Jan 21, 2020

Lungi’s confessions

After a successful score in APT and pretty consistent month in cash games, I decided to head to Macau for the MPC along with Sushi to play only the ME and 20K event. Made day 2 of the main (record breaking event in terms of numbers) as the shortest stack, but unfortunately busted early on day 2.

After a good rest, I headed to the venue and registered in the 20k event which had 272 or so entries in total. Given the buy-in amount, the tables were filled with good regs and pros predominantly. Kept playing solid throughout the day and had 75k @ 400/800 about 90+bigs going into the last half an hour of the day’s play when this hand happened. UTG+1 open shoves 12800 and at UTG+2, we had pocket Queens, which we flat only for cut off to re-raise by 25k and the rest of the table folding. Action came to us only for a player to call clock on us (first time for me) and folding QQ , the flop ran out J4Q Q2 for UTG+1 to show JJ and cut off showing AA. Was very happy with my play overall.

Came into day 2 of the 20k with big Indian contingent still in fray (sushi ,dirty, kp, zarvan) and started off pretty well by picking spots and value betting our nuts, getting paid and chipping up in decent phase. I was inching closer towards ITM only to see KP and donka getting eliminated in 35th and 34th place . We open jammed 10 10 from middle position for roughly 14bigs when the bubble was at stone-cold only for AK to call and clip a K on the turn, to officially be the bubble boy of one of the best events in the Asian Poker calendar.

Wishing you all a very happy Diwali and a great festive season ahead, you can catch me playing on PokerBaazi.com, “India’s most trusted site” and also at PokerBaazi LIVE, Bengaluru. I am very glad to be a part of this journey with PokerBaazi and their endeavors in growing the industry.


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