Apr 05, 2020

Levels Of Thinking At Poker

When you play online poker you go through levels of thinking before you play a hand. These are the generally those players that are actually trying to play well. Thinking before playing a hand can help you increase your bankroll in numerous ways. It can also save you from playing a wrong hand worth a huge amount.

This article states how levels of thinking in poker works and how important it is to go through these levels to have a smooth and successful grinding at the poker tables.

In order to get beyond the cards, you need to think about your opponents and the situation you’re presented with. Here are the levels of thinking that a poker player generally comes across with:

1st Level – What cards do I have?

 In this level, the players have a keen thought regarding his own cards and compare it with the community cards to come across the best possible hands. This level generally denotes the idea of knowing their own cards.

2nd Level – What do my opponents have?

Here, the players are with the thought that what cards are dealt to his opponents. At this level of thinking, players are aware of what possible cards can beat their hands and then think what their opponent’s hand strength is. Based on the known indications of an opponent, the level 2 thinker is putting together a picture which compares his own cards to an opponent’s. Here, a player realizes that he should have a better hand to call a raise than to open a raise. They have a decent understanding of the odds and can apply them.

3rd Level – What do they think I have?

The player at this stage is able to figure out other players’ cards, based on past betting patterns and through a mental note of the hand's different players have shown down. Once you hit Level 3, things start to become more interesting. At this level, a player wonders, “What does my opponent think I have?” and plays his hand based on how his hand strength is professed by his opponents. This involves an awareness that a good opponent will try and put you on a hand – they are thinking about what you hold.

4th Level – What do they think I think they have?

Each level progressively adds one more level of thought to the process. As you move further, the more advanced poker minds come into play. At this stage a player is well aware of the fact you are thinking about what cards he holds, so he takes a step further. A level 4 thinker actually considers what his opponent might think about his cards. This might be confusing at times but when you start dealing with this stage you understand that you have started to play better hands.

Well, it might seem a long process but a professional poker player does this in less than a minute and comes up with the best hand play. Don’t stress you will take time to get through this process but once you get used to it, you will definitely grind smoother and faster.

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