Mar 31, 2020

Poker Table DIY- How to make poker table at home

Here’s all you need to make your very own, personalized poker table, all by yourself!

Materials needed:

  • Oak Veneer ply
  • 2x4 boards
  • Zinc lag screws
  • Felt
  • 4x4 posts
  • Speed square
  • Dense foam
  • Vinyl
  • Medium density fibreboard

Tools required:

  • Router
  • Drill
  • Spade bit


  1. Sand the wood and mark it

Find the center of both the top and both the bottom platforms and mark them. Using a speed square, draw marks at 1-¾’’ from the center points and make lines to the 4x4 post, repeating the procedure on both sides of all the 4 pieces.

  1. Drill holes into the wood

On one side of each piece, drill two holes into the center points of about one-inch depth. Measure over 1-¾’’ and 3-½’’ from each end of the two vertical legs, repeating on opposite sides of both legs. Repeat for the other pair of legs as well.

  1. Put the base together

Put the vertical legs of 21” with holes facing each other on the ground and place two middle braces of 56” between them, making sure that they are in a line, making a perfect rectangle. Clamp the pieces down, run a screwdriver through the center of each hole and make marks on the braces. Drill into these marks to make holes of 4 to 5 inches depth.

  1. Attach the legs to the braces

Using wood glue and ½’’ screws, attach the legs to the braces, making sure that the joints glue well together. Once the glue has dried, wipe off the excess glue and place the top and bottom platforms on the legs and attach them. Finally, attach the top braces (2x4, 60”) to the top platforms.

  1. Draw markings on the top platform

Set the braces on the top platforms such that they are perpendicular to each other and their ends extend about 4 inches beyond the top platforms on each side. Set the braces about 8 inches in from the ends and mark each side using a pencil.

  1. Complete the base

Fit the 2x4 into the top braces and attach them using wooden screws.   

  1. Create a supporting layer for the Medium density fibreboards

Cut two 42” and 88” length, about ¾ of the medium density fibreboard sheet. Measure back about 12” from each end and chop off the corners of the fibreboard. From each end of the sheet, find the center and draw marks at about 8 inches from each end. Draw lines from these to the 12” line and chop off the extra by the means of a circular saw.

  1. Attach the medium density fibreboard to the base

Place the sheet of the medium density fiber board on the top of the base and center it, such that the fibreboard exceeds the base by about one inch on each side, and then fix it there using wooden screws.

  1.   Build the gorgeous oak table top

Mark over 14 inches of the oak plywood from each corner and cut the corners off. Place the oak plywood onto the medium density fibreboard and attach it from the bottom.

  1. Attach the flat top

Cut to 24 inches width and 6 feet long, the ½” sheet of the medium density fibreboard. Draw markings about eight inches from each corner of this measured piece of fibreboard and chop off the corners. On the underside of the board, staple this piece of the medium density fibreboard after wrapping it into a foam. Similarly, wrap the felt in foam and attach this piece to the oak in the same way.

  1. Attach the rails

Take the 2x4 rails and wrap them, first into the foam, following with the vinyl. Attach these wrapped rails onto the edge of the oak table top, all along its circumference. Screw the rails into place using appropriate screws at angles to reinforce the strength of the rails.

  1. Cut holes for the recessed cups

In order to cut holes for the recessed cups, trace its shape and circumference onto the wood using the base of the cup. Drill two holes on either side of your table and cut out the circle using a router.

Enjoy your home poker games!

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