Mar 31, 2020

Learn How Our Childhood Board Games Can Make us Good at Poker!

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A Trip Down The Memory Lane!

It is said that each event, person and situation offer a lesson to be learnt, a skill to be developed. The same proves to be true for games that we play in our leisurely hours. Initially, games were created to teach life lessons to children and the young generation. Board games, card games, and now video games and VR (Virtual Reality) games all serve a purpose in our lives other than providing pure entertainment. 

Let’s revisit our childhood games and see how they can help us on the poker tables.


The game of scrabble requires us to play using our vocabulary, however to use it optimally you have to weigh your options. You should have a strong decision-making power, along with the mental ability to choose the best option among the many. This should be done keeping in mind the scoring procedure and choose an option that does not bite you back in the future.

A poker player does the same exact thing before he chooses to bet, raise, check or call. He/she has to weigh the options before doing anything.


This list wouldn’t be complete without this 500 year old board game. This game requires and trains you to be calculative in gauging your opponent’s move and also in gauging your own intended move. It also makes you foresee future dangers and faults in your decision-making. A smart player would also evaluate their decision after they made a move on the board.

A smart, experienced poker player will always calculate his/her chances of winning, the possibilities of him/her having different hands when the turn and the river rolls out.


One of the most-loved board games, Monopoly teaches us to make right investments to grow our savings. It teaches us to diversify and create a portfolio instead of foolishly investing in one place. This makes us future-ready.

If you are familiar with the concept of Bankroll Management, you’ll be able to know the stark similarity here. Every professional poker player manages their bankroll by making the right investments because each bet they make on the felts affects their bankroll significantly.

If you are a poker player then you’ve got another source of learning and preparing to become a poker pro, all while enjoying the process. All the best!

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