Apr 02, 2020

#AwesomeAutumn Lives Up To Its Name For Poker Players As PokerBaazi Rolls Out Prizes!

 #AwesomeAutumn Winners

Blazing its way to all success, our #AwesomeAutumn campaign was a money-spinning fest and several poker players cashed-in big time to make it quite a moment for them!

#AwesomeAutumn featured two exciting Leaderboards called Major and Minor and capping Leaderboard prizes worth a staggering INR 17 LACS in all. This included poker packages to Australia and scores of other attractive prizes. Not only this, players also enjoyed an exclusive 25% extra Real Cash Bonus (up to a maximum of INR 25,000 bonus) using code NEWAPP.

The Winners

Here’s the list of all our Baazigars who had dared to take the road less travelled by and ended up creating a name for themselves in the process. We extend our heartiest congratulations to them!

AkshaySherlock52’ Nasa won the Australian Package worth INR 5LAC and NeerajSelfClaimedPro’ Kumar won the Australian Package worth INR 2.5LAC. The duo was followed closely by ‘TheHungryKind who won an iPhone X.

The Minor Leaderboard was led by Vinay ‘vinay09’ Rajpal who won an Australian package worth 2 LAC. Closing-in on him was ‘AKJ290’ who won an iPhone X.

There are several other winners too who have won big with us and you can find their names below:

#OffbeatOctober: Bigger and Better

PokerBaazi is introducing its new campaign today called #OffbeatOctober and it shall feature some of the best player-centric initiatives that you could only come to expect of us. Here are some of its salient features:

  • There are three Leaderboards- one Major and two Minor Leaderboards. The Major LB features a 5 LAC Real Cash prize and the two Minor LBs feature a 2.5 LAC Real Cash prize each.
  1. The Minor Leaderboard comes in two avatars- the Minor Dawn Leaderboard and the Minor Dusk. The Major LB features a 5 LAC Real Cash Prize and the two Minor LBs feature a 2.5 LAC Real Cash prize each.
  2. The Minor Dawn will include tournaments hosted between 8 AM and 7 PM, while the Minor Dusk leaderboard shall correspond to tournaments from 7 PM to 8 AM (including the tournaments starting at 7 PM).
  • We are unveiling the PokerBaazi Premier League Autumn’18 Edition from 15th to 21st October, featuring a jaw-dropping INR 5+ CRORE Guaranteed prize pool.
  • Just to remind you, the Yearly Leaderboard carries a brand-new Harley Davidson for the winner. Here are the details: https://www.pokerbaazi.com/ppl
  • The series famous for its small buy-ins and enormous wins, the Grinders 40LAC Guaranteed Series is coming to stun you with its high-voltage tournaments from 1st October to 7th We have made an exclusive webpage for the same: https://www.pokerbaazi.com/baazi-grinders-series
  • We have tweaked some of our tournaments to suit your fancies, and here they go:
  1. The newly-launched Bout 10 LAC Guaranteed starts every Monday at 8 PM and offers a buy-in as low as INR 4000+400.
  2. FriYAY 5 LAC Guaranteed every Friday at 8 PM with a buy-in of 1500+150.
  3. The Vegas online poker tournament now has 10 LAC Guaranteed up for grabs.


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