Apr 10, 2020

How Can Poker Skills Help You in Other Walks of Life?

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Six Virtues of Poker

Playing Poker doesn’t only mean that you can try a hand or two and be a millionaire overnight. The game can help you develop some serious life skills that will take you ahead in your journey. From dedication to discipline, the game teaches it all. Not only interpersonal but entrepreneurial skills also get polished over time as you play on. Here are a few learnings that the game offers to help you in other walks of life:


Nothing on this planet defines patience is a virtue like a game of Poker. The odds may or may not be in your favour but by being patient you can even achieve the impossible. We have been taught patience and endurance as principles throughout our lives and Poker puts both of it into practice. Just like life, you can’t be sure about being dealt a good hand always. But with a lot of patience and skills, you can easily conquer the felts.


Calling a Bluff requires strong observational skills and finesse in executing the art of reading people’s minds and body language. Several renowned Poker players have shared how Poker has helped them become more observant in life and notice things to the minutest of detail, ensuring that there’s hardly anything that can be missed, thereby reducing the scope for errors.


You miss one moment and you may miss out on a life-changing moment. That’s all that it comes down to – focus, it’s one of those things that can make or break a deal. Winning cannot always be ensured but if you are focused, you can read the signs and turn things in your favour.


You can be successful more than you can imagine if you are sensible. Staying put is good but sometimes quitting when there’s time seems to be a better choice. Poker helps you see a clear picture and weigh your options so that whatever targets you set are feasible in nature.


Poker is a game where you can’t be emotional at all because it will give way to your intentions. By playing Poker, you can get control over your emotions and become resilient, humble, reasonable and a person of integrity.  


What’s life without taking risks? But it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to be sensible about it. A well-calculated risk is something that can never harm you, in the game or in life. Trust your instincts, assess the situation, and go for it.

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