Apr 02, 2020

Disconnected from an online poker game? Here is a guide for you

Playing poker is already a fretful experience and issues with the internet connection while playing poker online can make it worse. Unfortunately, if you have faced this problem or being an extra cautious looking for any related information on the internet, then you are at the right platform. We bring you a few steps to follow if you ever get disconnected from the internet when playing poker online.

Get the hint

If you are wondering that why the flow of the game is normal? If there are no cards being dealt or no bets or there are no chats from the other players, then bang on as you are no more connected to the game.

Don’t lose focus

The first thing you need to take care when you get disconnected while playing poker is not to panic and lose focus. You need to calm down and stay in an aura of the game. Don’t let the stupid things run over in your mind and better take a walk or a glass of water.

Find the problem

If you are no more connected to the game then there are two things which need to be considered. Either there are internet issues from your side or there could be issues in poker sites where you are playing.

How to find?

Launch a new web browser and search for anything, if you are able to search then your internet is completely fine and there are issues in a poker site. You can re-launch the poker application if it is no more there.

Steps to follow if there are issues in your internet:

  • Abandon the poker application
  • Connect to the internet again
  • You need to start the application again
  • Sign in once again to the poker site you were using
  • If you sign in and not directed to your table, then you can find your table with the “find a player” option.
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