Jun 25, 2019


History of Poker

Development is a process and consequence of history. Poker as well has chosen the path of development which is based on tradition, ideas and culture of a region. The game of poker has truly lived a whole life and it is said that the sport was developed during the 19th century.

Did you know Poker is a two hundred year-old mind sport?

Originally, players were dealt five cards each from a twenty card deck. Many scholars at the time claimed that the game was largely influenced by the Persian As-Nas. Others claimed that it was derived from French Poque and German Pochen.

Towards the end of the 19th century, 52 card decks became the staple while the 20 card decks became obsolete. Several new features were added as well such as flush and straight. The game of stud poker was also recognized as a variation of poker.

When do you think poker was recognized officially?

The 20th century witnessed an upward trend in the growth and popularity of poker. The year of 1970 played a crucial role in the emergence of poker as the World Series of Poker (WSOP) made the tournament play an everyday occurrence. The markets were now filled with serious poker strategy books.

Two pivotal years in the century which changed the game were:

  • 1987: It was announced that it is legal to play flop games of Omaha, Hold’em and Stud in California.
  • 1988: The Congress passed the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act (IGRA) which legalized casino games on Indian lands in the US.

How did Poker take the Enormous Shape it has Taken Now?

All these events paved the way for modern poker which is played in the 21st century. Calling it a poker boom would be an underestimation of the spike it received. A legitimate poker industry slowly grew in the United States. This growth was largely due to the prosperity of online poker and the use of hole-card cameras. It was now a mind sport, watched and studied by the spectators.

Eventually, poker entered the domestic sphere. Enthusiasts could now study the gameplay watching television and practicing online. The concept of poker tournaments held on a global level were introduced with WSOP, World Poker Tour (WPT), Asia Pacific Poker Tour (APPT), European Poker Tour (EPT) and many more coming into existence. 

By 2003, the industry took a full-blown shape with the online satellite-qualifier tournaments acting as a bridge for the masses.

Future of Poker in our Country!

On Indian soil, poker is strategically entering the television sector which will surely boost the industry in the coming times. We believe that our country too will open up a bit more to the world of poker after the sport being televised. On the other hand, online poker websites are growing exponentially, with various promotions to offer. Things are surely going to change for good!  


The Need Of The Hour

A balanced world is a better world. This Women’s Day 2019 – let’s all do our bit towards making the world a better place. Let’s aim for equality. Every year March 8 is celebrated as a day to acknowledge women’s achievements and contributions towards society.

This Women’s Day, PokerBaazi.com will donate a share of the rake collected in the upcoming PPL Special Edition to sponsor a year’s education for 40 underprivileged girls following a tie-up with non-profit NGO "KHUSHII" - and of course, this is only the beginning!

We will see these 14 girls through their schooling years, thereby giving them the opportunity to grown, learn, dream and achieve. We will be taking care of their Education, Mid-day meals, uniforms and transport costs. This list of 40 will grow and over time, we hope to achieve a number that will create some impact.

This PPL, while we wish you the very best of luck, we simply ask that you open your eyes to the issues that we face in our country today and spread the word. The entire team at Baazi Games will be contributing towards this cause in one way or the other, and we believe that together, we can all make a difference.  

PPL Special Edition

Since its inception in 2015, PokerBaazi.com’s popular tournament series PokerBaazi Premier League (PPL) has grown year on year in the domestic poker circuit. It was the very first league of its kind, and it is for this reason that we share a special connection. Our Baazigars have always enjoyed participating in the PPL and are constantly on the lookout for the next big announcement. Well, here it is!

The PPL Special Edition has been scheduled from April 21-28, 2019. The series will boast an overall guaranteed prize pool of 5 Crore+ and will include some exciting additions in the schedule. We have always tried to give our players the best possible experience and services, and this time we decided to extend our hands a little more. 

Find Your Inner Superhero

Civilians enjoy poker. But have you thought about your favourite superheroes and villains batting against each other on a poker table? Believe it or not, these iconic superheroes that we idolize on screen might share our passion for poker. Most of them rely on brute strength to make their point, but at the poker table its strategy, skill and wit that wins out every time.

Each one of us has some or the other favourite superhero or villain. Let’s find out if we have one of yours on this list:

  1. The Joker -

Remember Heath Ledger as the Joker? Of course you do! Who doesn’t? The character played his whole life around the card game. His psychotic tendencies and a manipulative wit make him a great pro at the poker table. It’s obvious he loves to calculate his moves and deceive his opponent by being unpredictable at any given time, pulling a bluff even Batman won’t be able to beat!

(We would have loved to include Batman in this list, but then that would have been too predictable,right? )

  1. Deadpool –

Deadpool’s sarcasm and jokes is something we could all root for! And not just that, his unpredictable nature and a character trait to keep everyone interested in the game with his endless talks and expressions makes it very difficult for the other players to figure him out. You think you can beat him? Well try! He’d already be planning a different strategy in his head while you’re just trying to play out the last one.

  1. Wolverine –

We all are very familiar with Mr. Wolverine’s strong mutant senses. You’re not gonna go very far with your deceptive or fake tell because he’ll see right through it! Trying to pull a big bluff? Preparing to raise the stakes? He’s like a mind-reader. And he will most probably use his heightened instincts over math to play the game. Beware! That’s one of the most useful tools at a poker table.

  1. The Thing -

Can’t we just call him The Rock? If only Dwayne Johnson hadn’t used that up! He’s one of those players to always throw in all the stakes for a good hand. Some might say that’s stupid, we call it his super-useful trait. Now don’t forget, he’s also a scientist! His analytical skills and god reasoning power wins the game. If not, what are his rock-hard fists for?

Saving the world was too mainstream for them. But they just made our game of poker a whole lot interesting! Did your favourites top this list?



If you are a poker player, you are one of the smartest minds out there that can figure out what and where’s the best for you to grab from. Here are five reasons why the latest innovation in the loyalty rewards from PokerBaazi.com make the website your best choice to play online poker in India.

Baazi Rewards

  1. JUST PLAY YOUR FAVOURITE GAMES, NOTHING EXTRA: Before we get into the benefits that you can get out of the Baazi Rewards , the revolutionary loyalty rewards launched by PokerBaazi on 21st Aug 2018, it’s important to note how to actually get them.

 It’s a very simple 2-step process: STEP-1:

Play Game

Play your favourite cash games. While you do so, you will automatically be credited with Reward Points.

You can join the cash games at your convenience. From 1/2 stakes to 500/1000, you will easily find both Texas Hold’em and Pot Limit Omaha tables running 24x7 on PokerBaazi.

  1. The Reward Points keep updating in real time as you play more and more.



You can then directly use these Rewards Points to claim all the amazing prizes in the Baazi Rewards.


Baazi Rewards offers two programs to choose from & the best part is that you have the option to switch between the two programs once every month:

A) CASHBACK PROGRAM: If you can manage to put in high volume of cash games in a week,


 then this is the one for you. It has a simple slab calculator through which you can earn upto 40%

rake back every week. The cash back is in the form of direct redeemable chips.

How easy it can get:

30 % Rake Back

40 % RakeBack

6 Hours

B.LOYALTY REWARDS PROGRAM (LRP): If you aren’t sure of the volume you can manage at the cash games, but ofcouse love playing them then yours and LRP’s is a match made in heaven. LRP offers various rewards at different levels ranging effectively from 20% to 50% rakeback. There is no limitation and you can claim a prize of your choice directly. The highest level offers a stunning Jaguar XF. You can claim your favourite levels again and again.


How easy it can get:

Value Town

Vegas Blog

One Plus



 Going by the very basics, one can rate a reward structure not just by the biggest benefits & prizes on offer, but also how does it actually give benefits to a common player who might not be able to play for long hours every month. Well, the LRP under Baazi Rewards has no time limitation and your Reward Points don’t expire! All prize levels are there to stay and you can use your time to reach your favourite level and claim it. A case where you are chasing your dream level and suddenly work takes off a few days of your poker, is not a worst case anymore! You can continue from where you left once you are back.


A few weeks of playing online poker, which you anyways were to be playing, to get to a Las Vegas package can’t get more rewarding. Isn’t it? Another exciting thing to note is the listing of the prizes. It is designed in a way that even a player playing the lowest stakes can avail prizes at 50% rakeback.


 It’s human nature that makes us easier to believe in something if we see it happening. Following are certain fact that are a proof of all that is mentioned above:


    A .Approximately 1500 players claimed levels with Real Cash prizes

    B. More than 2500 tournament tickets were claimed in October 2018 alone.

    C. 25 players have till now claimed gadgets which include One Plus6, iPhone X & MacBook Pro. The first one was claimed within 2 weeks of the launch of Baazi Rewards.

    D. 8 players have claimed packages to some of world’s most sought after poker destinations including Las Vegas & Australia.


Nearly 1200 players have received a total of more than 3 CRORE as redeemable cashback in less than 3 months.

Here’s how Baazigars expressed their happiness after claiming their rewards.




  1. BECAUSE THERE ARE 30 DEPOSIT OFFERS & 50% MORE TO IT: When you are bound to get used to a 50% rakeback in the Baazi Rewards,

PokerBaazi has made sure that there's always for more for you. And that's not just more, it's a more to the tune of 50%. You get a 50% TDS Refund in terms of Instant Real Cash Bonus everytime there's a TDS applicable for you. Everytime, Any amount!

Nostalgic November

Added to it are many more exciting bonuses to spice up your grind. For example, the Stack Challenge where you can win a table max Buyin upto 50K by hitting a particular stack on a table.

To put an icing on the cake, PokerBaazi is running one crazy promotion this Nostalgic November where it is offering a unique deposit offer, valid for a day, everyday! These deposit codes offer huge benefits that range from free tournament tickets to instant real cash bonus offers upto 50%.

With so many benefits lying out there, you just have to play the games of your choice and take the max out of it. Check out the list of amazing rewards and get started with the Baazi Rewards  

What All It Takes To Create Statue of Unity And A Career In Poker

With the advent of social media, every hot topic goes stale sooner than it could have a few years back. We all have read about the facts about the world’s tallest statue, the Statue of Unity, a representation of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. However, the only thing which was not acknowledged by the masses is the toil of the makers of this statue and what all it took to create such a massive figure.

Creating such a stupendous statue is not only about being right about the ratio of brick and mortar but much more than that. Here is a quick look at what it takes to create a gigantic figure and juxtaposing it with creating a career in poker.  

Hard work: Neither Rome was built in a day nor did the Statue of Unity. It takes huge amounts of dedication and patience to carry forward such a responsibility and has a desirable result. Such is the case with poker, to develop skills like a professional, it requires hard work and dedication from the player. It is a fact every acclaimed poker player would vouch for.

Determination: Around 3,000 workers’ and 250 engineers’ never say never attitude was responsible for a creation that the world now looks up to. Standing tall at 182 meters, the Statue of Unity has surpassed many statues in the world such as USA’s Statue of Liberty (93 meters), Japan’s Ushiku Daibutsu (120 meters) and even China’s Spring Temple Buddha (153 meters). Therefore, it is a symbol and representation of the determination with which the workers and even poker players work with.

Forward Planning: According to some sources, the managing committee which took this responsibility of creating an infallible plan which could withstand the sands of time. It took them around 15 months to complete the planning part of the project, keeping in mind all the obstacles and the weather conditions. A poker player usually inhibits futuristic thinking and hence opts for efficient bankroll management so that nothing could hinder his/her progress.    

Self-confidence: History has seen many famous landmarks’ construction being opposed by the people of the place. The famous Eiffel Tower’s construction was opposed by the people of Paris, they believed that it would be a mere heap of iron. However, through the course of time, we all know the amount of admiration it receives and the same happened with the Statue of Unity. On another note, in India, many players are discouraged to pursue a professional career but they tend to count on their self-confidence and excel eventually.

To conclude, the Statue of Unity is indeed a symbol of the labour and efforts of the people who turned this project into reality, this is similar to what a poker player exhibits on the felts. The goal oriented nature, focus, and strategic thinking are the ingredients to have a successful poker career or in fact for creating such a gigantic statue.

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