Sep 17, 2019

Poker Etiquette Rules in a Casino- What All You Need To Know!!

If you are a poker player, be it a casino poker player or an online player, there are certain "Poker etiquette rules" that you are supposed to follow. They are a series of generally accepted rules that govern how a player should behave while playing the game. However, there is a distinction between the etiquette rules in casino poker and in a home game. There are some protocols and procedures that one needs to understand before sitting down to play. So here are some important poker etiquette rules- 

Be present in the game

It is important for every player to stay attentive in the game. If a player does not stay heedful, the game may slow down as the player won't know what's going on in the game. In order to stay focused on the game, avoid unnecessary conversation that will distract you, and you will be able to make decisions in a timely manner. 

Treat everybody present in a respectable way

As a player, you must make sure to treat your dealer and table mates with respect. Avoid using language that may be offensive to others. Try being as courteous and polite as you can. If you face an ugly beat, do not blame or berate your table mates or dealer as it's not their fault for those bad hands. Consider losing a part of the game and handle it with sportsman spirit. 

Organize your chip stack

Having an organized chip stack has a number of benefits. To begin with, it makes betting simpler and helps you know the value of each column of chips in your stack. It also helps the dealer to figure out how much is going in the middle if you shove your stack. The competitors are also able to decide how to play a hand because they understand how big your stack is, which is only fair to your opponents. Keeping this in mind, put your biggest chips separate from your stack to avoid confusing your dealers or opponents into thinking you're the short stack at the table.

Don't ask to have a peep into someone else's cards

Don't ask to see someone else's cards, even if you are allowed to see someone's mucked cards. It is considered a bad etiquette to ask to see your opponents cards under any circumstances. 

Keep your limbs to yourself

You may feel really tempted to help someone count their chips in order to accelerate the process, but you need to understand that touching another player's chips or cards is considered highly inappropriate. Always understand that a dealer or any other person on the floor is there to help those who need assistance. 

Keep finger foods away from the table

If you're at the poker table and feel like grabbing a bite, make sure to order something you need to use a fork or spoon to eat. If you order, say finger-food, the bits and pieces of it will scatter all over the table and cards, making both the table and cards dirty and greasy which may make others on the table uncomfortable. 



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