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Why You Think Every Online Poker Website is Rigged?

Do you feel the website you have been playing on is rigged? Don't worry! You are not alone in believing so. It is a very common player phenomenon to adjudge poker games in India website rigged after playing there for a couple of months or so. As the conclusion is same, so has got to be the reason. The reason for this conclusion is a series of bad beats which a player believes is impossible in a real game. It could be quads beating your full house, a higher straight flush beating your ace high flush or even a smaller straight flush.

It obviously cannot be discarded that these hands have a rare probability of occurrence. But this probability will always increase with an increasing number of hands you play. In Online Poker, the frequency of hands dealt is much higher as compared to a real game and multi-tabling increases it manifolds. The other factor is the occurrence of a bad run. A closer look at this beautiful game of Poker will reveal the fact that it is indeed a mix of good runs and bad runs, good hand and bad beats.

Your feeling about a Poker site being rigged is further solidified when you interact with other players who have had their bad runs on that very website. It is totally up to a player to judge that bad run at the correct time and accordingly control the losses. So before reaching any conclusion, just check if it is that bad run!

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