Mar 31, 2020

How to build a Poker Career you can be proud off?

“How to make it big in Poker?” is perhaps the most googled question on the internet, related to poker. Poker is taking the world by storm. With the days passing by, Poker is slowly and steadily gaining its much deserved stature in countries including India where the whole concept of poker is misinterpreted. Poker has opened before us innumerable number of opportunities giving us the liberty to choose as per our need. So, if you are planning to opt for poker as your career, these are the few things that you should adhere to make your poker career as bright as the sun:
1)      Know the game: Before you get tempted to earn the huge money that poker offers, get well acquainted to the game. A career can only be           built in any field if you are remarkably good. There is no space for average work in this generation. So, before you think of investing money           to earn even more, get thorough with the game and decide without being bias whether poker is really your cup of tea or not. Playing poker           in the leisure hours and taking it up has profession are two totally different things. So, think as many times as you think you should before           getting committed.

2)      Be patient: Rome was not built in a day so give time to yourself as you develop your poker skills. Remember, talent needs practice to                   blossom. Blossoming is a time taking process and so you need to give it adequate time to yield you with good results. If you stick to your             goal and ambition, rarely do the situations betray you. Never give up because you might return back just when you were about to hit the             bull’s eye.

3)      Set your own rules: make yourself a schedule that you’d follow because discipline is very important in life. Never underestimate the                     challenges that the game poses or might pose while you play. Every simple hurdle needs to be carefully chucked out and the process of               doing so should be at your finger tips. This is how you will get prepared for bigger hurdles. Dedicate as much time and yourself that it                 needs, to be on the top because nothing can substitute the best.
4)      Build your own strategies: It might sound difficult, but devoting more and more time will spill more secrets of the game before you.                     Sometimes you may develop your own unique strategies that are basically simple but too fresh for your opponents to crack. Going by the             conventional strategies is also not a bad idea if you are able to add a dash of originality of your own. This would make it difficult for your             opponents to track down your mindset during the game.

5)      Exposure: after a certain period, your inner self will know that now you are ready to take up challenges that the bigger poker world would             haul at you. At that time, it is important to get your talents exposed at the right places at the right time. A proper platform is very                         important  to help you with attaining success. Only trust dependable poker websites like when you decide that now is the             time to get yourself properly exposed. Participate in “low investment but higher returns” tournaments like the Moneymaker which                        guarantees 1 crore prize pool and requires an investment as low as INR 20 and has an assured 30LAC for the 1st place, so that even if you          don’t perform too well, you don’t lose a lot of money. And if you are competent enough to survive the felt and you know it, you can image            what wonders can your participation do and how the path of your life will take a turn from that point onwards.

The basics of a good poker career are already before you now. So go out there and conquer the world of hearts, spades, club and diamonds.
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