Feb 25, 2018


Poker in the country has grown to become extremely popular, and recent events continue to indicate that this growth is fast rising. PokerBaazi.com received an incredible response from players across the country in the recently concluded online poker tournament The MoneyMaker.

The event promised a whopping INR 1 Crore Prizepool and a top prize of INR 25 Lac, the largest ever to be recorded in Indian poker. Not only were these numbers unheard of, they were also beaten! 1219 total entries, a total of nearly INR 1.22 Crore, and a top prize of a jaw dropping INR 30.47 Lac is what was on offer!

Sunday night saw 800 poker players from across the country take a shot at the coveted bracelet, title and juicy prize-pool offered by The MoneyMaker. It took over 11 hours to crown the winner, Champion of The MoneyMaker – Anuj “aatmaan” Kodam. In addition to the hefty top prize of INR 30.27 Lac, Anuj wins himself the bracelet, title and a place in the history books. Facing him in the heads up battle was former PokerBaazi Team Pro Paawan “ukissmyace” Bansal, who received INR 18.77 Lac for his second place finish.

The MoneyMaker took the poker community by storm, recording figures that were shocking to most. A cap of 800 unique entries to the event proved to be inadequate- a scenario that was by no means anticipated. An additional 419 re-entries to the event took the total number of entries to 1219. With a higher entry cap, this number would have been bigger!

While there were many players that were unable to register to the event, this overwhelming turnout means so much for the game of poker in India. A turnout like this one only means that next time, it’ll be bigger. It’ll be grander. And it’ll me meatier. The event created history and is a benchmark for what’s in store next.

PokerBaazi.com is absolutely delighted with the response shown by the poker community in the country. The event inspires us to give more to the community, and together, recreate history. We sincerely apologize to those players who were unable to register in time, and will ensure that moving forward such instances do not arise. We would like to thank everyone for making the event such a grand success, and truly believe that this is only the beginning. See you at the tables #Baazigars.

Phil Hellmuth, Tom Dwan, Steffen Sontheimer, Phil Ivey; what does it pop in your mind when you think of these eminent names? Made the way to huge win? Well, of Course, the best poker players in the world with huge impressive numbers to their kitty.

Are you prepared? Because PokerBaazi is here with an exclusive opportunity to crown you with the MoneyMaker tag. Register yourself to India’s biggest online poker tournament – The MoneyMaker, promising a massive prize pool of 1 Crore. You have few more days to wrap up your stuff because the event will keep you engaged on 1st of October, starting at 9 pm sharp.

A big opportunity has knocked at your door, what are you waiting for? A small amount of money can lead you to win the biggest tournament. Giving you the outlay of extreme possibilities to grab a free ticket to the tournament: play the daily satellites held on PokerBaazi.com for as low as INR 10. Likewise, players playing simple contests on the PokerBaazi Facebook page can also secure you a free ticket. And on a deposit of INR 30,000 or more using the code “MONEYMAKER”.

The mammoth online tournament is predicted to attract anywhere from 700-1000 amateurs, professionals and recreational poker players from across the country. A buy-in amount of INR 11,000 gives you a seat to this prestigious event along with a shot at creating poker history.  The first-place finisher is to be rewarded with a massive 25 LAC GTD. The prize amount is so far the biggest for a single tournament. The hot shot is worth playing!

The event will be hosted online on PokerBaazi.com, and players can choose to play either by downloading the poker app on their desktops or phones (IOS or android) or by simply using the “Play Now” option available on the PokerBaazi.com website page.

Poker games at times bring you down to situations where players are supposed to come with spontaneous actions, many stressful plays and also requires high concentration.

The ability of decision-making is a key ingredient for the players out there, and this is must be attained. There are many techniques that could be excelled through experience but some that could be attained by your diet.

Poker can help meet all the expectations you list. Apart from that, it provides you entertainment, money, and a way to meet new friends. However, one thing that poker games can’t help you with is staying in shape and enough of energy that a poker player demands.

Poker is a very sedentary activity where people sit around for longer periods of time without burning any calories. To reduce this stress we have motioned a quick healthy routine one should follow in order to keep your brain healthy, focused and working optimally for maximum wins and mastering the Texas hold’em Poker game and other variants of poker too.

Drink a Lot                                                     

Well, when it is stated drink a lot, we nowhere mean that players target on hard drinks but normal water, tea or coffee. Drinking a lot of water is important because when you sit at the tables either playing online poker tournaments or the live poker games, it can get your body rejuvenated, also, will keep you awake and much more alert.

For the extra boost and energy, players should stick to tea or coffee as it works well with stress on the heart. Also, players should be aware that the consumption of sodas and fruit juices can lead to high blood sugar then suddenly drop which is due to the high content of sugar that can affect poker playing skills.

Focus on Eating Habits

Aiming to get best poker sequences should be listed second here because the prior thing to think of is a healthy diet first. Why? Because, players are often traveling and living with unhealthy diet – junks all the time. A big no to junks, hands-on healthy food players!

Make sure to have complete meals three times a day. Additionally, eat light snacks in between to refuel your batteries. The players should be eating every couple of hours to maintain the energy levels so that they can focus better.

Make sure that you are having a moderate sized meal before you sit for the game. You will agree to it, eat less as you tend to be more alert when your stomach is not full.

Increase Your Sleep Hours

A tournament can make you sit constantly for 10- 12 hours that too with high concentration and stressful situations. After all, money cannot be piled that easily! Though it’s fun as every poker hand gets intriguing as the time passes, pretty much-indulging things tend to be. To deal with these hard situations, players should make sure that they have a complete round of 8 hours peaceful sleep. Not sleeping properly can bulge you too vague decisions and keep your emotions on an even keel.

Moreover, overdosing can also hurt your performances and lead you to difficult downswings like the unnecessary anger, depression, aggressiveness and uncontrollable emotions.

So, Poker lovers have a balanced blend of sleep, food, and drinks so that you give a splendid performance in the poker table.



A tiny amount of your stack can lead you to bag a huge amount. Don’t believe us? The MoneyMaker will be soon here to surprise you all. Grab the chance to get "Raees" within a few hours of play this week.

With the launch of the biggest poker tournament in the history of poker landscape, PokerBaazi has set a tough benchmark! Adding spark to it, the portal has come up with a magnetic offer for poker folks. A ticket worth RS 11000 of 1 Cr GTD The MoneyMaker, is to be given FREE on a deposit of 30,000 using bonus code 'MONEYMAKER'.

PokerBaazi.com is hosting the biggest online poker tournament - The MoneyMaker. The tournament features a stunning guaranteed prize-pool of Rs 1 Crore which is scheduled at 9 pm, October 1st.

The MoneyMaker, the first ever tournament has rocketed the excitement of our poker players already. The event is expected to pull of 800-1000 poker players from across the country. Moneymaker guarantees an overwhelming top prize of no less than RS 25 LAC; so far the largest and hefty amount ensured by PokerBaazi.com.

PokerBaazi.com is conducting impressive challenges which give way to players to win free tickets to this mammoth event. So, you can have a shot at a Rs 25 LAC prize amount; you never know when a coin can flip favoring you! Players can participate in the challenges that PokerBaazi Facebook page conducts every day and stand an opportunity to win free tickets to the occasion!

Apart from the Facebook contests, online satellite-tournaments or step-satellites are scheduled on PokerBaazi.com which gives players a chance at winning their way to a ticket for an investment of only Rs 10! Yes, this little investment can roll you closer to your dreams.

Yo folks, finally after a lot of deep runs after Vegas and playing solid poker, we finished on top in one of the side events at DPT by shipping the bounty event and the sweetest thing about this win is that in all my visits to Goa I have never seen a louder and cheerful rail and all I can say is lungi is humbled by all the love!

Now coming to whats on top of my mind and probably almost most poker players in India, The MoneyMaker which is slated on the 1st of October only on Pokerbaazi.com, India's most trusted poker website. 1 Crore GTD and a beautiful structure make it a no miss. Leading to The MoneyMaker, I have taken a few days off from my routine and stationed in Chennai at the moment and spending lot of time on watching training videos and analysing hand histories. Having not won any major event on home turf, what better time to run good, play good and take a shot at the sweet prizepool for just a buy in of 11k. Come join me in this epic tourney on the 1st of October at 9 pm and yes if you bust me in my last bullet in this tournament you get a 25k bankroll on PokerBaazi.com. Let's go!

If you haven't yet checked the amazing promotions surrounding this mega event, you are missing out on something big. You can get a ticket worth RS 11000 of 1 Cr GTD The MoneyMaker FREE on a deposit of 30,000 using bonus code 'MONEYMAKER.' Apart from the Facebook contests, online satellite-tournaments & step-satellites are scheduled on PokerBaazi.com which gives players a chance at winning their way to a ticket for an investment of only Rs 10! 

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