Jul 18, 2019


Six Virtues of Poker

Playing Poker doesn’t only mean that you can try a hand or two and be a millionaire overnight. The game can help you develop some serious life skills that will take you ahead in your journey. From dedication to discipline, the game teaches it all. Not only interpersonal but entrepreneurial skills also get polished over time as you play on. Here are a few learnings that the game offers to help you in other walks of life:


Nothing on this planet defines patience is a virtue like a game of Poker. The odds may or may not be in your favour but by being patient you can even achieve the impossible. We have been taught patience and endurance as principles throughout our lives and Poker puts both of it into practice. Just like life, you can’t be sure about being dealt a good hand always. But with a lot of patience and skills, you can easily conquer the felts.


Calling a Bluff requires strong observational skills and finesse in executing the art of reading people’s minds and body language. Several renowned Poker players have shared how Poker has helped them become more observant in life and notice things to the minutest of detail, ensuring that there’s hardly anything that can be missed, thereby reducing the scope for errors.


You miss one moment and you may miss out on a life-changing moment. That’s all that it comes down to – focus, it’s one of those things that can make or break a deal. Winning cannot always be ensured but if you are focused, you can read the signs and turn things in your favour.


You can be successful more than you can imagine if you are sensible. Staying put is good but sometimes quitting when there’s time seems to be a better choice. Poker helps you see a clear picture and weigh your options so that whatever targets you set are feasible in nature.


Poker is a game where you can’t be emotional at all because it will give way to your intentions. By playing Poker, you can get control over your emotions and become resilient, humble, reasonable and a person of integrity.  


What’s life without taking risks? But it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to be sensible about it. A well-calculated risk is something that can never harm you, in the game or in life. Trust your instincts, assess the situation, and go for it.

So install PokerBaazi and change your ‘life’. We host multiple tournaments and are known for our signature every ten-minutes free entry tournament with a GTD of INR 40 LAC and several big-ticket tournaments. With minimum buy-ins and maximum winnings, PokerBaazi leads by example, just like you should. Try now!

 Beat The Heat At These Amazing Poker Destinations!

Besides the all-time favourite holiday destination of Poker players, Las Vegas, there are several other destinations that you can explore. These destinations can satiate both your wanderlust and hunger for playing Poker. So if you are planning a vacation and would like to flaunt your skill of playing Poker in different corners of the world, here are the top 5 hottest Poker destinations that you can consider:

1. Singapore

One of the most technologically advanced cities, Singapore is eyeing the title of becoming the global favourite of Poker players. The city has opened two swanky resorts recently, Resorts World and Marina Bay Sands, with 500 and 1000 tables, respectively, out of which the latter is the most expensive casino complex in the world.

2. Monte Carlo

The globally-renowned Casino de Monte Carlo attracts Poker players from all across the globe. Some of the most famous Poker players who made a fortune out of playing the game share tables at the European Poker Tour, which is currently being hosted at this venue. So if you are planning a vacation and wish to participate in some high-stake games, now would be the right time to fly to the destination because you never know who you might run into.

3. Sochi

The Vegas of Russia, Sochi, although still at a nascent stage, is starting to garner attention and make a name for itself. In the coming years, the destination is bound to establish itself as Russia’s gambling capital. Do keep it in your checklist because it will be fun to discover the uncharted territory.

4. Bahamas

Beat the heat, beach-style in Nassau, Bahamas, which also happens to be the hub of live poker gaming. Take a break from the treacherous Indian Summer and make a mill(ion), while you chill, by flying to the Bahamas. Atlantis Resort is the place to be if you are absolutely crazy about Poker and you are looking to give it a try. The recently opened Baha Mar is another option for you to look at for playing Poker in paradise.  

5. Anywhere you like

For passionate Poker players, the only thing that matters is the game; and for such ardent fans of the game, Baazi Games have made it possible to turn any place into the Hottest Poker Destination. No matter where you are, you can play Poker and WIN big with the leading online Poker app, PokerBaazi. From Free Entry Tournaments with INR 40 LAC GTD to big-ticket tournaments with cash rewards up to INR 1 CRORE, we host different games on our platform, daily. Our promotions, offers and bonuses are unmatchable in the industry, which is why we have a huge base of more than 1 Million. On top of it all, you can WIN our signature Baazi Rewards worth INR 2 LAC. So log on to PokerBaazi and feed your need to play poker, anytime, anywhere.

Being one of the old players in the Indian online poker circuit, PokerBaazi aims at bringing newer promotions and formats for all kinds of players. This time, we have added another marvel to our daily featured tournament list- Weekly Super 5. This tournament will have a multi-day format. So, a player now stands a chance to win a chunk of the guarantee worth INR 5 LAC for a meagre Buy-In of 99!

Multi-day format: Six chances to seize that sweet top prize!

Now you may ask, how does a multi-day format work? In this format, survivors of the two or more starting flights (qualifying tournaments) enter the Final Day aiming to ship the top prize.

For Weekly Super 5, a total of six starting flights will be conducted in a week. A player could participate in one or more of these flights to qualify for Day 2 (Final Day) with his/her best chip stack.

Please note that there is no direct entry to the Final Day.

A delectable deal to devour!

We’ve got a tempting offer for you. You can use a code on your deposit and win a free ticket to the starting flights. Another stunning detail of this code is that it can be used for an unlimited number of times on different days. To know more, click here.

Putting things into perspective

Keeping in mind that this tournament follows a multi-day format, a player stands a chance to win from a monthly minimum guarantee of 20 LAC! So, if a player survives at least one starting flight a week, he/she could win more than 5 LAC with only INR 396 spent as Buy-Ins! Now that’s something worth going bonkers about!

Hit the felts to begin your journey towards SERIOUS winnings!

At PokerBaazi, we constantly work towards pushing boundaries and creating new benchmarks by introducing exciting features, formats and events for our players. The continual support shown by the online poker circuit in India has played a vital role in motivating us to keep coming up with bigger and better events – and this time around, we’ve brought something that’s guaranteed to create ripples across the country!

Ready to get your minds blown?

Mark your calendars and make your way to the virtual felts for India’s Biggest High-Value TournamentThe Value Bomb, set to take place from the 5th to 9th of June.  

INR 2500 is all it costs to take a shot at this 1 CRORE guaranteed Multi-day event – along with a chance to take home some SERIOUS money! Gone are the days when only high-rollers get to steal the limelight. The Value Bomb welcomes players of all stakes and kinds, and features a massive prize pool to the tune of 4000x your investment!

All you need to know:

    • The Value Bomb features 4 starting flights
    • Each flight features a buy-in amount of INR 2500 and allows unlimited re-entries
    • June 5, 6, 7 and 8 will play host to one flight each, with June 8 (Flight 1D) featuring a Turbo format. Each of these flights will kick off at 7 PM.
    • Every flight will end when 10% of the field is remaining
    • Day 2 kicks off on Sunday, June 9th at 6 PM
    • Players have the option of playing every flight if they so wish, and upon qualifying multiple times, will take forward only their biggest stack
  • On Day 2, every player’s stack will be adjusted based on their BBs (big blinds) and the pre-set starting level
  • Players CANNOT enter Day 2 directly - qualifying via a starting flight is a must!
  • The final prize pool will be announced at 1 PM on June 9th

Discounted Tickets and Freebies

  • Satellite tournaments to the Value Bomb are already underway and are scheduled all week long, with a buy-in of just INR 100. That’s an opportunity to score an ROI of 1,00,000x!
  • Fun Contests kick-off this week and give players a chance to get their hands on free tickets to the historic event, so be sure to follow our social media handles.
  • Baazi Rewards provide players with the option of claiming discounted tickets, so make sure you check it out!

All Aboard!

Well, there you have it! A unique event with mind-boggling numbers and unreal value for money! The Value Bomb will crown its Champion on June the 9th, so book your spots and prepare yourselves – because the Bomb’s about to drop, and when it does, someone’s going to walk away with some life-changing money!

Is creating a healthy bankroll coming across as an overwhelming task for you? Are you trying really hard to up your stakes at the felts? We think you’ve landed on the right website. PokerBaazi- India’s Most Trusted & Licensed Poker Website presents Mysterious May, a month which offers surprises every day!

Mysterious May is your way to good times!

Unique Special Codes

If you are looking for opportunities to up your game and raise the stakes, then here is your cue to take action. PokerBaazi.com is offering 31 offers throughout the month of May. So one unique code goes live every day with a day-long validity. These codes promise up to 50% instant bonus to the players which are credited in the form of Real Cash Bonus (RCB) or Tournament Tickets!

To get the code, you can simply visit our mobile app.

FUN FACT: If you haven’t made a deposit in your PokerBaazi Account until now, you can claim a total of 32 offers this month. Check out the details here.

Free Entry Tournaments

The Free Entry Tournaments run every 10 minutes, round the clock with a gigantic monthly prize pool of 40 LAC- all redeemable. These tournaments let you walk away with massive additions to your bankroll, all for free! So you can hone your skills and get ready to join the ultimate poker action on our felts.

Apart from all the goodness of cash, we are also offering cool gadgets such as OnePlus 6T, Amazon Echo and JBL headphones, to our LeaderBoard Winners. Click here for more details.

Apart from all the hoo-ha this month, we are also offering our exclusive codes to enter our Daily Tournaments namely 25 LAC GTD Baazi Super Sundays (BSS), 10 LAC GTD Value Town, Sunday 100K GTD and Super 5 LAC GTD!

It’s time for a showdown. May you enter June with a heavy bankroll!


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