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Distractions To Avoid While Playing Poker

Poker is a difficult game. It is important that you pay attention to the hands, the ones you are in and the ones you are not in. Attention to detail is paramount. Poker games are long and so players who are not strictly disciplined can easily get distracted. To be a successful poker player, tournament or online, it is important to keep distractions to a minimum. Here are a few distractions to look out for:

    •    Noise

The noise coming out in any form, be it from TV, music, chatty players, and the crowd, needs to be kept to a minimum. Poker rooms are usually full of these distractions. This can keep you from focusing on the game. Unfortunately, you just can’t tell people to shut up during the game or lower the music in the poker room. All you can do is make yourself immune to these noisy distractions. Some players use headphones to cut out all the noise.

    •    Drinks

You think that having a drink or two while playing is harmless. Alcohol lowers your inhibitions and makes you lose your focus. You might think that you are not drunk but it might take a toll on your bankroll. So, don’t drink and play poker.

    •    Chasing losses

Many poker players fall victim to this distraction. After a few bad sessions, they try to chase their losses. It can work sometimes, but mostly moving the stakes up after short-term losses can result in force backing. 

    •    Bodily Functions

It might not seem a big distraction right now, but everyone knows that it is hard to pay attention when you are trying to ‘hold it in’. Many players refuse to leave just because they are so into the game and can’t afford to miss a hand. So, instead of holding your bodily functions and losing the focus, it is better to take care of your business first and then return to the game.

There is not a single correct way to avoid all the distractions while playing poker. All you can do is try some measures to stay focused. Don’t abuse the opportunity of multi-table online poker tournaments. Be it, playing with your kids or pets, or watching a baseball game, or talking to your wife about the weekend plans, all these situations are unfavorable for a poker player. Always play poker in a quiet environment where you are away from all these distractions.



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