Apr 10, 2020

Awesome Reasons Why You Must Date A Poker Player

Dating can be really stressful these days. A great partner is hard to find. And sometimes when you find that soulmate of yours, his unusual occupation may be a deal breaker. But listen up ladies! A poker player is a keeper.  If you are attracted to intelligent men, dating a poker player would be a delight. Poker players are smart, strategic and earn money through skill games. They make the best partners. Read on to know how.

Oh, No temper tantrums!!

Poker players have a rigid self-control. At the poker table, he has seen and experienced everything, lost huge stacks of money, and he seems completely sane. And playing poker is not everybody’s cup of tea. One must learn the art of masking their emotions while playing which is not very easy. So, he is not the one who will throw random temper tantrums, and he is someone who will not get annoyed very easily. 

No office romance- Goodbye insecurities!!

If you are worried about him being attracted to a hot colleague, well you wouldn’t have to. 

I Am Going To Be Debt Free- Yay!

When your partner is a professional poker player, money is not an issue, and no amount is too high for him. So, if you have your heart set on a cute designer dress which is a little out of the budget, it will not faze him. 

Who doesn’t like to travel?

Poker tournaments are held in some of the most exotic locations in the world- Vegas, Prague, Ireland, Macau, etc. So, all your travel destinations will be envy-worthy. 

Budget management- Stress no more!!

If you think just because he is a poker player, he doesn’t know how to handle his money; then you are absolutely wrong. Poker players are excellent at managing the money. He will know how to budget and safeguard the finances flawlessly. 

Aww, he's just that into you

His office environment consists of playing poker with some unknown people or playing poker online. So, when you tell him all the interesting stories about your day, he will be genuinely interested. And if you want him to tag along for an office party or just to hang out with your friends, he will go with you without any fuss. 

Sapiosexual- Smart is the new sexy

Your guy is incredibly intelligent. He plays poker for a living, studying his opponents all day and getting inside their head to win it. So, just imagine how high his IQ is. He is definitely a catch.

Managing the house- Well that's just awesome

Since your partner’s timings are extremely flexible, he can help you manage the house. Both of you can easily divide the chores and run the house smoothly. And this means less fighting and more time for some romance. 



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