks presented Harman Baweja, Actor and the enthusiastic poker player taking it down from Vinod Megalmani. Sanket who had a stack of 78,000 got eliminated with the beginning of level 10, Varun Gulati got eliminated by Kanishka Samant and Shashwat, Anirudh got eliminated from the same table. At the culmination of level 11, the number of players plunged to 58. The rewarding time enunciated with the prize pool of 72.5 Lacs, to be divided among the top 15 players. The epic continued with an elimination of Jaydeep Dawer, Jimmy Arora, Bharath and Vaibhav Sharma.

With confounding strides, the tournament field was down to 39 players at the end of 14th level. Next levels were stirred with the eliminations of Hemant Arora, Abhineet Jain, Rahul Melwani and Eka. As it is said, ‘The game is not over yet’ or ‘The best is yet to come’, 24 survivors of Day 2 will recapitulate the battle for High Roller Championship on Day 3. Stay tuned for something awesome!!

Kicked off with 100 preliminary entries to a whopping 230 entries for the 10K Freezeout event, Baazi Poker Tour was besieged with an astonishing poker extravaganza. Whether we talk on Bonanza or the Rainy weather, everything was in favour of players looking for treasured experience. Hundreds of Poker enthusiasts marked their presence to play in Baazi Poker Tour at Deltin Royale Casino, Goa.

The expedition started with the announcement of “Shuffle Up & Deal” by PokerBaazi Pro Vikram Kumar, the 10K Freezeout event for 7.5 Lacs in GTD prize pool, began at 7 PM. Players got started at a blind of 25/50 and a blind interval of 25 minutes. The event was decked up with notable pros from across the country, including PokerBaazi Pro Paawan Bansal, Abhishek Panda & Vikram Kumar, Jasven Saigal, Rajat Sharma, Pranay Kapoor, Maria Kirloskar, Kartik Ved, Sahil Chutani and Simon Mint.

The actions seemed to be unbounded with registration crossing over 200 amassed with elimination of Rajat Sharma, Shashank Desa and Nisha Sarin. Abhishek Kumar goes all-in preflop with his stack of over 8500 and gets called by Piyush, Vikram Kumar goes all-in preflop with a stack over 4000. 120 well-heeled players were left after the second break. The game started at blinds 600/1200/200.

The thrill rapt to pinnacle with elimination of Vikram Kumar and Sumit Sapra from the same table. Spartan Poker pro Sangeet Mohan moved all-in with 14,500 and got one caller on the table. With clock leading to zero hours, there were only 65 players left in the 10K Freezeout event. The major chip counts: Sidharth Sighvi – 67,000; Suren Gupta – 66,000; Jeeran Jain – 64,500; Bharat Jaiprakash – 63,000; Kartik Ved – 62,000.

Kartik opened with 4000 preflop which Bharat called to see the flop and after few hit-or-miss moves, Bharat got eliminated from the 10K Freezeout tournament. With confounding strides, the tournament field was down to 38 players at the end of 13th level. The fun escalated with the proclamation of the prize pool, which was a whopping 22.8 Lacs. The number of places paid were 24.

The first player to get eliminated was Sangeet Mohan in the 24 players’ watercourse, channelled to win cash prizes. He won 20,000. 11 players eliminated in the next half hour. The cash prizes were- Raghvendra R – Rs 25,000, Rajesh Patel – Rs 30,000, Shantanu Bharadwaj – Rs 30,000, Gaurav Didwani – Rs 30,000, Santosh Suvarna – Rs 35,000, Sameer Chaturvedi – Rs 35,000 and Deepak Kempegowda – Rs 35,000. Mandira finished 12th for Rs 44,000.

The 10K Freezeout event reached its final table of 9 players with Kalyan Chakravarty leading the final 9 with 4,29,000 chips. Jaydeep Dawar finished 9th for Rs 53,000 and Kanishk Upreti finished 8th for Rs 65,000. Alnoor who got doubled up, lost his stack to Vikas in this hand. He finished 7th by winning 85,000. Siddhrath Signhvi finished 6th for Rs 1,10,000, Nitesh Baliyan finished 5th for Rs 1,40,000 and Alpit placed 4th for Rs 1,90,000.

En masse, the showdown belonged to the top 3 players- Jiren, Kalyan and Vikas. Jiten got eliminated a while later winning Rs 2,55,000. Vikas and Kalyan were strode up for the tournament title and the prize money. Just 4 hands into the foremost upshot, Kalyan won the 10K Freezeout tournament bagging Rs 5.7 Lacs in top prize. Vikas gript the second spot by winning Rs 3.5 Lacs. As put down in Kalyan’s own words, it is his first major win in his intact poker career.

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