Apr 09, 2020


Everyone strives towards moving up the ladder in life. Similar to a game of real money poker where newbies make their way up to amateurs playing small stakes and so on. If you are reading this article, take a breather and pat yourself on the back for coming this far. Scaling stakes are not easy in poker and if you are considering playing a mid stakes poker tournament, you need to be equipped with a new arsenal of weapons.

A gentle reminder: PokerBaazi.com has announced the launch of the PokerBaazi Monthly Value Series (PMVS) Special Edition with enhanced prize pools, multi-flight tournaments and exciting Leaderboard prizes from 1st-5th April, 2020 for buy-ins that bring you more value than ever. Check on the bottom to know more.

It’s no fooling around with this one. So, if you are considering contesting your skills in this upcoming value addition mid stakes tournament series, here’s a quick overview of the classification of poker games based on their stakes/blind levels for a decisive start. 

For starters, remember, at each blind level, the game is different from the strategies deployed to the type of players on your table to even the wager size. So today, we equip you with the right weapons to destroy the mid stakes poker field.

Mid stakes Poker Game

Weapon No.1 – Level 3 thinking on!

You’ve probably enjoyed your beginning games with Level 0 (no thinking). Added some real money when you got good at it and moved onto Level 1 (What do I have?). Then, you realized as you dabbled with small stakes games, in order to stay alive, you need Level 2 (What do they have) thinking.

After spending much time at the felts, you’ve graduated well to play a few mid stake poker games today and concluded that your current poker game requires Level 3 thinking (What do they think I have). This is the very basic mind set from which you need to operate to not be eaten alive by the mid stake sharks.

Weapon No.2 – Adapting your hand range

We all know the importance of building a hand range in a game of poker. In mid stakes poker tournaments, you can’t just stay fixated with your hand range. The range needs to evolve to take into account the dynamic changes on your table.

Weapon No.3 – Understanding who you are up against

Being aware of the skill level of your opponents is crucial when you play mid stakes poker tournaments. When you move from dealing with casual players in small stakes games to playing against pros in mid stakes poker tournaments, the change can be intimidating.

This also re-emphasises weapon no.1 for you since pros are better at putting you on a hand range unlike in small stake games. Your opponents are certainly better hand readers and therefore, you have to play lines that cover your hand. Level 3 thinking folks!

Weapon No.4 – It’s all about sizing those bets

In mid stakes poker tournaments, professional players are well aware of being exploited and you can see everyone trying to optimize their bet size. Mid stakes poker games are all about the 3x raises even when they are aware a 2.5x or a min-raise can get them the same result.

Weapon No.5 – It’s all in the code

Professional poker players are certainly using poker software to better their games. Trackers or HUDs allow you to get information about not just your opponents but yourself too! The calculators then help figure out what the trackers spew out. This is also a great way for you to spot your own games and fix those leaks.

Weapon No.6 – Seek a Mentor/Coach

Mid stakes poker tournaments are where you can see recreational poker players turn their hobby into a decent living. So, if you are serious and mean business, coaching is probably the fastest way to ace these stakes. You might have to eat into your bankroll for this, however, in the long run it’s certainly worth the ROI.

Weapon no.7 – Burn that midnight oil!

Yup, it's back to school with those poker books. At this level of gameplay, you ought to be rummaging through all the poker material you got. Be it reading a book or watching a video or a one on one with your mentor, you have to study to stay alive. Also, check if you know:

  1. You are applying what you study?
  2. How do you apply the concepts you’ve studied, if you are at all?
  3. How do you ensure these concepts stick in the long run?

Which Mid Stakes Poker Tournament to Go for This Month?

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, wondering how to get the money flowing? Consider the PokerBaazi Monthly Value Series (PMVS) Special Edition (1st-5th April)! Spread across a time span of just 5 days, you can play multiple poker tournaments for buy-ins that hit the right spots starting from just INR 500!

Amidst the pandemic crisis that’s slowly leading the world towards a global economic meltdown, PokerBaazi offers you an excellent opportunity to increase your returns at the felts with enhanced guarantees of the PMVS Special Edition 2.1Crore+ GTD and stellar Leaderboard prizes worth 5LAC!

So, with plenty of action for mid stakes acers like you, max your investments up to 200 times by unleashing those weapons we discussed today on the poker felts this April.

Pot Limit Omaha, colloquially known as Omaha or PLO in the poker community, is another great variant of the skill based mind game of poker. While Texas Hold’em and Omaha have certain basic similarities, the brothers from the same mother have their differences too. Omaha further sprouts variants of its own, however, today we shall focus on 4 Card Pot Limit Omaha.

In case, you still need help understanding the basic structure of a 4 card PLO game, we’ve got you covered:

How to Play Pot Limit Omaha

With the basics in place, it’s time to scratch those grey cells and sharpen those Omaha poker skills. For all those wondering, playing Omaha on PokerBaazi this month can be equally rewarding.

Introducing PokerBaazi’s 4 Card PLO Cash Drive 2.0

PokerBaazi is currently running 4 Card PLO Cash Drive 2.0 from 14th March-13th April, 2020. Play any 4 card PLO cash game on the app and you will get 1.5X Baazi Reward Points for every hand played after completing 100 hands daily on PokerBaazi!

All the hard work and sweat put into the first 100 hands don’t go unrewarded either because you have 1X Baazi Reward Point for each hand credited straight to your account. Now, you know why you need to brush up on those skills and cash in on your Reward Points because these Reward points are your gateway to unlocking some stunning Baazi Rewards on PokerBaazi.

So, this March, these tips with the right number of clicks can ship some of those awesome prizes your way!

  1. Know what to play

Whether it’s raising or folding, the structure of a PLO game requires you to pay close attention to the cards that make up your starting hand. It’s always good to have a healthy mix of:

  1. High cards > low cards
  2. Connectors JT98 > QT89
  3. Suits: At least one suit K high to A high (without blocking your own chances of hitting that flush)
  1. Respect position

Acting last certainly helps you define your opponent’s range better because in a game of PLO, it’s hard to make hands. The position certainly helps you in a heads-up pot when you check and it gets easier for you to wager and take it down.

  1. Folding makes you money in PLO!

A game of PLO has you calling pre-flop and the flop with a probability of that big hand. In a game of Hold’em, you might just hold good, but in 4 Card Pot Limit Omaha, it might not be a great hand. For example: You have Kh Qc 5h 7s flush draw + gutty on a Jh 4h 8c flop. When you do win, you win a small pot but chances are when you play a big pot, you will very often run into a bigger draw and or just draw dead. So, when you wager in 4 Card PLO, you always want to place a wager when you believe you can get your opponent to either call with a worse hand or lay down a better one.

  1. Money Management is crucial

In a game of Hold’em, a cushioning of 50-100 buy-in bankroll might suffice since the variances are a lot lower. However, in 4 Card Pot Limit Omaha, you need a lot more cushioning considering hand equities are much closer. It’s good to have a daily 5 buy-in stop loss for PLO, remember a bad day and a bad mind frame can be detrimental here.

Enjoy the power of the click this March with some action-packed 4 Card Pot Limit Omaha cash games on PokerBaazi! These lessons are sure to reap you some great rewards!

PokerBaazi’s EndBoss tournament is all set to take over the felts from 15th to 19th April, 2020. The INR5 Crore guaranteed prize pool has certainly set the record for the biggest ever tourney in Indian Online Poker!

And with satellites beginning at just INR 20, this multi-flight online poker tournament has definitely got the poker community talking! This unprecedented tournament offers you a standalone chance to finish with that up-top INR 1 Crore guarantee by securing a spot on the final table in Day 2! 

It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity that offers guaranteed returns even the markets so far haven’t seen. A 1000x return on that INR10,000 direct entry should definitely get you flipping bananas. And if the direct entry seems a little too tough on your pocket, don’t forget to check the multiple satellites that guarantees you a direct registration to the EndBoss with plenty of contests running on out social media handles.

That’s shake-worthy news right there folks! We’ve got your grooves covered too, just check out our bass dropping, heart thumping EndBoss soundtrack.

Now, if that hasn’t got you slamming that register button, we leave you with more reasons to play poker’s most awaited tournament of the season!

So, eat right, sleep tight and get ready to set the online poker felts on fire this coming month of April. A single time opportunity to bring your game on in the comfort of your home, the EndBoss might just change your life forever!

Be it someone’s first real money game of poker or a recreational player turned amateur’s 100th game or even a professional players’ sunday funday kind of game; small stakes online poker tournaments draw out their seats for all. That’s what makes these tournaments perhaps the most fun of the lot.

It is every poker player's dream to convert that frugal buy-in into a handsome payday. Step one is to accept that the huge field will attract recreational players by the dozen. Considering the mix of players on the table, your standard of play will need to be tweaked and not lowered as meandering these goliath fields cannot be dismissed as easy.

So, young David, let’s learn to enjoy these small-stakes poker tournaments and not pass on the earning potential of it.

Pre-Game Prep: Small Stakes Online Poker

key tips for small stakes poker

Lesson 1: The patience for a long grind

Small stakes real money poker tournaments attract players from across different skill levels. This naturally implicates larger field size and longer grind hours. It’s good to prepare yourself mentally before registering for these tournaments. Make sure you have time in hand and the patience it demands when you sit on these tables.

Lesson 2: Game Selection

If you need to maximize a low stakes poker game with a limited skillset, then the game selection is crucial. Take out some time to understand what kind of game would suit your skills the best. Also, scan your opponents on the table and avoid the ones thronged by pros.

Lesson 3: Study your Structures

Most small stakes poker tournaments run using a turbo structure. Considering the ginormous field size, it is obvious that the starting stack is on the smaller side and the blind levels increase at a shorter frequency of 15-20 minutes. Why does this matter? In a game of small stakes poker, skipping certain blind levels can be detrimental to your stack which means your effective stack size shrinks with the massive blind jumps.

Studying blind structures is often the most ignored part of poker education. We consider it an essential poker skill for small stakes poker tournament players who can use it to plan ahead and play according to how shallow or deep their stacks will be.

Lesson 4: Cushion your Bankroll

As much as poker players believe that low stakes poker is not prone to swings, it’s a myth you need to bust right now. The variance in these games are huge due to the sheer size of the field. In addition, since there are several recreational players on board, chances are your raises and all-ins are getting called often and your outcomes become unpredictable. So do ensure you have a comfortable bankroll before you register for one.

Game Prep

Lesson 5: Know who you are up against

If you’ve fiddled on the felts a bit, by now you know the importance of observing your opponents. Since low stakes poker games attract all kind of players, it’s important to keep your eye on:

  1. Which players are opening several times in a hand?
  1. The playing style and the opening hand range
  1. Their continuation wagering tendencies
  1. The cards exposed during a showdown

Lesson 6: Keep it basic

Small stakes poker games are most often played with Level 1 thinking, i.e opponents are only concerned with the hands they have. Don’t sit on these felts hoping to test some complex strategies because you are setting yourself up for an eventual tilt. Playing some technically sound basic poker is the way to go in small stakes poker tournaments. Be aware of your position, memorize hand rankings, value bet your main hands and most importantly, fold when you have to.

Lesson 7: Keep the ‘balanced style’ for higher stakes

While playing poker with a balanced style is crucial as you rise up in stakes, you don’t have to be worried about giving away your wagering patterns in low stakes poker tournaments. Since the average field includes recreational players, level 3 thinking (what does my opponent think I have) is pretty much ineffective. Most of your opponents are only concerned about playing their hands, so unless you face a pro, don’t bother with a balanced style of play.

PokerBaazi Grinders Series March Edition

Talk about small stakes poker tournaments, we have one that’s tailor made for you. Register now for the PokerBaazi Grinders Series, a monthly low stakes poker tournament series that will certainly give your bankroll the much needed boost with a 40 Lakh guarantee.

With over 35 poker tournaments spread across seven days from 16th-22nd March, 2020, your game selection cannot be an excuse now! What’s more rewarding is the Leaderboard of the Baazi Grinders series features an additional combined pool of more than 3LAC all up for grabs!

So, are you ready to be the next David in a Goliath field of small stakes poker? Let the battles begin!

The COVID-19 pandemic has stirred a global reaction from all key industries across the world. Among other sporting authorities such as the NBA, NHL and our very own IPL calling off their events or delaying it until further notice, the poker industry is also falling in line and cancelling their live tournaments in various live poker rooms. PokerBaazi too is taking necessary steps to curb the spread of this novel virus while keeping the game alive on its online poker room for everyone, but more on that later.

The severity of the situation is to not be underestimated and reiterating just that is professional poker player, Daniel Negreanu aka ‘Kid Poker’ who chose to take to twitter saying: 

IMG SRC: https://mobile.twitter.com/RealKidPoker/status/1237918602335928320

The poker pro has also avoided crowded places and stayed in to prevent catching the virus. While live poker rooms are doing their bit since the outbreak by washing game chips, swapping out cards at least once a day and sanitizing the felts, the environment still remains uncontrollable with the number of people gathering day in and day out.

Recently, the US witnessed the cancellation of its first poker tournament, World Poker Tour Deepstacks Main Event that was scheduled to be hosted live in Maryland this March. The poker world is also taking their wagers on the goliath of poker tournaments, the World Series of Poker, being rescheduled as well. However, the WSOP is yet to release an official statement and are currently closely tracking the development of the COVID-19.

Moving to the Indian subcontinent, there has also been a slew of alterations to live poker tournaments. The state governments are calling for a stop on public gatherings of more than 20 people including live poker rooms, movie halls and theatres that shall remain shut indefinitely. In the light of exponential unfurling of the COVID-19 pandemic, PokerBaazi Live has postponed its live tournaments aboard the Casino Pride II in Goa this season. The PokerBaazi Premier League’s HighRoller and MoneyMaker final tables which were slated to be played live on the 13th and 14th of April, 2020 were eventually conducted online on the same dates. The same goes for the National Poker Series (NPS) 2020, India’s biggest ever poker tournament where winners were guaranteed great opportunities to play live in Las Vegas, now stands postponed as the pandemic plagued the air.

In the wake of this pandemic, it’s important for us to prevent the spread of COVID-19 by firstly being aware. So, all you educated poker folks, check your facts and don’t become a victim of the fake news pandemic instead!

Follow these basic recommendations listed by the World Health Organization:

  • Wash your hands regularly
  • Cover your nose and mouth while sneezing and coughing
  • Avoid close contact with anyone showing symptoms of a respiratory illness such as coughing and sneezing

Worrying How to Make up Those Live Poker Games?

The good news is that PokerBaazi still has some mega online poker opportunities for poker players nationwide to ease your nerves amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. The prime of all being the EndBoss (5Cr GTD) that are set to be hosted online from 15th-19th April, 2020. It is a rare one-time opportunity for poker players to enjoy incredible value for great buy-ins.

Players can also enjoy ceaseless online poker action every day at prime time on the virtual felts of PokerBaazi, here’s a look at the action:





     The Bout           

             Every Monday



    The Endeavour

Every Tuesday   



The Pride

Every Wednesday



The Summit

Every Thursday 




Every Friday      



                Value Town

Every Saturday 




The word to take home tonight is to just stay in and ease the tension by playing online poker at the comfort of your home. With the chips taken off the felts of live poker rooms for no fixed period of time, we suggest you keep your spirits high by enjoying a few online poker games today. Meanwhile, stay safe.

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