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How poker is related to life?

Poker is a game swarmed with excitements, amazements, thrills, marvels, tremors, being lousy or perhaps just hoping with joys. It is notorious for its roller-coaster rides across the world. It is played for its challenges and remarkable skills. As in real life, people may not always be open about their feelings for you. Analogous in poker where it is not just about you and you have to be very attentive of people around you. Likewise to this anecdote, we bring you a few more comparisons on how playing poker is related to real life.

  • You are enforced to take decisions based on your interpretations and experiences
  • You can never control the cards or situations you are dealt with but you can control how you play your cards or how you react to situations
  • You know you have given your best but the outcomes can still be unbearably wrong. The best thing you can do after that is to keep making the best possible choices
  • Poker is like life, most people don't learn from their mistakes, they only recognize them- Cem Arel
  • Luck can sometimes give you a perfect hand or that perfect opportunity, but it's the skill of playing your cards right that wins you the game
  • You might face a bad breakup or your Aces get cracked sometimes
  • Probability rules life and probability rules poker
  • We tend to overthink in both poker and in real life
  • Who you know is more significant than what you know
  • It's wise to learn from your mistakes but you will not learn anything from whining over the past
  • Poker game is always not fair
  • It’s not about the Destination, It’s the Journey
  • Know when to quit
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