Apr 09, 2020

Check Out The Five Poker Tells That Are Overlooked By The Best Players!

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Being A Keen Observer Can Take You Places!

A huge difference between live poker and online poker is that you cannot easily get the ‘tells’. Although the most tangible, physical tells cannot be noticed in online poker, there’s a lot that is given away even by the best players.

Let Us Discuss A Few of The Poker Tells That Are Given Away on The Digital Felts:


Bets in the post-flop are a big tell. It becomes a little tricky to decipher what is going on in your opponent’s mind. Some of them may bet bigger amounts with good hands to pass their move as a bluff or to earn a larger payoff. Other kind of players would be someone who bets generously in relation to the size of the pot with a bluff so that no one calls it.

Check-raising on the river

The reliability of this tell is really high. If you find yourself check-raised on the river while you are in possession of decent but not nutted hands, it is time to exit that hand. There are high chances that the raiser will have the absolute nuts or have relatively strong holdings.

Limp-calling frequently

Poker is not made for passive players. A passive player could win occasionally but their win rate will be pretty low. If a player is having a passive approach and is limp-calling when someone before him/her raises, he is not doing a good job at the table.

Long pause, followed by a big raise

A player in pursuit of showing that he/she has weaker hands, gives away the biggest tell of all. Most of the times, he/she is in possession of a premium hand and is ready to take you down.

Big blind auto check

People usually auto check or fold if they have trashy hands. Players choose to do so if they are trying not to waste their time on poor holdings.

Look for these tells the next time you sit on a poker table. We are sure it will help you strategize better!

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