Feb 18, 2020

How to Own Online Poker FreeRolls!

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Want to win real cash for free? Why Not!

Making good amounts of money without spending a single rupee is an option only a fool would not choose. If it’s free entry tournaments on PokerBaazi, then you are definitely missing a lot here!

Here’s how you can easily be a poker shark in a sea of poker fishes:

Don’t jump in with all the vigour

Sit tight initially, because, at the beginning of an online free entry tournament, the players go ahead with crazy hands. Lots of all-ins will be done without a hint of premeditation. So wait until the chaos ends. Do not play “real poker” in this phase.

Be fearless!

Being an aggressive player is the go-to style of playing poker and the same is true in the case of freerolls. Since there is no real money value attached to your chips in this game, you can play as fiercely as you want. However, going overboard would be a fool’s doing. Be aggressive but always use your brains!

Play big pairs like a maniac!

A maniac is someone who plays wildly and is someone who is not a highly-skilled player. However, if you are holding a pair of aces, go crazy! The chances are the lesser experienced players will be raising or calling which will pump up the pot. The experienced players will most probably fold and if he/she has playable holdings then a double through could be possible.

Think like a fish

To dominate in a field filled with fishes, you have to think like a fish. Think what mistakes they make and how they will play a particular hand and do the opposite of it!


Many players sit-out or forget that they had ever registered for a tournament, this enables a skilled player to dominate the felts. He can easily build up a healthy stack.

Online free entry tournaments offer several winning opportunities for astute players who have had checked the waters of both online poker and live poker.

You can win big on PokerBaazi as we host online free entry tournaments with a monthly guarantee of INR 40 LAC along with leaderboard prizes such as Amazon Echo, OnePlus6T and JBL headphones!

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