May 27, 2018


This is not the era of conventions. Like every field, the professional field is also extending its branches into varied aspects of becoming successful. Gone are the days when the most successful career options were engineering and medical studies. This generation has learned to take chances, follow their own call and reach the pedestal of success.

Poker has also become such a career option which can earn you both money and fame. The biggest perk is, you don’t need any specific degree or educational qualification to become a successful poker player; all you need is your adulthood (playing poker below the age of 21 is illegal) and skills, of course (which can be developed). Going by the words of the experienced, ‘perseverance is the key to success’. Being naturally good at something is a boon but practice and the will to polish your skills is the main factor. Poker requires just that- your patience to brush up your skills and your belief in yourself. This game of skill and strategy has given a platform to many celebrities who were a nobody once upon a time. Most of the celebrated poker professionals of today have built themselves up from a scratch and now have secured a respectable and financially secure position in the society. Here are a few poker professionals from the poker landscape who have outrightly proved to the world that to become successful, all you need is the courage to follow your calling-

Daniel Negreanu:

This Canadian chap was not an extraordinary name in the poker world when he first started playing poker. His inclination towards poker started when he used to visit pool halls, betting rooms etc. in his teenage. Very soon he could understand that poker was his call and with his parent's support he took up poker as his profession. It wasn’t easy to grope a platform in the poker industry at such a tender age. The biggest obstacle was maintaining bankroll. After his first plunge into the poker world, he got himself trained a bit and visited Las Vegas to turn the tables of his life. He couldn’t survive there much. After a few months, he had to return back to Toronto due to his inability to maintain the bankroll. But at the age of 23, he became the youngest poker player, at that time, to win a WSOP bracelet.

Phil Ivey:

Who doesn’t know this name in the poker landscape? Where there is poker, there is an existence of Ivy there. His introduction to poker happened in the back-room games at the New Jersey Telemarketing Firm, his workplace in the 90s. His passion for poker made him forge an ID to gain an access to the Atlantic City’s casinos. But now, Ivy’s value has reached to over $14,000,000.

 Johnny Chan:

This China-born poker star had an all-set career option in Texas. But ironically, he chose Texas Holdem instead of his family business of restaurant. He pursued his calling and in 1987, he won two WSOP bracelets back to back. After that, there was no looking back and now he owns 10 more such prestigious bracelets to his name.

Chris Moneymaker:

His life was quite set and stable when he took his calling. He wasn’t a very skilled player when he decided to switch his career but he knew his goals well. He spent $40 to enter an online poker qualifier for the 2003 WSOP seat as a novice. He polished his skills swiftly and efficiently and within a couple of months, bagged the 839-strong Main Event. It’s been more than a decade now that he is a professional poker player in the poker landscape.

 Vanessa Selbst:

This lady is really the superhero of poker. She is one of the most celebrated female poker professionals and has reputed poker titles to her honour. When she got inclined towards poker, she had a well-defined academic path for herself. But after knowing poker, she didn’t take much time to realize what would give her professional satisfaction. It was 2006 when Selbst took up her first WSOP tournament and in her first time, made her way to the final table and also the top 7. Since then, she went on climbing the success ladder of poker. She is also the only female poker player to have secured the first position on the ‘player of the year’ list by the Global Poker Index. Recently she retired from being a professional poker player.

Poker world can boast of numerous such players whose success stories are inspirational. Poker is an unbiased field where only your skills and strategies are responsible for your success or deterioration. It’s a field where you don’t find cheap diplomacies and nepotism. You are responsible for what happens to you.

So go out there and make things happen, because here in poker, we rely on our capabilities of playing our cards and not on the quality of cards dealt with us.

It’s hard to ignore the sudden fame that tournament poker has gained in recent times, and it is probably this reason why the sport has witnessed its fastest growing year yet. With massive guarantees being crushed to entry-caps becoming a ‘thing’; the year saw it all. More importantly, the benchmark that the previous year has created leaves a pretty huge ask of 2018. There’s no doubt that the year will deliver, the real question is - Just HOW big is it going to be?

We’re kicking off the year with the PokerBaazi Premier League Spring’18 Edition, set out from the 12th to the 18th of February. Its Winter Edition in November’17 saw the 6-day series crush the guaranteed 2.6 Crore in prize-pool. The Spring Edition will feature a total prize-pool of over 4.1 Crore and 42 events spread over 7 days. Headlining the series is the 1 Crore Guaranteed Main Event, scheduled for the 18th. Another exciting addition to the PPL series is the Yearly PPL Leaderboard, with a top prize of a Harley Davidson and prizes worth 25 LAC! This leaderboard will be a performance calculator for all four editions scheduled for 2018.

The website will offer daily Satellite tournaments starting from 8th January which means you will have multiple chances to win a PPL Spring’18 package in just 99 bucks!!

There’s more to the beginning of 2018. The next edition of The MoneyMaker 1 Crore Guaranteed tournament has been scheduled for January 26, 6 PM. The year kicks off with a great line-up, and January seems pretty packed - an exciting month for any poker enthusiast. Online satellite tournaments to The MoneyMaker are already running, with PPL satellites to follow shortly. Join the action on, and together, let’s make this one hell of a year!

See you at the tables #Baazigars, and good luck!

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