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New to poker? Here are some tips you need to know!!

New to Poker? If you are new to poker, you need to know that poker is a game of skill! Poker is a game, which does a lot more than taking away your boredom. Initially, poker gives you an opportunity to express yourself socially, to learn to read people and if you get skilled at it, you could also earn money online. To play the game right and to make sure that you do not pony up any money, you need to have a knowledge of the game and the rules associated with it. Thus, here are some basic beginners tips which won't really make you an expert in the game, but will set you on the right track to becoming a master poker player! 

TIP #1 Start out playing for free

As soon as you begin playing poker, start online at free tables. It is not that you can't fall, it's just that the damage is going to be a little less severe. Start playing for free to gain basic knowledge of the game such as what hands beats what, the betting orders etc. Free table games usually have "free money" or "points" and allow you to learn the game without interrupting the flow of an actual poker cash game.  

TIP #2  Gain a knowledge of Poker etiquettes

Poker is a social game. It gives you an opportunity to interact with more people and express yourself socially. Thus, like any other game, it is really important to learn the etiquettes and rules of poker to have a long poker career and lasting friendships. You can start with researching poker etiquettes. Don’t table talk, don't complaint to the dealer and not to forget "common sense" are some of the basic poker etiquettes which prevent you from looking like a novice in the game. 

TIP #3 Be selective enough with your starting hands

A usual mistake that beginners make is not being selective enough with their starting hands. Most fall into the trap of believing that any hand can win. This is true, however, some hands have more chances to help you win than others. They will help you win more while others are likely to make you lose more. Thus, be very critical of which hands you play. 

TIP#4 Avoid bluffing too much

One of the wrong ideas that amateur poker players have is that bluffing is vital to winning a game! Most people know of bluffing as a part of poker, however, they don't know how to use it. Try bluffing when you really know about "how" to do it, else, avoid it!  

TIP #5 Don't hurry to higher limits

There are two major reasons why you shouldn't play for a lot of money as a beginner-

Firstly, the opponents that you will get at higher limits will be one step ahead of you as they are more experienced. The chance that you will beat them in the game is less. Also, the money you will put into the learning process will be a lot! Secondly, a player must only play at limits one can afford, If you go beyond it, you might end up dropping the money that you can't afford to lose. 


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