Feb 29, 2020


PPL Day 4 Sum Up

With ₹55 LAC on offer, the PokerBaazi Premier League (PPL) Day 4 played host to a massive field of more than 1900 entries once again. The guarantees were also crushed yet again thanks to our beloved Baazigars who are making such an achievement an everyday occurrence.

Here’s a quick recap of the PPL Day 4 events:

PPL#16 (5 LAC GTD)

Attracting a total of 254 unique entries, this ₹1000 buy-in event awarded the first-place title to online poker regular and frequent player on PokerBaazi- Vikranth “borntrouble” Varma. He went home with a payday of ₹1,00,500.

PPL#17 7-Max (5 LAC GTD)

Poker pro and a regular on PokerBaazi- Debashis “Alln” Bal shipped this ₹2500 buy-in tournament for a pay-cheque of ₹1,28,750. He has been around since one of the first editions of the PPL, back in 2017. Special shout out to him!


Attracting a total of 394 entries including 162 re-entries, this tourney concluded with online poker pro, Hemanth “bluffwentwrong” Motepalli, crushing the field. He went home with the first-place prize of ₹1,05,000.

PPL#19 The Bout 8-Max (25 LAC GTD)

Crushing the guaranteed prize pool with a massive player field of 549 entries, the event eventually offered a huge prize pool worth ₹27,45,000. Walking away with the biggest slice of that pie was DeepB “ChristopherCoke” Patel with ₹5,33,353!

PPL#20 8-Max (15 LAC GTD)

It was another online regular- Chirag “Olandir” Bhardwaj who took down the title for a payday of ₹3,45,217. He achieved this feat by outlasting a field of 458 players!

Tonight is the night of the final showdown for all the players who made it to Day 2 of The Endeavour (60 LAC GTD). Go set the felts on fire!

PPL Day 5 begins today at 4 PM with the highlight of the day being the 6-Max DST (20 LAC GTD) for a buy-in of ₹3750 + 375. Best of luck to all of you!

PPL Day 3 Sum Up

The action on the PPL felts is growing with each passing day. The third day of our tournament series – the PokerBaazi Premier League – witnessed a massive field of more than 2600 entries, crushing all the guarantees across the four events that took place!

Here’s a brief rundown of the events:

PPL #11 Flight 1A The Endeavour (60 LAC GTD)

Hosting a massive field of 681 players, the event sent forth 66 players to Day 2 from the starting flight. The chip leader in Flight 1A holds a stack of 371,563 chips. Let’s see who manages to give him competition on Day 2. 


This ₹2500 buy-in event witnessed an impressive turnout of 236 entries, including 116 re-entries. Such a massive field took the guarantee to a staggering ₹5,90,000! Taking home the biggest slice of the cake was poker player Mukesh “Guruuu” Surana, who won ₹1,38,827.

PPL #13 BSS SuperStack (30 LAC GTD)

Reaching a total of ₹36,90,000 after attracting an unreal player field of 738 entries, the BSS SuperStack was nothing short of a super spectacle! The tourney was shipped by Nadeem “SpadeHunter” Basha for a payday of ₹6,67,890.

PPL #14 BSS MegaStack (7 LAC GTD)

With a total of 325 entries, this event offered ₹812,500 as the guaranteed prize pool. Eventually, it was Sam “thereallokimon” Anand who took down the title for a pay-cheque of ₹1,79,481!

PPL #15 Flight 1B The Endeavour (60 LAC GTD)

The second flight of the tourney played host to a total of 634 entries, inflating the prize pool to a massive ₹65,75,000! Day 2 will be seeing 59 of them competing for the title.

Day 2 of the event will be rolling out on 24th September at 8 PM. All the best to all the qualifiers!

We extend our gratitude to all the participants who made PPL Day 3 a success. See you all tonight for Day 4 which will feature the mega event of the day – The Bout 8-Max (25 LAC GTD) at 8 PM for a buy-in of ₹5500.

PPL Day 1 Sum Up

With ₹50 LAC on offer on the first day itself, our marquee tournament series - the PokerBaazi Premier League - got off to a smashing start. Attracting more than 1900 entries, Day 1 concluded with several poker pros and new faces shipping the major events. Here’s a quick rundown of the action:


This ₹1000 buy-in tourney marked the beginning of the PPL and attracted a total of 309 unique entries. Eventually, Aayush “aces55” Kawar was shipped the event for a payday of ₹1,16,802. 


This event hosted a total of 396 entries including 186 re-entries. Several of the ‘who’s who’ of the Indian poker circuit were in attendance, with pro Aman “alwaysriver” Kejriwal eventually placing first for a payday of ₹63,000.


Hosting a massive field of 547 entries, this ₹2500 buy-in tourney took more than 5 hours to finish! Towards the end, it was poker player Yuvraj “ThePredator” Singh who took home the bacon for a massive pay-cheque of ₹2,65,705.

PPL #4 Road to BPT (95K Pkg for Top 21)

The gateway to India’s biggest live poker event, the Baazi Poker Tour (9th – 14th Oct) witnessed a total of 210 players. After 3.5 hours of tough competition, the event announced the top 21 players who won a Baazi Poker Tour package worth ₹95,000.

Here’s a complete list of the qualifying players:

  1. Akshay “sherlock52” Nasa
  2. Pranav “pranav.bang1” Bang
  3. Rohit “Chubby Ghost” Begwani
  4. Sam “thereallokimon” Anand
  5. Rubin “kornkid” Labroo
  6. Vipul “Hugsy” Tiwari
  7. Neeraj “SelfClaimedPro” Kumar
  8. Faiz “AilaGaya” Alam
  9. Gaurav “Buzzgaurav” Sharma
  10. Gautam “M8a7” Rohilla
  11. DeepB “ChristopherCoke” Patel
  12. Dinesh “Daddu26” Pilkhwal
  13. Nehal Kumar “dybalamask” Agarwal
  14. Archana “turntable” Saluja
  15. Aman “alwayriver” Kejriwal
  16. Akanksha “Maciza” Singh
  17. Samit “Superkid7777” Mehta
  18. Bachchan Singh “Bacchapro” MEENA
  19. Nishant “nishant177” Sharma
  20. Kanchan “kanchansharma” Sharma
  21. Vinay “vinay09” Rajpal


This event marked the end of the first day of the series. Outshining a field of 464 entries was poker player Ragesh a.k.a. “ragesh91”,  who walked away with the first place prize of ₹2,79,792.

It’s been a great first day and we’re grateful for your participation. Be sure not to miss today’s big event  – The ValueTown (15 LAC GTD) – hosted tonight at 8 PM. See you all at the PPL felts. All the best!

India’s biggest live poker event - Baazi Poker Tour (9th – 14th Oct)- is almost here!. Hosted by PokerBaazi LIVE, the poker tour promises to be the grandest of them all. Currently hosting several cash festivals, the PokerBaazi LIVE room is steadily becoming the go to destination for live poker action in Goa!

A twist in the BPT tale: 27 Seats GTD & 7 Travel Packages!

Goa and poker are already a deadly combination and we are adding our trademark Baazi hospitality to make it the best!

To further spice up this exciting gaming arrangement, we have increased the number of guaranteed seats from 4 to 27 for satellites to the Main Event (2 Cr GTD) and 2 to 7 BPT Packages per week - now that’s something unmissable!

Check out the new satellite's schedule here:





Every Day

(RE-Satty) BPT – 15K Buyin Kick-Off Event


Step1 (Satty) BPT - 15K Buyin Kick-Off Event

4:00 PM



1 PM, 2 PM, 3 PM

1000 + 100



50 + 5


(Re Satty) BPT 130K Package


(Satty) BPT 130K Package

9:30 PM



3-8 PM Every Hour

5000 + 500



250 + 25


(Satty) BPT – 50K Main Event (1A Online)


(Satty) Step1 BPT – 50K Main Event (1A Online)

8:30 PM 



3 – 7 PM


500 + 50



50 + 5

Every Thursday

(5 Seats GTD RE Satty) BPT – 50K Main Event (1A Online)


(Satty) Step1 BPT – 50K Main Event (1A Online 5 Seat GTD)

9:30 PM




4 – 8 PM

2500 + 250




250 + 25

Every Sunday

(10 Seats GTD RE Satty) BPT – 50K Main Event (1B/C/D)


(Satty) Step1 BPT – 50K Main Event (1B/C/D 10 Seat GTD)

9:30 PM




4 – 8 PM

5000 + 500




500 + 50

Every Thursday

(Satty) BPT - 100K HighRoller


(Satty) Step1 BPT – 100K HighRoller

8:30 PM



3 – 7 PM

1500 + 150



150 + 15

Every Sunday

(2 Seats GTD RE Satty) BPT 130K Package


(Satty) Step 1 BPT 130K Package – 2 Seats GTD

8:30 PM



3 – 7 PM

5000 + 500



500 + 50


Go hit the felts hard and book your seats to the BPT 2019. Wishing you all the best!


The PokerBaazi Premier League (PPL), our marquee tournament series has been known to offer unmatched online poker action. Our PPL Special Edition in April this year added another facet to the game as we pledged to #PlayForACause. We collaborated with a non-profit NGO – KHUSHII that works towards empowering women and we pledged to sponsor the education of 40 young girls.

The PPL (21 – 28 April) boasted a guarantee of INR 5 Crore across 8 days featuring 38 events. The Main Event – The MoneyMaker (1 Cr GTD) was shipped by Raman Gujral a.k.a. the godfather of Indian poker. Other eye-catchers included The Endeavour (60 LAC GTD), which was taken down by online poker pro – Kanav Parwal and Anjali Kochhar earned the HighRoller (50 LAC GTD) title!

We were elated to receive warm replies from our Baazigars as together, we raised funds for the cause. We are immensely thankful to every participant for helping us make PPL SE a huge success.

This time around, we are gearing up to boost the numbers like never before. The PPL now promises a massive guarantee of INR 7 Crore. So come #UpTheStakes this PPL. Look out for the HighRoller, now boasting a guarantee of INR 70 LAC, the multi-day tournament - The Endeavour (60 LAC GTD) and the grandest of them all, The MoneyMaker (1 Cr GTD).

The highway to the PPL (7 Cr GTD)

  • Join satellites that are running every day for as low as INR 40 to win tickets to various PPL events.
  • Use our deposit codes and avail a direct entry to the PPL majors.
  • Want to go straight to the Main Event? Well, that’s easy. Reach Level 13 on Baazi Rewards and claim a ticket to The MoneyMaker!

The action has been amplified with the increased numbers. It’s time to #UpTheStakes.

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