Feb 29, 2020

Is It Possible to Beat a Poker Shark?

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Did you know Poker Sharks are not an unbeaten Poker species?

The best players in a game of Poker are referred to as Sharks. They are the apex predators of the game who feed on players who are not as good a.ka., the fishes. The Poker Sharks strike fear in the heart of other players because of their high skill and the ability to capitalise when the moment is right.

You can spot a Shark easily as they stand out from the crowd. It is quite possible to beat them and the only way to do so would be to become a bigger shark at the table. This can only happen over a certain period of time. Here’s how you can beat the Poker Sharks in their own game:

  • Taking a balanced approach: The key trait of a Poker Shark is that they combine both value hands and bluffs while betting. It makes it very difficult to gauge the position of their hands and their next move. Their in-depth knowledge of the game gives them the leverage of checking a range of hands made of diverse holdings thus, ensuring that they are always in a good position.
  • Quickly adapting to situations: Poker Sharks are quick to adapt to the ups and downs of the game and use it to their advantage. They keep on assessing the dynamics of the table and opponents to get an edge over the fishes.
  • Living and breathing the game: The Sharks never rest. Whether they are playing or not, they are always in the game. From watching training videos, reading books, discussing strategies with other Poker enthusiasts to learning from their own mistakes, they are always looking to enhance their hunting skills.
  • Evaluating the table: To be and beat a Poker Shark, you will have to evaluate everything in the room. Find a table with the weakest players or keep an eye on when a player is leaving the current table and pounce on the opportunity to make profits. The attention-to-detail has to be there as it makes or breaks the game.
  • Thinking logically: Logical thinking trumps emotional thinking any day – that’s how the Poker Sharks condition themselves. They are calm, composed and control their emotions, even through the worst of situations.

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