Apr 02, 2020

Poker Goes Undercover

Four Years Ago, Poker And Me Were Worlds Apart Until…

It was February 2014, 
I was a freelance artist who used to create portraits and painting on canvases for people. It was fun being that way because it allowed me to express my creativity while also earning me some cool bucks. The reason I was also good at drawing and painting was because I was crazy about art classes when I used to study in school. My parents weren’t that kind towards it and weren’t even that supportive since my art I guess they were right, partially!

Poker to the rescue

Over the next few months, I realized that somehow this painting thing wasn’t taking me anywhere. I was not earning enough plus the art materials were also becoming costlier.

It was then that my dear friend told me of poker. He told me about an underground casino that invited people who looked like they belonged to the place and knew what their best and worst hands were. But here was another problem- I was a nobody at poker or even cards and it was hopeless for me.

With the income declining rapidly, I thought to give it a shot as the winters were setting in. I played a few freerolls and once I thought it was all good, I went up to the casino owner one fine day and told him that I’d like to play a game. It was a room filled with beautiful bright lights, some soft music and a huge table in front of me. I was very nervous and it was showing in my face! He directed me towards a certain table and asked me not to take any other seat.

A hard-earned victory

I took the table and after a brief introduction of everyone, we sat down. I was observing the good poker players from the bad ones as they were trying not the play the cards but were trying to fox others. I too tried my hand at both smart play and a little bit of bluffing- and won the first few hands easily. This calmed me down a little bit and suddenly I was in the game! I continued to play until late night and while I lost a few hands owing to over-excitement and wrong moves, I came winning out a lot many. I even won the complete game on that table that night.

As I was checking out of the casino that fine night, the casino owner called me up and said, “I had deliberately asked you to sit there because they were all novices!”  I felt like I had no words to thank him. He could have made it my last game  but he chose to be the better man- and I would always remain grateful to him for that.

I met some of the nicest people that night and while it has been four long years since, but I still go to the same casino every single weekend to play poker. Painting is still my first love but Poker became a way of life for me, it turned my world upside down and I love it.

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