Apr 06, 2020

More Winners & Bigger Top Prizes, Every 20 Minutes – Presenting Our Restructured Free Entry Tournaments

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Free Entry Tournaments Just Got More Rewarding!

PokerBaazi is known for its mega-rewarding Free Entry Tournaments, which are, in fact, the best of their kind in the entire industry. But like they say, complacency is the enemy of progress. That’s why we’ve revised our system and created one that rewards skill, and gives you a brilliant reward for playing with composure and dedication, and a lot of incentive to learn the intricacies of the game.

Not only that, it now involves more winners than ever before, making the system much more inclusive for talented beginners trying to jump forward on the learning curve of poker while also making sure the true champions of the game who know exactly how to play it right get the big real money rewards that go with a big victory. Say hello to our all-new Free Entry Tournament system!

 Free Entry Tournaments

The first type of Free Entry Tournament starts every hour, right on the hour. With rewards of INR 200, INR 150 and INR 100, the top three winners out of the total seventy-five have a lot to play for!

Free Entry Tournaments                                                                                                         

The second type of Free Entry Tournament starts twenty minutes past every hour, and has a total of eighty winners! After the top reward of INR 200, the tournament gives players who come in second, third and fourth a reward of INR 100 each!

Free Entry Tournaments 3

The top reward for the third kind of Free Entry Tournament is INR 300, followed by INR 200 for the second place winner, INR 150 for the third place winner, and INR 100 for the fourth place winner. This category has the most amount of winners – One hundred!

But Wait, There’s More!

Now here’s the real kicker: While no other poker platform allows you to withdraw the money you win in a Free Entry Tournament, PokerBaazi lets you withdraw 100% of your winnings. That means all the money you win at these tournaments is real money that you can transfer to your account with a click of a button. That means you have a prize pool of INR 40,00,000 or 40 LAC every single month that you can participate in for free and transfer everything you win to your bank account!

So what are you waiting for? Log in to India’s most trusted poker website and start learning, playing and winning big, all for free!

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