Apr 02, 2020

Nostalgic November

30 Days, 30 Unique Codes

PokerBaazi celebrated its 4 years of existence very recently. It has been nothing short of a stellar journey. What started from a single room has now transformed to an office of nearly 70 employees. This has been a huge achievement for the 5 friends who started this as a dream to make poker a household game and also educate people of the benefits of playing this skill based game. It also was a way to provide the budding talent a platform to showcase their talent and learn more.

PokerBaazi has many feathers in its cap. This is one way of giving back to the 3 lakh plus player base it has garnered today by introducing the Nostalgic November campaign, which is sure to offer the best poker promo codes in India, for the whole month of November. The campaign is specifically named the Nostalgic November because it is in the remembrance of finishing the 4 years of absolute successful functioning and fighting all the odds that lay in their path. The codes will just be an added poker bonus code to all that is already being offered. The word nostalgic is derived from the word nostalgia, which means remembering in fondness and absolute happiness. The Nostalgic November is just that for all the players out there. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it will showcase unique codes on all 30 days of the month, only on the mobile app.

The codes will be displayed on the new and improved PokerBaazi mobile application on a pop-up banner. The codes will be valid only for that particular day in question. The need to download the new application is a need of the hour, which also boasts of having the portrait mode option, which allows the player to use the other hand to enjoy some chip and dip!

Conferring to the ideology of Nostalgia, PokerBaazi.com also introduces a special edition of the Grinders Series which has upped its GTD to a colossal 60 LAC!! This edition is to celebrate the prosperity that PokerBaazi has achieved in these years. It also is a testament to the fierceness, tenacity and the will to strive on.

In finality, we would like to thank you, and most of all to tell you to hold on to your mobile phones because the Nostalgic November will surely leave you happy and nostalgic at the end of it! Download the application now on PokerBaazi.com and also play the Grinders Series Special Edition and stand a chance to win a whirlpool of cash, real cash bonuses and much more!


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