Mar 29, 2020

Busy vs Productive Players in Online Poker: Which One Are You?

Busy vs Productive Player in Poker Busy vs Productive Player in Poker

Goal setting in online poker games, being a prime essential in your poker strategy needs to be done the smart way so that you tick all the right boxes at once. Playing 1000 hands a day or spending 10-12 hours on the felts of poker alone won’t help, instead, it might ruin your game altogether. 

Hence, if you really have eyes on the big win in an online poker tournament, it is important to set goals that are relevant, achievable and are entirely under your control to see positive results in your next game of poker.

With the big guns such as the EndBoss and the National Poker Series knocking around the corner this season, it’s vital that you set clear goals and form relevant poker strategy that includes not just reviewing your online poker game or playing a certain number of hands per day but also deciding important elements like the stakes you wish to play for.

Meanwhile, if you are on the lookout for high stakes tournaments with great buy ins, check out our upcoming tournaments, EndBoss and National Poker Series (NPS) and take home some big winnings. 

There’s a fine line between a busy and productive poker player. This infographic contains small but relevant pointers to ship your next online poker game or tournament in the right direction. So, let’s welcome a healthy dose of inspiration to kick-start your game this week on PokerBaazi and get rid of any potential flaws in your current poker routine, if any. 

Busy vs Productive Players


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