Feb 23, 2018


Besides strategies and tricks, we have come up with some habits that can cause harm to a poker player and should strictly be avoided in order to forego hurdles at play. Here is a list of habits to avoid in order to improve your game.

Don’t get ready to fold too soon

Many players get into the habit of lifting up their cards in terms of folding before it is their turn to act. Doing that, early signals that you are weak to players who have not yet acted. So, better to hold your cards for some time till it causes you no loss and then let go of it.

While you do not want to pointlessly delay action, folding cards takes a micro-second which needs no preparation. While that may not matter to you in that particular hand but it could come back to bite you in future hands. Seeing you aren't about to fold, they may figure you are strong and fold themselves, thereby leaving you an advantage.

 Don’t count chips before you bet

Getting ready to put in a bet when you have a good hand by getting the chips ready early is a strict NO. The players should not be doing this at all or any point of play. You should always delay the quick action and wait until it is your turn to act before you count out any chips you're going to use to call or raise a bet.

 Flow of emotions when you hit a strong hand

There is often a sudden and strong release of excitement when you hit strong hands. One common behavior players come up with as a manifestation of that excitement is to start talking. Many players just can't seem to refrain from playful banter when they are feeling good about their chances of winning.

No to excessive drinking of alcohol

Consuming alcohol whittles your ability to think. Habitually drinking is absolutely harmful to your game. But a beer or glass of wine from time to time might be fine, but be sure that drinking too much will restrain your ability to win. So, be careful before getting down to drinking alcohol excessively.

 Playing interactive games at the table

Many players are focused not on the action at the table but on interactive games on their tablet or phone which they play constantly. Poker does get boring when bad or inexperienced players take forever to act. Having an engaging distraction that keeps your head out of the game can only hurt you. You can try a static activity like a crossword puzzle or a book on your tablet or phone that doesn't continue without you when you are attending to the poker game. Any other ongoing game will constantly draw you away from the poker game because you can't resist the urge to continue with the other game's action and that might be offensive to others on the poker table.



Double or Nothing (DoN) tournaments are fast, fun and (seem) easy, but a little digging will reveal that there is plenty of strategies involved in playing them profitably in the long run. An easy way to build your bankroll, this new and exclusive addition by PokerBaazi- India's Most Trusted Poker Website is quickly gaining popularity in the domestic circuit. The “easy double up” notion attracts most, while the few that look harder find the dynamics of this format particularly interesting.

The risk of busting is much greater than the reward for doubling up. Paramount to this format of the game, understanding and adapting to this fact is quite often the differentiating factor between a winning and losing player. In general, playing a DoN is much like playing a regular Sit N Go, provided you remember that you are not trying to win the tournament. It is like a satellite event where you are trying to win only one out of the x number of tickets on offer.

As far as strategy is concerned, most would choose to be patient and play solid, and loosen up as the game progresses. This strategy isn’t foolproof and will invite the better players to exploit. That being said, this approach is the one that pays out most frequently. Solid, tight, disciplined poker.

Others would rather take risks and play aggressive early on with the hope of accumulating more chips. This would work well when most the players on your table are relatively tight. More often than not, this strategy leads to an early exit. Either way, what you must absolutely ensure to do is keep an eye on the blinds and antes along with your stack size, and stay afloat. Survival is key.

The money bubble in these tourneys can come within a few minutes, or could really take a while. Whenever it does come along though, things get serious. One of the remaining players leaves with nothing, while all the others get the same reward. The very same. This fact is extremely important in this format and determines what actions you should be taking with what starting hands. Depending on your stack size, you can choose to wait it out, chip up, or find yourself desperate for a double. Either way, the aim is to hold on for just one more knock-out.

Players who are relatively new to the game of poker can choose this format owing to the reduced necessity to play many hands. In addition, they serve as a great bankroll builder. These games are now very accessible and are available in buy-in ranges of INR 550 to INR 5,500 on the PokerBaazi gaming client. Technically speaking, winning 6 out of 10 times lands you a profit.

The dynamics of any poker game require adjusting and readjusting, and these DoNs can be cracked by thinking through the structure and bubble dynamics, and then ‘out-adjusting’ your opponents. There is no perfect way to play these tournaments, but a lot depends on the players at the table and your ability to distinguish skill levels and playing patterns. Avoid making mistakes with your stack early on, and just remember, all you have to do is survive. Make it through half the field and you’ve got double your money’s worth.


The recently launched “Double or Nothing” tournaments on PokerBaazi.com have attracted a fair number of players and for good reason. Popularly known as a DoN (Double or Nothing), this unique tournament is a relatively easier way for players to double their money simply by finishing in the top half of the field. A good player will record at least an 80% win rate on a reasonable sample size.

How these DoNs work is simple. Once a player registers to the event and takes their seat, the game begins much like a tournament, with binds and antes increasing steadily, putting pressure on everyone’s stack. Once late registration ends and the number of entries is determined, the goal of the tournament is to finish in the top half of the field. Doing so gives you double your investment while failing to do so leaves you empty-handed.

The format is not too hard to adjust to, and these games are the easiest to multi-table. The strategy involved is very mechanical, and survival is key. A general and profitable approach to the game is to play super tight early on, steal more often in the middle stages, and adapt a push/fold strategy towards the end. ICM and bubble dynamics are extremely important in this format, as finishing at the bottom of the top half is no different from finishing in first place.

PokerBaazi.com has scheduled these Double or Nothing tournaments throughout the day, with buy-ins ranging from INR 550 to INR 5,500. These tournaments offer an additional late registration period of 5 minutes. Players start with 25 big blinds and the format of the event is a Hyper-Turbo one. DoNs are very popular amongst players looking for a quick double-up on their investment, as well as the regulars, who will dig deep and learn that the format of the game does require a certain strategy in order to maximize profits in the long run.

Visit the PokerBaazi.com tournament lobby for the complete schedule of these new and exclusive events, and get building today!

See you at the tables #Baazigars!

PokerBaazi.com never fails to give its players an intriguing time! So, after the success of the MoneyMaker, the portal introduces Hi Octane October. This month, join the action on PokerBaazi.com and stand a chance to win the massive prizes on offer.

Playing tournaments are fun, entertaining and at the same time an extremely competitive format of the game. After all, the poker landscape readily associates with exceptionally good and proficient poker players who represent India in some of the most prestigious tournaments scheduled globally.

Hi Octane October on PokerBaazi.com is the perfect promotion to learn, play, and win from an all-new range of tournaments. The promotion offers stellar rewards in the form of daily leaderboard races, monthly prizes, and a chance to win an iPhone X!

A new range of tournaments have been structured and scheduled to run through the month (1st of October till the 31st of October.) It will feature a Daily Leaderboard Race, where the winner will receive a bankroll of INR 20,000 every day. The player who tops the Leaderboard 5 days in a week will get an iPhone X. There are 3 such phones to be won. More details on the Hi Octane October promo can be found on the link below: https://www.pokerbaazi.com/promotions/leaderboard-rewards

Furthermore, the BIG Series with weekly Guarantees worth 28 LAC is here to increase your adrenaline rush! Win all 6 types of The Big tournaments in a month and win an extra INR 5 LAC!! Check the outlay from the following link: https://www.pokerbaazi.com/promotions/the-big

A unique tournament format to double your stack has also been lined up. The DOUBLE OR NOTHING tournament allows top half of the entrants get doubled up. The detailed structure can be glimpsed at https://www.pokerbaazi.com/promotions/double-or-nothing

Finally, Leaderboard prizes worth INR 10 Lac will be rewarded over the duration of the month, with a cool INR 1 Lac for first place and INR 50,000 to the three most valuable players during the course of this promotion. 

 Get your hands on action, you have a great chance to win big!

Poker in the country has grown to become extremely popular, and recent events continue to indicate that this growth is fast rising. PokerBaazi.com received an incredible response from players across the country in the recently concluded online poker tournament The MoneyMaker.

The event promised a whopping INR 1 Crore Prizepool and a top prize of INR 25 Lac, the largest ever to be recorded in Indian poker. Not only were these numbers unheard of, they were also beaten! 1219 total entries, a total of nearly INR 1.22 Crore, and a top prize of a jaw dropping INR 30.47 Lac is what was on offer!

Sunday night saw 800 poker players from across the country take a shot at the coveted bracelet, title and juicy prize-pool offered by The MoneyMaker. It took over 11 hours to crown the winner, Champion of The MoneyMaker – Anuj “aatmaan” Kodam. In addition to the hefty top prize of INR 30.27 Lac, Anuj wins himself the bracelet, title and a place in the history books. Facing him in the heads up battle was former PokerBaazi Team Pro Paawan “ukissmyace” Bansal, who received INR 18.77 Lac for his second place finish.

The MoneyMaker took the poker community by storm, recording figures that were shocking to most. A cap of 800 unique entries to the event proved to be inadequate- a scenario that was by no means anticipated. An additional 419 re-entries to the event took the total number of entries to 1219. With a higher entry cap, this number would have been bigger!

While there were many players that were unable to register to the event, this overwhelming turnout means so much for the game of poker in India. A turnout like this one only means that next time, it’ll be bigger. It’ll be grander. And it’ll me meatier. The event created history and is a benchmark for what’s in store next.

PokerBaazi.com is absolutely delighted with the response shown by the poker community in the country. The event inspires us to give more to the community, and together, recreate history. We sincerely apologize to those players who were unable to register in time, and will ensure that moving forward such instances do not arise. We would like to thank everyone for making the event such a grand success, and truly believe that this is only the beginning. See you at the tables #Baazigars.

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