Apr 09, 2020

Five common mistakes to avoid while playing poker

Not having enough bankroll, considering every player the same and playing too many tables are some of the common mistakes made by the poker players. Poker is a deceptive game and you never know when you end up making a blunder. Many players either due to naivety or due to arrogance make inane errors. As Pokerbaazi Premier League (PPL) season II is approaching, we bring you the list of common poker mistakes and how you can avoid them.

Don’t get carried away with opponents

Loose players take risks by playing through more flops and bet on starting hands that are not pronounced. Tight players don’t see many flops and fold weak starting hands. They bet only on hands that stand a high chance of winning. You might associate risks with the loose player if you are new to the game but just because someone is playing loose that doesn’t mean he is a loose gun.

Miserable Bankroll Management

You might have read a lot about how to manage your bankroll in poker with poker room bonus and rakeback. You might risk a lot more if you are not befittingly bankrolled for the table stakes you are playing at. Managing bankroll is really important since you will raucously experience winning streaks and losing streaks.


This term is related to loose play. In this, you give a call to a minimum amount that is required to maintain a stake in the first round of betting. By doing this, either you are telling others that you have a weak hand which is indirectly asking them to take an advantage of you. If you had decided to limp to trap your opponents then that will make you lose value with strong hands.

Say no to pitiable starting hands

In poker, you just can’t afford to start off on the wrong side. You should always have a reason to play a hand and should never try with the hope of getting lucky. Always use a good starting hand or else wait for the vilest result if you enter a pot with a bad hand.

Don’t play too many tables

Don’t do multi-tabling until you constantly make a return over a continual period when you play one table. Only after making a profit, you should add a second table, rinse and repeat. You might reacha level when you are multi-tabling and you go broke. You can fix it by dropping the requisite number of tables until you make a profit. 

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