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It’s Team India All Over The WSOP Felts!

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A Series of Breathtaking Performances!

The Indian cadre is all over the WSOP felts yet again and things are turning out to be amazing for our countrymen in the Poker Capital of the World, Las Vegas.

Here’s a brief recap (June 19- June 25) of the events where our Indian pros made us proud:

Event #42 ($600 Mixed NL Hold’em/PLO Deepstack 8-Handed)

June 19

Four Indians returned to the tables with pro Raghav Bansal entering the FT as the chip leader with a gigantic stack of 13,900,000. Bansal will be sitting on the table with a stack of 9,300,000 chips on Day 3.

Bansal will be accompanied by Ashish Ahuja who entered the final table with a chip stack of 6,800,000. Until then, he was successfully maintaining his position carrying 6,975,000 in chips.

Others from Team India who finished in the money were Kartik Ved (164th for $1,357 – ₹94,499) and Yudhishter Jaswal (132nd for $1,357 – ₹94,499).

June 20

Our countrymen’s dream of winning their first WSOP bracelet ended as Bansal secured 3rd position (for $88,410: ~₹61.64 Lakhs) and Ahuja secured 5th position (for $48,914: ~₹34.10 Lakhs).

Eventually, it was Greece’s Aristeides Moschonas who claimed his first WSOP bracelet, walking away with the winning prize worth $194,759.

Event #44 ($1,500 NLHE Bounty)

June 19

Attracting 1,807 players on Day 1, four Indians made it to Day 2 namely, Madhav Gupta (313,000), Nikita Luther (267,500), Nipun Java (68,000) and Vinod Megalmani (45,000).

Indian poker pro Aditya Agrawal, unfortunately, busted out on Day 1 itself.

June 20

All the four Indians made it ITM with Madhav Gupta leading them. He secured a 114th place for ($1,915 – ₹1.33 Lakhs).

Others who posted scores were Nipun Java (165th for $1,741- ₹1.21 Lakhs), Nikita Luther (172nd for $1,603 – ₹1.11 Lakhs) and Vinod Megalmani (222nd place for $1,495 – ₹1.04 Lakhs).

Event #48 ($2,500 NLHE)

June 20

Among the 996 players, two Indians made it to Day 2 namely Ashish Ahuja and Raghav Bansal with 111,600 and 39,300 in chips respectively. Another Indian poker pro who made it to Day 2 was Abhinav Iyer (66,400).

June 21

On Day 2, two Indians namely Iyer and Ahuja made it to the money securing 122nd place (for $3,906: ~₹2.71 Lakhs) and 140th (for $3,746: ₹2.60 Lakhs) place respectively. Unfortunately, Bansal busted out of the money bubble on Day 2 itself.

Event #47 ($1,000/ $10,000 Ladies NLHE)

June 20

The much-awaited women-specific event hosted 968 players with our Indian pro Muskan Sethi qualifying to Day 2. She had a chip stack of 127,100.

June 21

Sethi played well until the end and finished at the 52nd place for $2,824 – ₹1.96 Lakhs.

Event #50 ($1,500 NLHE Monster Stack)

June 21

The first starting flight, Day 1A started-off with 2,428 players which later came down to 1,124. Among these qualifiers were three Indians namely, Aditya Sushant (205,800), Kartik Ved (87,600) and Pulkit Goyal (43,800).

June 22

The second starting flight saw a huge Indian group at the tables out of which a massive 12 of them made it to Day 2.

Seasoned pro Nishant Sharma led the group with a stack of 429,000.

Team India’s chip counts for Day 2


Starting Flight

Chip Count

Nishant Sharma

Day 1B


Prashray Rai

Day 1B


Kunal Patni

Day 1B


Aditya Sushant

Day 1A


Yudhishter Jaswal

Day 1B


Romit Advani

Day 1B


Ashish Ahuja

Day 1B


Vivek Rughani

Day 1B


Nipun Java

Day 1B


Siddharth Mundada

Day 1B



June 23

Among a field of 2,902 players who entered Day 2 were 15 Indians however, only five of them made it to Day 3. These were Siddharth Mundada (1,395,000), Nishant Sharma (1,039,000), Vivek Rughani (455,000), Minissha Lamba (391,000), and Romit Advani (292,000).

Two others who made it in the money were Aditya Sushant (624th for $2,705 – ₹1.87 Lakhs) and Kunal Patni (890th for $2,249 – ₹1.56 Lakhs).

June 24

All five Indians who had made it to Day 3 posted scores with Mundada in the lead. He secured 76th place for $10,626 (~₹7.36 Lakhs). Others were Nishant Sharma (143rd for $6,593 – ₹4.56 Lakhs), Minissha Lamba (252nd for $5,005 – ₹3.46 Lakhs)Romit Advani (268th for $5,005 – ₹3.46 Lakhs) and Vivek Rughani (324th for $4,418 – ₹3.06 Lakhs).

Event #53 ($800 NLHE Deepstack 8-Handed)

June 23

The players who were busted out of Event #50 and a few others hopped into this event. Four from Team India made it to Day 2 namely, Shravan Chhabria (980,000), Sajal Gupta (688,000), Ashish Ahuja (629,000) and Shashank Jain (149,000).

There was also an Indian who went to the rails making it in the money on Day 1- Gokul Parvathaneni who secured the 515th place for $1,281.

June 24

It was Goa-based poker pro Chhabria who lead the Indian contingent as he secured 21st position taking home $12,415 (₹8.59 Lakhs). Others who finished in the money were Sajal Gupta (53rd for $5,541 – ₹3.83 Lakhs), Ashish Ahuja (248th for $2,164 – ₹1.49 Lakhs) and Shashank Jain (411th for $1,534 – ₹1.06 Lakhs).

Event #57 ($1,000 Tag Team NLHE)

June 24

One of the most exciting events saw a total of 976 players out of which were 10 Indians. Among the qualifying group for Day 2 were eight Indians namely, Akshay Nasa, Sajal Gupta, Dhaval Mudgal, Abhinav Iyer, Siddharth Karia, Aditya “Bitt” Agarwal and Ankush Agarwala.

June 25

Only 35 players survived from a total of 278 players who had entered Day 2. Among these was the Indian duo- Nasa and Gupta. They secured 15th place in the leaderboard with a stack of 570,000.

The teams who couldn’t make it further was Kevin MacPhee, Dhaval Mudgal, Abhinav Iyer & Siddharth Karia who busted out securing the 36th position for $3,970 (~₹2.74 Lakhs).

Event #56 ($1,500 NLHE Super Turbo Bounty)

June 24

This turbo event witnessed three Indians finishing in the money. These were Muskan Sethi (46th for $4,553- ₹3.15 Lakhs), Abhinav Iyer (134th for $1,945- ₹1.34 Lakhs) and Hyderabad-based pro Nischal Colluru (268th for $1,414 –₹98,124). 


Event #59 ($600 Deepstack Championship)

June 25

Day 1 witnessed a gigantic field of 6,140 players due to its affordable buy-in. A good number of players participated in the event from the Indian cadre, out of which seven players made it to Day 2. It was Pune-based player, Deepak Bothra who led our team with a stack of 355,000. He is trailed by Sandeep Varma (332,000), Rajeev Kanjani (293,000), Guneet Kwatra (244,000), Paawan Bansal (228,000), Naresh Veeravalli (216,000) and Aman Kejriwal (133,000).

Non-WSOP Event

Zynga Poker WPT500 Las Vegas

India’s star performer, Nikita Luther is once again in the headlines for a major deep run. Luther started off pretty well as she possessed a pretty healthy stack which was amongst the top ones. Day 2 ended with Luther being at the third position with a stack of 6.7 million. She will play the final bit of the game against Ben Farrell (7.35 million) and Sung Joo Hyun (7.27 million).

 Good going Team India. Let the spirits be high. Good luck!

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