Mar 31, 2020

Poker Swag Items

With the growing passion of poker all over the world, the interest of poker players is not limited to just playing day and night. They are also interested in experiencing the fancy aura of the poker circuit. Poker players are seen today with some of the fanciest accessories at the felts.

To increase the trend we see many poker companies coming up with poker-based items for the poker players as rewards or freebies. Accessory companies may not be tossing as much swag around as they used to, but there are still some nice little gems to be found if you hang around big events on the poker circuit.

This article is all about the poker-based items that are absolutely loved by poker players and are often seen with it. Let us list you with the topmost item used by them.


When it gets a bit breezy, if the temperature drops further if the weather outside is quite pleasant or rays hit you straight; it’s always good to have an extra sweater on your hand. A thin jacket is definitely a savior and with a hint of poker in it will make you look cool as well.

Key Chain

This is the most used item and noticed with the majority of the poker folks. Building keychain from piercing a chip that makes you remind of the sweet victorious hand you had at the tables, how cool! A keychain hung displaying poker background has been seen a lot. The gesture speaks the passion of a poker fan.


Texas Hold’em on the screen and some coffee seems a perfect combination. A solid handy mug is great to have when you’re clicking buttons on online poker games at home. The chilly nights are on their way and poker fans get a reason to buy a mug printed with their favorite poker idol or some pitch poker lines.

Like-There is more to poker than life.


While sunglasses gained popularity at the poker tables long back, hats have just walked in, setting a new trend. Let me tell a secret that the hats not only work great to hide one’s visual tells at the felt, hats also provide great advertising space for poker companies, who are only too happy to have their brands showcased by players who wear them at televised feature tables.

Portable Charger

As more and more live poker rooms outfit their tables with USB ports, a portable charger is becoming somewhat less of a necessity, but when it comes to mobile devices, you can never have enough juice. Portable chargers with a hint of poker related designs/quotes will continue being a poker swag accessory. You certainly wouldn’t want to be in the middle of taking notes and your phone to shut off!

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