Feb 29, 2020

Know Which Poker Playing Style Suits Your Player Personality!

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Different Poker Playing Styles, yet one stands out!

The complexities of human nature are yet to be deciphered however researches have tried to classify us. One such research talks about the playing styles of Poker players based on which people have devised winning strategies.

DISCLAIMER: Following these strategies might not prove to be a full proof plan, but some of the strategies do make for a winner.

Let’s discuss some of the famous Poker playing styles:

  1. TAG: The term stands for “tight aggressive”. This style of playing is observed in majority of the champions on the felts.

    These players are extremely selective when it comes to their starting hands. They won’t enter the pot with trash hands most of the times. Depending on the game, a TAG typically plays 18% to 25% of the hands. TAGs prefer to bet and raise instead of checking and calling.

  2. LAG: It stands for “loose aggression”. These characteristics are majorly seen in losing players but they often earn much more than TAGs. This style of playing involves more skills as compared with the TAG style. So, if you are making money exhibiting this style of play then you ought to be an amazing player. LAGs are also known to play with trashy hands, which is not the case with TAGs. They are also observed to be playing 23%- 30% of the hands depending on the size of the game (short-handed or full ring).
  3. ROCK: This is a tighter version of TAG. With the increasing difficulty level of online poker, this style of playing is gradually increasing. Hard times require more resilience and that’s how Rocks came into existence. These players are not necessarily skilled, but they do have stronger decision making power in terms of the amount they are investing. Therefore, they do manage to have a small amount of rate of winning.
  4. MANIAC: These players are characterized as the hyper-aggressive kind of LAGs. Their aggression is extremely typical and evident and their liberal overbets, just puts a cherry on the top.

Another characteristic about Maniacs is that they play more than 30% of the starting hands depending on the size of the game.

Now the natural instinct is to question which style is the best one. We believe that the TAG style of playing is the answer to this question as they are frequent winners who are also profitable as far as the bankroll is concerned. On the other hand, the three other playing styles discussed do not have frequent winners. Either they are not very good learners or are simply losing their bankroll for nearly nothing.

We hope you had a good time reading it. Assess your behaviour on the felts and know whether you will be a winner or not! 

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