Feb 29, 2020

It’s Time To Win BIG With PokerBaazi’s Freedom 45 LAC Guaranteed Series

PokerBaazi Freedom Series :

“ The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams.”(Oprah Winfrey)

Such is the potential of dreams. Our dreams.

Thousandsof Indian freedom fighters had dreamt of making India a free country, and most of them were able to live their dream as India did eventually win its independence on 15 August 1947. We are all indebted to them who gave upon their lives to make the future of India live freely. They gave us a country that we were all proud of and the best we can learn from them is that their indomitable spirit and unshakable self-belief were at the center of their victory.

What’s your hobby or dream or passion? Is it to travel around the world, to learn a foreign language, own a supercar, own a house (or even an LED TV or an iPhone for that matter)? Why not let your spirit be free of these restrictions and why not make yourself independent enough to turn your dreams into reality? Why would you limit your happiness to the extent your paycheck allows you to? It’s time to dream BIG and win BIGGER with PokerBaazi.

Poker is a skill-based game

There is no age to learn something new and worthwhile- and when it comes to poker, your choices are truly endless. It is a skill-based endeavor that combines several core concepts of Mathematics and Psychology besides sufficient measures of self-belief and  courage to take calculated risks.

Freedom Series (45 LACS GTD)

PokerBaazi is here to light-up your way this Independence Day with its stellar online poker series called Freedom Series. Starting at 7 pm on the Independence Day, it comprises two main tournaments called Vegas Freedom Special and Freedom Whoop. The former takes off at 7 pm and the latter shall set off at 8 pm, and together they shall comprise the much-awaited 45 LAC guaranteed Freedom Series.

All our poker champions are buckled up toovercome the odds, do their best at the tables and reward themselves with BIG wins through this remarkable series. This is a great opportunity for you to put your poker skills to best use and win BIG. This is your chance to make it big and make it count. This is your time to free yourself!

We’ll be waiting for yo;u at the felts!

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