Feb 29, 2020

How Poker Makes You More Focused at Work?


"Researchers and psychiatrists conclude that playing Poker rewires your brain and helps you to focus, and to be more disciplined and logical at work."

Poker is an at least 200-year-old, skill-based card game that has seen a massive surge on the competitive landscape of other card-based games over last few decades across the world. This game is a close derivative of skill, dexterity and a deep insight into human psychology. One can choose to play poker through its different variants as per one’s choice but one can be rest assured that the experience will be unique and that the joy of winning would be a constant.

Real Poker has a special charm reserved for novice learners. They would find it a blockbuster of a card game when it comes to acquiring superior human and micromanagement skill sets like analytical thinking, bettering focus, and improve decision-making skills. Its significance is also boosted by an increase in players’ softer skills (like quicker and rational thinking skills) and some welcome money-management skills.

Turn Houseful into Full House

Poker is best when played with friends and family, and the more players that can chip-in, the merrier it becomes. Researchers and psychiatrists have concluded that apart from its immediate and consequent effects, this game remodels our brains for quicker and rational thinking. It also gears the neurons in our brains to respond quickly to multitasking, prioritizing resources and micro-management of resources. 

  1. Faster and more accurate decision making

People who play it as a skill-based card game often have better analytical and reasoning skills. Since these skills are learnt overtime, they become their second nature.

  1. Quickly adapting to changing environments

To play Poker means to be on your toes all the time, albeit mentally. You get instant gratification for all your decisions and thus reading others’ body language and gauging their psychology in real time becomes your second-nature.

  1. It boosts your creativity and logical thinking

Playing Poker means you can never go back to be the same person you were before learning the game. You will become a more evolved strategically entity and you can translate this valuable trait in your everyday life.

  1. Sharper memory

A real Poker player always keeps a track of all the moves and their possible combinations and outcomes his opponents are making. This helps him to make informed and strategic decisions. Since a person usually has his own way of thinking, playing in a family or a familiar group can help you to even guesstimate someone’s next move.

This game won’t make you a Mother Computer by any stretch of human imagination but it will surely help you with its teachings on everyday situations, increasing cognitive functioning, boosting focus, and building on your self-belief. Would you like to know the best day to get started with playing poker? Well, it’s today!


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