Mar 29, 2020

Play Skill Games And Earn Real Money Online

Play Games and Earn Real Money Play Games and Earn Real Money

The growth of the Indian online gaming industry is proliferating at breakneck speed. Thanks to the amazing internet gaming ecosystem, the smartphone revolution, rise of entrepreneurs and direct foreign investment that have blended well to create a proud 250 million gamers* in India in 2019! The fun fact is 50 million* of these registered players are said to earn real money through skill-based money earning games.

Now, isn’t that something? So, get your cup of tea as we are going to dive into the inspiration mode and reveal the secrets to earn real money solely through your gaming skills the smart way.


Let’s keep this simple from the word go. The online gaming industry is divided into three segments, namely:

Online Gaming Industry

The age old debate of chance vs skill games propelled India to form specific laws in order to differentiate between the two so as to regulate monetary offerings in online gaming. In this regard, games of skill such as poker and rummy have been favoured by Indian laws as they depend principally on the knowledge, training and experience of the player.

Sadly, there’s a hint of sourness. The Indian states of Assam, Telangana, Orissa and Gujarat exempt all money earning games of chance and skill altogether. You could still play free poker!

The good news is that the exploding growth in money earning games in India inspired operators to introduce websites and mobile apps that pay you real money on skill games on the go any given time!

Poker, an exciting skill game that belongs to the RMG family, has turned out to be one of the most popular real money games that’s dominating India in this era. Let’s explore what skill set is required in order to earn real money online with poker today.


Game Definition: A card game in which a player bets that the value of his or her hand is greater than that of the opponents’ hand by forming valid combinations and sequences.

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What are the skills required for a game of poker?

  1. An aptitude for math - The ability to quickly calculate the probabilities of what other players might have in their hands
  2. Psychology – Most often, a round of poker is not determined by the actual value of the hands, but by the skill of the player to fox the opponent into believing so. When you begin playing poker to earn real money, remember that the player with the best cards is not always the one walking away with the real money in this game!
  3. Understanding risk vs reward – Life is all about risk vs reward and the poker felts test it the best. Poker players are constantly on the edge to make every decision count when handling those chips to earn real money. This boils down to weighing out the odds of taking the risk in order to survive and win.
  4. Discipline – Be it studying poker strategies and implementing it in real time to earn real money or practicing financial discipline to maintain one’s bankroll, poker is all about constant hard work and discipline.

So, the final question boils down to-

How does one win/earn real money in poker?

  1. Find a trustworthy online poker portal – Thankfully, there are currently about 15-20* online poker platforms to choose from.  The screening factors for your selection of a real money game in India could be the brand name, international lineage, type of games, security, recognized payment gateways and customer service.
  1. Give the freeroll games a shot – Poker platforms have plenty of freeroll (a term used to indicate that you don’t need a buy-in to play money earning games of poker) events. If you are an amateur and jittery about giving real money a shot, try PokerBaazi free entry tourneys and you can earn free real money online. No conditions applied!
  1. Consider building a bankroll – As a poker player, it is crucial to understand the rules and the nuances of the game not just to earn real money but to enjoy a long profitable run. Only once you think you are comfortable and beating the average poker player at the freeroll level, it’s time to take the centre stage and earn real money.
  1. Play micro-stakes to open your bankroll – No one wants the stress of taking out money from their monthly budgets. Most online poker apps that pay you real money come equipped with a variety of micro-stake cash games and tournaments to help you build your bankroll so that you are well armed when you graduate to play real money games in India.

          Try PokerBaazi’s awesome low stakes tournaments such as Daily 50K GTD, PokerBaazi bankroll Builder Series and
          Sunday 100K.These tournaments allow you to earn real money in plenty for buy-ins starting as low as INR 15!

  1. Your first real money online game transaction- With game apps that pay you real money come the silent question of security, payouts, fair play etc. Make sure you register on a licensed portal with your official government IDs and bank details to start playing money earning games. Post that, simply deposit a desired amount to begin playing a cash game of your choice.

          On winning a game, the amount will then be deposited into the linked bank account.

          Remember since it is a game of skill, these skills will have to pay tax bills. And, that’s what makes the portal legit too!

  1. Keep yourself in check – It is crucial for you to set certain ground rules when you begin playing poker to earn real money. Playing cash games always demands a balanced frame of mind. On that note, PokerBaazi supports responsible gaming and lets you set limits on your deposits and cash games to avoid going on tilt and help you stay on the sunny side of the game.

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How much real money can you earn in Poker?

The amount you take home in money earning games of skill like poker truly depends on your skill level and selecting the right game. However, there’s a simple way of gauging for yourself, it’s called the win rate.

Ideal Win Rate in Poker

Win rate in poker is calculated as BB (big blind)/100 which is effectively Big Blinds per 100 hands. So for example, let’s say you manage 100 hands in a day, and clock 10 days a month and you’ve made Rs.25000 playing 10/20, you may calculate your win rate as (total winnings*100/number of days*total number of hands*big blind i.e. 25000*100/10*100*20) which in this case would be 12.5%.

Now that’s an incredible win rate to be enjoying as a poker player! However, if you have just begun playing poker to earn real money, you should initially concentrate on targeting a win-rate anything above 0 to stay on the profitable end.

Now that you know the amazing stakes involved in poker, take note of these pointers and use your free time wisely to earn real money real quick while seated in a cab or on the metro ride back home.

PokerBaazi recognizes the various stages in a journey of a poker player.  Check out our promotions page to pick a tournament of your choice. Download one of the best game apps to win real money and be a proud member of the Indian poker community.

*Data source: An evolving landscape of sports gaming in India – A report by KPMG and IFSG, March 2019

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