Jul 20, 2019


Tables are Turning in the Indian Online Poker Community!

Another splendid week and we have another set of Indian poker pros showcasing their amazing skills on the PokerBaazi felts. After a successful roll-out of Baazi Grinders Series 40 LAC GTD, we’re back with our daily featured tournaments. The Grinders Series hosted many notable players of the Indian poker circuit namely, Neeraj “SelfClaimedPro” Kumar, Harsh “harsh1327” Bubna and Rahul “Clearsky” Gupta, who shipped the 5 LAC GTD Main Event.

Here’s a quick recap of our daily featured tournaments between 5th July & 11th July:

FriYay 10 LAC GTD (RE)

The event was shipped by Nishaanth “shanni” Shanmughasundaram for a paycheque worth INR 2,35,300. He is a regular on PokerBaazi.com and has had deep runs in major series such as PokerBaazi Premier League (PPL).

Value Town 10 LAC GTD (5RE)

Value Town announced Alok “TheProfessional” Birewar as the winner. He went home taking away INR 1,77,600 in prize money. Alok is a frequent name, both in the Indian and the international poker circuit with some serious runs at World Poker Tour (WPT) and Asia Poker Tour (APT).

BSS SuperStack 25 LAC GTD (RE)

Bangalore-based poker pro, Vidwath “Qweasdzxc” Shetty won the title in the late hours of Sunday night. He went away with a staggering amount worth INR 4,85,750.

The Bout 10 LAC GTD (RE)

Someone’s Monday blues were surely absent this week. The Bout was shipped by Sanket “blackcod” Arora for the winning prize worth INR 2,41,500. Sanket is not a regular in the online poker circuit in India and we’re glad that we are offering him a conducive platform to enjoy the starting phase of his poker journey.

The Endeavour 15 LAC GTD (RE)

This INR 3850 buy-in tournament was taken down by Rohit “acesinyourfaces” Setia. He won the title for a payday of INR 3,15,000. It is fulfilling to see someone winning big who is not a frequent attendee at various online poker events.

The Vegas 10 LAC GTD (RE)

The winner of this event needs no introduction. He’s a regular in the Indian and international poker circuit. He has had some major deep runs at the World Poker Tour (WPT), our flagship online tournament series- PokerBaazi Premier League (PPL). He is none other than Sahil “ImHighIshove” Mahboobani.

He shipped this tourney for a paycheque worth INR 2,20,900.

The Summit 10 LAC GTD

The Summit was scaled by a new face named, Vikas “slecker” Kumar. He walked away with the top prize worth INR 3,73,050.

Love for poker in the Indian online poker community is increasing day by day with newer faces surfacing and shipping major tournaments. Online games with the real money format are witnessing rapid growth in the country. While it is still a new sector in the gaming industry, times are changing for good!

All Eyes on the Main Event!

WSOP 2019 is witnessing many Indians having deeper runs with several debutants getting the international poker circuit amazed by their skills. Headlining this, is none other Kartik Ved who is now representing the Indian team in the most-coveted event, the Main Event.

Here’s a quick recap of WSOP 2019 between July 5 & July 10:

Event #73 ($10,000 Main Event Championship)

July 5

Day 1C kicked-off with an unreal field of 4,879 players which later came down to 3,664 players. Among these survivors were a group of 9 Indian poker pros, which was led by Vivek Rughani with a stack of 171,300.

Others included, Shravan Chhabria (114,800 – 144 big blinds), Madhav Gupta (99,200 – 124 big blinds), Raghav Bansal (96,900 – 121 big blinds), Kartik Ved (81,500 – 102 big blinds), Aditya Sushant (47,000 – 59 big blinds), Aditya Agarwal (41,300 – 52 big blinds), Dhaval Mudgal (39,800 – 50 big blinds) and Paawan Bansal (27,400 – 24 big blinds).

July 6

From the first two starting flights, only four players made it to Day 3. This small group is led by Yudhishter Jaswal (346,600- 144 big blinds) who is trailed by Siddharth Karia (294,800 – 123 big blinds), Ankit Ahuja (275,200 – 115 big blinds) and Kunal Patni (66,500 – 83 big blinds).

July 7

On Day 2C, a huge group of 25 Indians was a part of the action, but only 11 of them survived to enter Day 3. Some of the familiar ones among them were, Ashish Kasaraneni (347,900 – 144 big blinds), Kartik Ved (285,100 – 119 big blinds), Tarun Goyal (238,400 – 99 big blinds), Shashank Jain (235,500 – 98 big blinds), Aditya Agarwal (213,700 – 89 big blinds) and Romit Advani (112,700 – 47 big blinds).

July 8

Among the 1,286 survivors, ten Indians made it through, but it was Kartik Ved who outshined the Indian contingent with a healthy stack of 970,000.

Here is the list of Indian qualifiers.



Chip Count

Kartik Ved


Akshay Nasa


Yudhishter Jaswal


Ashish Kasaraneni


Romit Advani


Ankit Ahuja


Jaideep Sajwan


Aditya Agarwal


Goonjan Mall


Siddharth Karia



The Indians who ended their quest to win the main event were, Kunal Patni, Shashank Jain, Tarun Goyal, Abhishek Rathodand Kunal Punjwani.

July 9

On Day 4, only three Indians managed to sail through the rough waters and entered Day 5 with 351 other players. They were, Kartik Ved secured a stack of 2,243,000 (93 big blinds), Yudhishter Jaswal (1,333,000 – 56 big blinds) and Akshay Nasa (670,000 – 28 big blinds).

A number of notable players finished in the money on Day 4, namely, Ankit Ahuja (822nd for $18,535 – ₹12.70 Lakhs), Aditya Agarwal (844th for $18,535 – ₹12.70 Lakhs), Siddharth Karia (944th for $17,135 – ₹11.74 Lakhs) and Romit Advani (1,005th for $15,970 – ₹10.94 Lakhs).

July 10

Day 5 witnessed only 106 players in carrying their stacks to Day 6. Only 3 Indians had advanced to this day but only Kartik Ved managed to survive with an unreal stack of 5,085,000 chips.

Sadly, Akshay Nasa (307th for $38,240 - ₹26.13 Lakhs) & Yudhishter Jaswal (26st for $ 43,935 - ₹ 30 Lakh) went to rails making good money.

Event #71 (SALUTE TO WARRIORS – $500 No-Limit Hold’em)

Two Indians finished in the money on Day 3 among a field of 1,723 players. They were Aditya Systla (14th for $5,819 – ₹4 Lakhs) and Sachidananda Sivakumar (141st for $865 (~₹59,552).

Event #75 ($1000 +$111 Little One for One Drop)

July 6

A field of 702 players whittled down to 253 players on Day 1A. Among the survivors were three Indians, namely Sanjay Sharma (175,400 – 110 big blinds), Nishant Sharma (107,100 – 70 big blinds) and Deepak Bothra (41,200 – 26 big blinds).

July 7

1,537 players started-off on Day 1B which later shrunk down to 590. Among these were eight Indian challengers led by Rahul Byrraju with a stack of 248,500.

The chip count for the Indian contingent is as follows:


Chip Count

Rahul Byrraju


Akash Malik


Madhav Gupta


Jasven Saigal


Raghav Bansal


Meherzad Munsaf


Satchit Kapur


Aditya 'Bitti' Agarwal



July 8

Day 1C witnessed a big group of 14 Indians furthering their goal of winning a WSOP title. This group was led by Aditya Systla with a stack of 184,600.

Team India’s chip count at the end of Day 1C:


Chip Count

Aditya Systla


Shashank Jain


Vivek Rughani


Karan Radia


Nipun Java


Kunal Punjwani


Dhaval Mudgal


Muskan Sethi


Kunal Patni


Ankush Agarwala



July 9

Out of the 25 Indians who had advanced to Day 2, six of them had gone ahead with their stacks to Day 3. The group was once again led by Rahul Byrraju with a stack of 937,000.

Others were, Ashish Ahuja (826,000 – 52 big blinds), Madhav Gupta (810,000 – 51 big blinds), Vivek Rughani (509,000 – 32 big blinds), Aditya Systla (411,000 – 26 big blinds) and Sanjay Sharma (180,000 – 11 big blinds).

The players who busted in the money were Kunal Punjwani (468th for $2,400 – ₹1.64 Lakhs) and Raghav Bansal (671st for $1,692 – ₹1.15 Lakhs).

Event #78 ($1,500 PLO Bounty)

July 9

Attracting a total of 1,130 players, Day 1 of the event saw three Indians advancing to Day 2. They were, Aditya Sushant (215,300 – 134 big blinds), Kunal Patni (173,900 – 108 big blinds) and Minissha Lamba (100,700 – 63 big blinds).

WSOP 2019 is nearing its conclusion. Make the most of it, Team India as you did so far. All the best!


Mediocrity is a Big No No!

Majority of the online poker action is flowing towards Pot Limit Omaha, and off late – our recently launched 5 card PLO games. We’ll reveal the reason behind this in a while. More cards means more action and bigger pots, and to be a winning player in the juicy action, it is important to understand the various aspects of the game and study ranges. Let’s take a look at 5 of the most common mistakes that players make while playing 5 card PLO:

Pocket Aces & Premium Pairs

The most common mistake people make is that they over-value their aces and premium pairs. The smartest way to play unconnected pairs (e.g. K-K-9-4-7) is to play them for their set value. Try and make hands that connect properly to the flop. The above hand would have only an average strength in 4 card PLO (e.g. K-K-9-4), and this further reduces with the addition of another card.

Small Flushes

In the No-Limit Hold’em format, players can have a deep run if they are holding low suited cards, but that’s not the case in PLO.  Small flushes can get you in great trouble. A good PLO player will only continue if he/she is drawing to the nuts – and this becomes all the more important when each player is dealt 5 hole cards! Therefore, if you hit a small flush, chances are that someone’s hit a bigger one – so be weary.

Using Two Hole Cards Out of the Four/Five

In pot limit Omaha(4 and 5 card), you have to use two hole cards. Often players tend to get confused when there are 4 cards to a straight or flush on the board, and forget that they can only use 3 community cards in addition to their 2 hole cards. Remember this rule, as sometimes even best players overlook it!

Bankroll management

This aspect of poker is the most important for any format, especially 5 card PLO. Since every player is dealt 5 cards, an increase in action is guaranteed. This means that at times, a pot can really swell up and before you know it you could be in for more than you should. Choose starting hands wisely, and wait at least till the flop before committing serious money into the pot.

Slow Playing

Slow playing hands is a great approach in No-Limit Holdem, but the same isn’t necessarily true for 5 card PLO. It is a good idea to place a bet even on a flop that we have smashed, since more hold cards means more draws and outs for your opponents. After all, you don’t want to take down a tiny pot with the nuts!

PLO is one of the most action-driven formats of poker because all the players have more hole cards as compared to Texas hold’em. Keep these simple poitns in mind and you’re ready to play our all-new 5 Card PLO. The poker masses are all there. What’s the delay!

Two Sides of a Coin!

The dream of leaving your 9-5 job and take up poker as a profession is a tempting decision. For some, it’s a distant dream that is never fulfilled. For others, it’s a sudden plunge that they are happy to take. However, in order to take this decision, you have to be aware of the entire picture. You should have a thorough understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of turning a poker pro.

Here are a few pros and cons of being a professional poker player:

It’s Your Dream Job

For some people, their job entails pushing themselves every day to go to the office and slog through those dreadful 8 hours. It goes without saying that there are many other interesting and exciting jobs but if you have the talent to be a good poker player, then it is nothing short of a dream come true. However, along with the skills you should be passionate about the game and have very high mental endurance.

Instability, Variance, Stress

The conventional jobs give you the certainty that even after all the meaningless work, you will have your salary credited at the end of the month. Playing poker, on the other hand, gives you the excitement and the thrill that you get in doing what you love. However, it also gives you major chills when you’re financially and mentally not ready for a major downswing in your career. Variance is inevitable, but a good thing is that this demon can be tamed with time- taking bankroll management classes and by improving your mental health.

Being as Free as a Bird

Being your own boss can give a sense of liberation, which is not short-lived. Having the luxury of setting your own goals and deadlines and traveling to various sought-after destinations, all while winning big is what dreams are made of. On the downside, it can be a tricky situation if you are not following a disciplined work-life.

Cut-throat Competition

The game moves fast for a professional player and if you lag behind in your study, you’re definitely going to witness a rough patch in your career.

Now, every player has easy access to information that could help them improve their game. This turns even an average player into a pretty decent one, making the competition much fierce than it used to be. So, never neglect your study hours to keep negating the effect of the rising competition on your career.

Things can go down south, but if you’re passionate enough and keep working on your game skills and mental abilities, it’s your dream job paying your bills and gifting you your freedom!

Our Very Own Baazigar Makes Us All Proud!

WSOP 2019 is in its full swing and as a result, Vegas is all lit and filled poker enthusiasts. Alongside WSOP, the poker capital of the world is hosting several other events in different poker rooms. One of the most-talked-about event is the Venetian DeepStack Championship, a flagship series of the Venetian Poker Room.

It was none other than PokerBaazi Founder & CEO, Mr. Navkiran Singh who outlasted a huge field of 183 players to win the title for $11,517 (~₹7.88 Lakhs). He also collected a spectacular 20 bounties worth $2,000 (~₹1.36 Lakhs) taking his total earning to approximately ₹9.3 Lakhs.

It was his love for poker that drove him to become a poker operator in the country and his international winnings prove the same. He has been a regular attendee at various events in Vegas. Last year, he posted three scores at the WSOP where he secured the 32nd position in the $3K PLO 6-Handed for ₹7.55 Lakhs. In 2019, he already started his winning streak as he finished securing the 985th place in Event #64: $888 Crazy Eights No-Limit Hold ’em for $1,729 (~₹1.19 Lakhs).

Final Hand Recap

While Singh held 2h-5s-6c-7h, his opponent had Ax-2c-Ax-Qx. The flop rolled out like this: Qx-3x-4x which meant Singh had an open-ended straight draw. The turn rolled out 5x and the river came out to be 9x, which declared Singh’s clear victory!

As he recalled the last few minutes at the final table, Singh shared that it was a “smooth ride”. He also added: “I think they couldn’t understand most of the time what I was doing. I could really take down a lot of pots without a showdown.”

Being the chip leader, he said Once I had built a stack then it was just bullying them around on the table! I had so much coffee by the start of the final table that I couldn’t stop being in the game every hand. My VVIP would have been 90 plus!!”

Congratulations on winning the title. We wish you all the luck at the WSOP 2019.


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