Nov 18, 2018


Donald Trump and Kim Jong

Kim Jong-un yesterday signed a peace treaty with the US after President Donald Trump gifted him a Satellite ticket worth INR 20 to’s famous tournament- MoneyMaker.

After months of escalating tensions between the two nations, the North Korean supremo Kim Jong-un flew last evening to Washington, DC to meet his US counterpart Donald Trump. The two leaders discussed matters related to world peace and also signed a peace agreement. This peace agreement, they told the press, “was a milestone in fostering peace and harmony between Asian and the American continents.”
We have an inside story of how this seemingly impossible development happened overnight.

We have come to know that Donald Trump and King Jong-un were invited by Russian President for a game of online poker on This website ranks as the most trusted online poker website in India, a country that runs a close ally to both Russia and the US.

This online game of poker had started off at 12 pm PYT (Pyongyang Time) in the North Korean capital and ended after a marathon four-hour long pursuit, in which Kim Jong-un was finally defeated after Trump’s Straight Flush of Hearts ripped through the North Korean leader’s Two Pair of Sixes and Sevens.

This historical game concluded with Donald Trump gifting a Satellite ticket worth INR 20 for PokerBaazi’s grand tournament called MoneyMaker (that starts on 22nd July 2018) to his counterpart. Jong-un expressed that he was “indeed very positive of winning” the Satellite tournament and the MoneyMaker grand event this year.

The North Korean leader later took a historical flight to Washington, DC a few hours after the game. The national leaders signed a Memorandum of Peace for stability in Asian and American regions. The US has lifted-off its decades-old sanctions with immediate effect and North Korea has responded in kind measure by putting an end to its nuclear missile program.

We hope that this peace treaty makes up for the tensions that the Asians and American regions were embroiled with over last few decades. As the two countries cool off, we put up a poker face and move on to collect our next fake news!


PPL Summer'18 Edition- Day7

Last night saw the conclusion of the PokerBaazi Premier League Summer’18 Edition and witnessed Delhi based poker ace Rubin “kornkid” Labroo take down the biggest online event till date! A prominent name in the Indian poker circuit, “kornkid” found his way to the top of the table in the PPL Summer’18 MAIN EVENT and won himself a surreal payday of INR 35,41,950!!!

“Quite honestly I can’t believe it! A win of this magnitude will surely take a while to digest!” said the ecstatic poker pro.

Yesterday also saw Events 29 – 34 of the PPL being played out and the conclusion to yet another action-packed Edition of the popular tournament series. Here’s a look at what went down:

Event 29: 1.5 LAC GTD (RE)

Day 7 kicked off with a 1.5 LAC GTD re-entry event which roped in a field of 173 players and an additional 221 re-entries. “Hai_toh_hai” took first place and received a payday of INR 39,400, while “gettingthere” finished runner-up for INR 29,550.

Event 30: 3 LAC GTD Deepstack Turbo (RE)

Next up was a 3 LAC GTD Deepstack Turbo event which attracted a field of 218 with an additional 218 rebuys. The total prize pool eventually stood at INR 4.36 LAC and it was “Akawildcard” who took down the event for a payday of INR 85,020 while “pokerguruj” finished second for INR 63,220.


This one was simply special. The prize pool shot over the guaranteed INR 1 CRORE by 39 LAC, making it the biggest online event recorded till date! 563 players put up an initial buy-in fee of INR 16,500 including 363 re-entries. The top 63 players were paid out and as expected, this event saw some of the biggest names in Indian poker clashing swords. “kornkid” was the last man standing and put up a brilliant show on the felts, received a whopping payday of INR 35,41,950! “youngistan” finished the event in second place and received a beefy payday of INR 20,14,050.

Event 32: 20 LAC GTD Event (5 RE)

Another biggie of the day, this event boasted a guaranteed prize pool of INR 20 LAC, which climbed to a total of 24.9 LAC after the 199 entries and 133 re-entries. “mikkudiv” won the event for a handsome payday of INR 4,98,000 while “Dstar” who has had an incredible PPL took second place for INR 3,67,275.

Event 33: 5 LAC GTD FreezeOut

This FreezeOut event saw 207 players take to the felts and an eventual prize pool of INR 6.21 LAC. “Versutus” won the event for INR 1,21,095,defeating “AilaGaya” heads up. The latter received INR 90,045 for his efforts.

 Event 34: 2 LAC GTD Time Bomb (60 mins)

The final event of the Day and series was a Time Bomb event which roped in 113 players. There were eventually 13 players left after the 60 minute window with “Vivek25” finishing on top of the field for INR 45,765. Second place was taken by “Dstar”, who won INR 21,153.

Congratulations to all the winners!

The conclusion of the PPL Summer’18 Edition also wraps up the final standing on the Leaderboard and Fantasy Teams.

“Hitler” put up a stellar performance on the last day of the PPL and manages to inch ahead of “SelfClaimedPro” just as the doors were closing. He finishes on top of the Leaderboard with a total of 16 cashes and 3248 points – Making him the proud Winner of TLB in back-to-back Editions of the PPL’18 and a prize amount of INR 3,00,000. Congratulations!

Meanwhile, the PPL Fantasy Team Leaderboard was won by “SelfClaimedPro” and his team “SastMasti”. They finish the PPL with a total of 13,194 points and receive a reward of 1,00,000 Baazi Coins. would like to thank each and every Baazigar for their support and participation throughout the duration of the PPL, and as always, we will see you next time- and we will be bigger and better! Meanwhile, get ready for The MoneyMaker! The 1 Crore GTD event has been scheduled for July 22, 6PM. You don’t want to miss this one!


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PPL Summer'18 Edition- Day6


With yet another action packed day on the felts, Day 6 of the PokerBaazi Premier League concluded yesterday with Neeraj “SelfClaimedPro” Kumar continuing to lead the way. 

 Here’s a look at the action from Events 25-28.

 Event 25: 2 LAC GTD Deepstack Turbo (RE)

 We kicked off with a 2 LAC GTD turbo event which roped in 239 entrants along with 231 re-entries. The total prize pool eventually stood at INR 3.52 LAC, and it was “JDBhaiya” who shipped the event for a payday of INR 67,856, while “Dougpolk” finished in second place earning INR 50,231.

 Event 26: 2 LAC GTD Time Bomb (60 min)

 Next up was a time bomb event with a guarantee of INR 2 LAC and a window of 60 minutes. “Sajjan0007” won the event for INR 79,870 followed by “intervntion” who chased for INR 38,587.

 Event 27: 15 LAC GTD Main Event Warm-up (RE)

 The featured event of the day was the main event warm up which eventually boasted INR 20.75 LAC in prize pool. 205 players took part in the event along with an additional 210 re-entries. It was eventually “Dstar” who won the event, earning a healthy payday of INR 4,04,625. “Sagarpupul” finished in second place for INR 3,00,875.

 Event 28: 5 LAC GTD 6-max turbo

 The final event of the day, this 5 LAC GTD 6-max turbo event attracted a field of 155, along with 150 re-entries. Coming out on top of the field was “ketchup” who received INR 1,54,406, while runner-up “Ikivey” cashed for INR 1,16,282.

 Congratulations to all the winners of Day 6!

The final day of the PPL Summer’18 Edition kicks off at 4pm and features the 1 crore GTD Main event scheduled for 7pm.

Find complete standings here:


Fantasy League:

Good luck Baazigars!!

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PPL Summer'18 Edition- Day5


Neeraj “SelfClaimedPro” Kumar is on a roll! The tourney regular has managed to stay in front for the third consecutive day! Now that’s some pretty impressive stuff! Neeraj currently has 2750 Points on the Leaderboard, which include 13 cashes and 1 win. His Fantasy Team “SastiMasti” has regained the lead too, and with only 2 days to go, he seems to have made his intentions pretty clear!

Yesterday saw Events 21-24 being played out on The Day also included the 50 LAC GTD Highroller Event – a biggie that lots of players had been eagerly awaiting. Let’s take a look at how the day unfolded:


Event 21: 1.5 LAC GTD (6-max RE)

The day kicked off with a 1.5 LAC GTD 6-max re-entry event which roped in a field of 181 players who used another 272 re-entries, taking the total prize pool up to INR 2.27 LAC. The top 31 players were paid out and it was “Ankit420” who won the event for INR 45, 400. Runner up in the event was “SelfClaimedPro”, who received INR 33,482 for his finish.

Event 22: 5 LAC GTD (RE)

Next up was a 5 LAC GTD re-entry event with a buy in of INR 2750. 165 players took part in the event along with 130 re-entries, pushing the total prize pool up to INR 7.37 LAC. Finishing on top of the field was player “Razorfish”, who defeated “Ellis_Dee” heads up for payday of INR 1,47,500. The latter received INR 1,10,625 for his efforts.

Event 23: 50 LAC GTD HighRoller (RE)

Day 5 featured a 50 LAC GTD HighRoller event which is also one of the bigger events of the complete series. 156 players each put up the initial buy-in fee of INR 27,500, and along with an additional 77 re-entries we saw the prize pool eventually climb up to INR 58.25 LAC. After over 8 hours, we found poker professionals and good friends “JasvenSaigal” and “FishStars” Heads up, battling it out for the title and a massive payday of INR 11,79,562. It was eventually Jasven who managed to take it down, while “FishStars” received a hefty second place prize amount of INR 8,88,312.

Event 25: 10 LAC GTD (RE)

The Last event of the evening was a 10 LAC GTD re-entry event which attracted a field of 218. With an additional 173 re-entries used, the total prize pool sat at INR 15.64 LAC. “abhi3333” continues his good run in the series and took down this event for a payday of INR 3,04,980, while tournament crusher “griezmann” finished second earning a payday of INR 2,26,780.

Congratulations to all the Winners of Day 5!

Day 6 kicks off at 5pm today and will be featured by a 15 LAC GTD Main Event Warm-up, scheduled for 8:00 PM.

Complete Leaderboard Standings can be found here:

PPL Summer’18:

PPL Summer’18 Fantasy:

Good luck Baazigars!!!

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PPL Summer'18 Edition- Day4


For the second consecutive day, Neeraj “SelfClaimedPro” Kumar leads the way in the 2018 PPL Summer Edition Leaderboard. A true grinder, Neeraj secured 3 cashes yesterday, keeping him at the top with a total of 11 cashes and 2242 points. Meanwhile, the Fantasy League Leaderboard saw Team “thehungrykids” inch ahead and take the lead with 589 points moving into Day 5.

 Yesterday saw the completion of Events 16 to 20. Here’s a look at how the action unfolded:

Event 16: 2 LAC GTD (Deepstack Turbo RE)

Day 4 of the PPL Summer’18 Edition began with a 2 LAC GTD Deepstack Turbo Re-entry event. 184 players were up and ready for the Day’s grind and they used an additional 210 re-entries, taking the prize-pool up to INR 3.9 LAC. “shanni” took pole position for a score of INR 78,800, while “M8a7” took second place for INR 58,115.

Event 17: 1 LAC GTD (6-max RE)

Next up was a 1 LAC GTD re-entry event, which attracted a field of 172 (290 REs). The prize-pool finally stood at INR 2.3 LAC, with the top 27 players making it to the money. “sherlock52” won the event for INR 46,200, while “Emperor457” took second place (INR 34,650).

Event 18: 1 LAC GTD Time Bomb (60 mins)

This 1 LAC GTD Time Bomb event had a window of 60 minutes in which players could either ladder up and survive or go bust and live to fight another day, and attracted a field of 122. 16 players finally made it through, led by “abhishek081190” who received INR 19,263. Finishing slightly behind him in second place was “Vivek25”, who received INR 15,530 for his efforts.

Event 19: 20 LAC GTD The Summit (RE)

The featured event of the evening, this tournament guaranteed INR 20 LAC in prize-pool, which was nothing compared to the INR 32.9 LAC that it finally stood at. The event roped in a field of 228 players who utilized 211 re-entries. The top 39 players were paid out and it was eventually “zxvuclip” who took it down for a whopping payday INR 6,33,806. PokerBaazi Team Pro Abhishek Panda finished in second place, earning a healthy reward of INR 4,69,181.

Event 20: 25 LAC GTD PLO Highroller (RE)

The biggie of the evening, this one attracted some of the biggest names in the country and saw the prize-pool eventually climb to INR 31.3 LAC. 161 players took part in the event with another 152 Re-entries adding to the total pool. The top 26 players were paid out and the last man standing was “abhishek081190”, who received a mammoth payday of INR 6,33,825. Finishing in second place was “NaNki” who received INR 4,77,325 for his impressive performance.

Congratulations to all the Winners of Day 4!

We kick off Day 5 at 5:30 PM with a line-up of 4 events. Be sure to check out the Featured Event of the Day, the 50 LAC GTD HighRoller Event scheduled for 8:00 PM.

Complete Leaderboard Standings:

PPL Fantasy League Standings:

Good luck for Day 5 Baazigars!!!

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