Apr 24, 2019


  Cash Drive 4.0 Winners

Organized by PokerBaazi.com, the Cash Drive 4.0 is one of the top online cash games in India. Its claim to fame is that it awards the winner with Real Cash Bonus. Its fourth (and latest) edition was started on 2nd July 2018 and has now reached its halfway point before it wraps up on 22nd July 2018. During its course it has made several #Baazigars richer and we are counting on you to join this elite list today!

The Cash Drive has been a hot cake over its past three editions because of its unbeatable value-for-money proposition. Over the last couple of years, several ace poker players have won extra Real Cash Bonus on their respective online deposits. They love this game because it features several progressive levels that allow them to build up their bankrolls quickly.

Meet our winners!

The Cash Drive has always been a hard-fought cash game that involves some of the best names in Indian poker industry. This edition, aptly named Cash Drive 4.0, is living up to the legacy of the previous three editions. We now proudly present to you some of our Baazigars of Cash Drive 4.0 who have scaled the top mark over last ten days and have etched their name in history.

  • Vikranth (BORNTROUBLE)

  • Rahul Kumar (POKERADDICTIVE)

  • Akhilesh Singh (AONE1)

You could be the next in this list. You too can make history- but you need to get started now because it closes on 22nd July 2018. So the sooner you enrol, the sooner you can win!  

Levels and Targets in Cash Drive 4.0

Getting started is super easy. You only have to log-in to your PokerBaazi.com account and use a one-time deposit code- ‘CASHDRIVE4’ while making your deposit on PokerBaazi website.

Cash Drive 4.0 features 3 challenges- VIP Points Target 1, VIP Points Target 2 and two Stack Challenges. Winning each of them will award you with 100% of your deposit as real cash bonus, thus accumulating your grand share of the big prize. You can click on this link to know more: https://www.pokerbaazi.com/promotions/cash-drive

Remember, the clock is ticking…

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Daily Satellites Tournaments


Indian Poker industry, in recent times, has seen an exponential growth in terms of the guaranteed prizes being offered online. With such heavy prizes, more and more players are bound to get attracted to play these poker tournaments. And why not? Who doesn’t want to make it big overnight. Some of these biggies have a life changing prize money up top. The next and the most important question is “Can I afford the buy-in?”

 If you ask any of the great poker minds about poker, the one thing everyone would stress upon is Bankroll Management. Your Bankroll Management should give you the answer to the above question. If you haven’t made a big enough bankroll yet, it is advisable to not go for big buy-in tournaments. No, it doesn’t mean you can’t have a shot at it, you definitely can, but through more affordable ways.

 You will not find a single big tournament without Satellite tournaments. For those who are new to this concept, Satellite tournaments are step tournaments that allows you to win tickets to bigger buy-ins having paid only a fraction of the actual cost. Let’s talk about the upcoming 1 CRORE Guaranteed. The MoneyMaker tournament to be held on PokerBaazi.com on 22nd July. The high value tournament has an entry amount of 10000, however, the website is running daily step Satellite tournaments having an entry as low as 20 bucks!

Getting a ticket worth 10000 in just 20 is an insane opportunity, but here’s what might be stopping you from playing these:


  • 20 Buck Too Small: Having had played at certain stakes one might feel playing a Rs 20 buy-in too small. If you ever get this feeling, just think of winning a ticket through Satellite and saving you from the tournament variance or helping you with a reentry in case you feel at the top of your game and just the cards not going right in the first go.


  • It’s a Waste of Time: It’s again a common misconception to think Satellites as a waste of time and rather opting for a direct shot at the mega events. Well, just ask yourself “Am I here to make it big in poker?”. If the answer is yes, putting in some extra volume should be the least of your concerns.

 Don’t wait, go grab that opportunity lying in front of you. The only thing you have to keep in mind while playing Satellites is an upper limit to be spent on Satellites. You don’t wanna end up spending more than the original ticket amount!

Check out the following link to know more about the Satellites running for the flagship 1 CRORE GTD tournament: http://bit.ly/2IYAG89.

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Through the eyes of a MoneyMaker Ft. VnutsG


Cash Drive 4.0


PokerBaazi.com, India’s most trusted poker website, is not just synonymous with some of India’s biggest online tournament brands, but also known for lucrative cash game events. If you are a regular at PokerBaazi, you very well know what we are talking about and if you have not experienced it yet, you are missing a lot as a poker player. Following its tradition of back to back exciting cash game promotions, PokerBaazi has brought back CASH DRIVE from 2nd to 22nd July.

CASH DRIVE is into its fourth edition and is the most sought after event for cash game lovers. What makes it so is the fact that it involves self targets for the players instead of chasing leaderboards. Simple steps that can lead you to win up to 300% of your one time deposit. Hint the link and start your drive now: https://www.pokerbaazi.com/promotions/cash-drive.


Temperatures are not just rising for the met department, it’s going to be hot for poker players across country as they are going to experience some JHAKAAS promotions on PokerBaazi. Apart from the Cash Drive, the sixth edition of India’s premier online poker tournament, The MoneyMaker, is scheduled for 22nd July, giving you another opportunity to take a scoop from a massive 1 CRORE guaranteed prize. If you are a grinder and love tournaments, then Grinders Series is something you gotta watch out for. 32 LAC guaranteed over 7 days starting every first Monday of the month.

Like you, PokerBaazi too believes everyday is special and so does the feeling reflect in the daily tournament schedule having huge value for your bucks. If you are planning to grind out full week, here one click easy guide for you: https://www.pokerbaazi.com/tournament-schedule#sched.


Why not! PokerBaazi.com has over 22 LAC worth of real cash bonus to be distributed through prize money for FreeRoll tournaments.

From 500 to a 20K FreeRoll every night to a 50K VIP FreeRoll every Sunday to a 5 LAC VIP FreeRoll on month end, we have got it all!



One time deposit code for your entry into the CASH DRIVE.

Min Deposit is 100.


One time code to get FREE ticket to Grinders Series 5 LAC GTD Main Event on 8 July.

Min Deposit is 5000.

Withdrawal criterion is 2000 VIP points.


FREE ticket to The Endeavour 12 LAC GTD happening every Tuesday at 8 PM.

Min Deposit is 20000.

Withdrawal criterion is 10000 VIP points.

  • VEGAS10L

FREE ticket to The Vegas 10 LAC GTD happening every Wednesday at 8 PM.

Min Deposit is 10000.

Withdrawal criterion is 5000 VIP points. 

  • FR200

FREE ticket to daily 20K Depositors’ FreeRoll at 8:30 PM.

      Min Deposit is 200.

Withdrawal criterion is 200 VIP points.


Donald Trump and Kim Jong

Kim Jong-un yesterday signed a peace treaty with the US after President Donald Trump gifted him a Satellite ticket worth INR 20 to PokerBaazi.com’s famous tournament- MoneyMaker.

After months of escalating tensions between the two nations, the North Korean supremo Kim Jong-un flew last evening to Washington, DC to meet his US counterpart Donald Trump. The two leaders discussed matters related to world peace and also signed a peace agreement. This peace agreement, they told the press, “was a milestone in fostering peace and harmony between Asian and the American continents.”
We have an inside story of how this seemingly impossible development happened overnight.

We have come to know that Donald Trump and King Jong-un were invited by Russian President for a game of online poker on PokerBaazi.com. This website ranks as the most trusted online poker website in India, a country that runs a close ally to both Russia and the US.

This online game of poker had started off at 12 pm PYT (Pyongyang Time) in the North Korean capital and ended after a marathon four-hour long pursuit, in which Kim Jong-un was finally defeated after Trump’s Straight Flush of Hearts ripped through the North Korean leader’s Two Pair of Sixes and Sevens.

This historical game concluded with Donald Trump gifting a Satellite ticket worth INR 20 for PokerBaazi’s grand tournament called MoneyMaker (that starts on 22nd July 2018) to his counterpart. Jong-un expressed that he was “indeed very positive of winning” the Satellite tournament and the MoneyMaker grand event this year.

The North Korean leader later took a historical flight to Washington, DC a few hours after the game. The national leaders signed a Memorandum of Peace for stability in Asian and American regions. The US has lifted-off its decades-old sanctions with immediate effect and North Korea has responded in kind measure by putting an end to its nuclear missile program.

We hope that this peace treaty makes up for the tensions that the Asians and American regions were embroiled with over last few decades. As the two countries cool off, we put up a poker face and move on to collect our next fake news!

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