Jan 26, 2020

Introducing Baazi Care: Play Poker to the Fullest with Responsible Gaming

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PokerBaazi is here to help you play your cards right, on and off the felts

Playing poker is a lot of fun, especially when you can outskill your opponents at the felts. But the game of poker has much more to it. Along with effective bankroll management, knowing when to play and how much of your time and money to invest in the game is an essential component of enjoying your experience to the fullest.

At PokerBaazi, we aim to provide you with a wholesome gaming experience, which includes preempting and curbing any potential negative effects associated with playing the game recklessly. This includes tools that let you set your limits to the deposits you make, adjust your stake preferences at cash and OFC tables, as well take a poker break whenever you deem it necessary. You can request changes to these limits so that the way you manage your playing evolves with the way you play.

 Here’s more about PokerBaazi’s Responsible Gaming tools and how you can use them to improve the way you play poker.

Setting Deposit Limits

Setting your deposit limits lets you manage your bankroll effectively while playing poker online. We let you set caps on your deposit limit and transaction count per day, per week and per month. Use them to your advantage based on your playing style.

  • If you find that you have a propensity to grind for long stretches of time despite losing, set your daily deposit limit to a lower amount.
  • If you find yourself chasing losses often, limit the amount of deposits you make over the span of a week or a month.
  • If you have a tendency to get carried away while gaming for long stretches, limit the number of transactions you can make.

Setting Cash Table And OFC Table Limits

Cash and OFC tables may carry a lot of thrills when the stakes are high, but it’s important to be wise about the way you play. We let you decide the highest stakes at which you can play and encourage you to choose wisely.  Always have your bankroll in mind when setting your stake preferences.

  • It’s advisable to have at least 20-40 times the buy-in for whatever stakes you play at in your bankroll.
  • If you find yourself losing consistently at any particular stakes, consider lowering the stakes you play at by a level or two.
  • Be wary - playing higher stakes to recuperate losses made at a certain level might cause you further harm.

Poker Break

The excess of anything may cause harm, and the same holds true for the game of poker. If gaming starts to become a hindrance in your daily life or causes hurt to the people around you, it might be time to take a break from the felts. We give you the option to self-exclude by deactivating your profile for any cool-down period of your choice and tackling overindulgence.

  • If you’re using money allocated to necessities food, rent or tuition to play poker, it’s time for a poker break.
  • If you’re playing till you lose your last rupee or neglecting your personal welfare for poker, it’s time for a poker break.
  • If you’re playing using borrowed funds or have been feeling self-destructive, we strongly advise you to take a poker break.

Baazi Care

If self-regulation seems difficult through the tools of Responsible Gaming and you seem to be facing problems or gaming becomes a crutch, reach out to the PokerBaazi team and we will connect you to one of our Baazi Care expert counsellors. They can help you through any emotional, physical and mental struggles you might be facing in your personal and professional lives, and guide you towards well being. Whatever you go through, our team is only a call or e-mail away.

PokerBaazi’s Responsible Gaming Vision

PokerBaazi sees itself as an equal stakeholder in your wellbeing and aims to share the responsibility when it comes to Responsible Gaming. For this reason, our policies and procedures are framed keeping in mind any risks our players may face. Our systems work to monitor deposit, gameplay and stake level patterns and we try to personally interact with players anytime a deviation or any other concern is detected. And we’re working to make this even better as we move forward.

As we strive towards building an ecosystem that helps you play better poker, we’re evolving our Responsible Gaming tools to make them more intuitive, efficient and seamless. This means that you can expect a robust system that uses data and automation to detect if any player that needs to incorporate the features of PokerBaazi’s Responsible Gaming hasn’t done so yet, and mitigates any potential damage by automatically adjusting their gaming parameters to enhance their poker experience.

Here’s to making poker more fun, more rewarding and more responsible.

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