Feb 29, 2020

Get Real And Up-Close With Baazi Rewards!

Baazi Rewards

Released yesterday, Baazi Rewards are an innovative system of loyalty rewards by PokerBaazi.com, India’s most trusted online poker website. They will incentivize poker players as they continue to play poker and go up the ladder over time. The more they play, the bigger they can win under the company’s latest reward program.

PokerBaazi has offered two categories to choose from, called LOYALTY REWARDS PROGRAM and CASHBACK. The former is the default mode and it shall reward a player on a ‘lifetime’ basis while the latter shall provide Cashback on a weekly basis, depending on the time spent on the cash games. 

Players selecting the LOYALTY REWARDS PROGRAM can go on to win a Jaguar supercar, tour packages to major poker destinations around the world including the Sin City, ICC Cricket World Cup package and some cool gadgets like iPhones and One Plus. The best thing is that their performances will not be measured in a particular time-frame and as such, they can let their patience be their strength as they go about their own way of winning their target.

Those choosing the CASHBACK option will get weekly Cashback as applicable. Their respective accounts will be auto-credited every Monday morning- and the same would be calculated as per their volume of play in the previous week.  

You can thus choose to be rewarded on a weekly or a lifetime basis, but you can only switch to another category only once a calendar month.

  1. LOYALTY REWARDS PROGRAM- because your dream doesn’t have an expiry date

Our Loyalty Rewards Program is the default mode of rewards system and it features several Loyalty Reward Levels. Your Reward Points start adding up the moment you start playing your first cash game and place your first bet.

 What about the levels?

  • Each of these levels would feature a prize that an eligible player can claim or else, he can accumulate it for subsequent levels to encash something bigger.
  • The Levels feature 20% to 50% Rake back in the form of different prizes. There are certain pre-fixed Premium Levels which offer up to 50% Rake back and translate upwards into cool gadgets like iPhones, a trip to Las Vegas or even a Jaguar.
  • Your Reward Points would all add up as you go up.
    For e.g., if someone has cleared Level 1 (Requirement: 20 Reward Points), he would be eligible for the prize allocated for Level 1. The player can either claim the prize or else he can continue to play for Level 2 (Requirement: 40 Reward Points) to claim an even bigger prize. This goes for all subsequent levels.
  • Prizes: PokerBaazi has tried to include almost everything that makes you wow with excitement. From Vegas to Australia, we have the poker world waiting for you. From a Honda City to a Jaguar, we have set the drive for you. Other prizes include ICC World Cup package, a Bahama Island Cruise, iPhone, MacBook, tournament tickets and lots of real cash prizes. Please visit https://www.pokerbaazi.com/baazi-rewards-info to check out the prizes.
  • No Tax Burden: The good thing is PokerBaazi will bear the tax on the prizes including cars and thus makes it an even easier catch for you.
  • We understand patience is a virtue and we have thus come up with a message that nothing is impossible for those who have set their minds to win a Jaguar or a trip to Vegas with us. It’s all possible and you alone can do it!

If players choose to switch to our alternative Reward System (called the CASHBACK) anytime in a calendar month, they will lose the progress they would have made in Loyalty Rewards Program.

  1. CASHBACK- you win it, you keep it!

 One size does not fit all and that’s why we are also awarding those players who play for longer hours in a week and love to see their bankroll swell every week. Under our CASHBACK program, we are giving 10% to 40% rakeback to you every week depending on your playing volume during the previous week.

 How it works?

  • The Reward Points cycle shall run from Monday 12:00 AM to Sunday 11:59 PM.
  • You can play and win as much as you want but your points would get converted to Cash Back every Monday at 7:00 AM. It means that you would wake up on every Monday morning with an amount comprising your Cash Back amount and directly credited in your PokerBaazi account.
  • The cashback will vary from 10% to 40% depending on your Reward Points earned in a week. Please visit the aforementioned link to know more.

Please note that if you switch to Loyalty Reward Levels in-between a week, you would lose all your progress in the CASHBACK Program.

Advantage You!

You can always choose to switch once every month between the two aforementioned Reward schemes. However, you cannot switch back within the same calendar month once you have switched.

With PokerBaazi, being a proficient player is always a function of winning big. Aside of making you a proficient online poker player in India, we expect you to go up the learning curve and start winning online games and tournaments. You always have an advantage of choosing both your target and your path with us. This is your time to take a positive decision and be special- trust us, you would always come back to remember this day with pride in your eyes!

Baazi Rewards is ‘Redefining the grand’. Start your journey now!

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