Feb 29, 2020

PokerBaazi Comes to World’s Rescue as Kim Jong-un Signs Peace Treaty For a Satellite Ticket of INR 20

Donald Trump and Kim Jong

Kim Jong-un yesterday signed a peace treaty with the US after President Donald Trump gifted him a Satellite ticket worth INR 20 to PokerBaazi.com’s famous tournament- MoneyMaker.

After months of escalating tensions between the two nations, the North Korean supremo Kim Jong-un flew last evening to Washington, DC to meet his US counterpart Donald Trump. The two leaders discussed matters related to world peace and also signed a peace agreement. This peace agreement, they told the press, “was a milestone in fostering peace and harmony between Asian and the American continents.”
We have an inside story of how this seemingly impossible development happened overnight.

We have come to know that Donald Trump and King Jong-un were invited by Russian President for a game of online poker on PokerBaazi.com. This website ranks as the most trusted online poker website in India, a country that runs a close ally to both Russia and the US.

This online game of poker had started off at 12 pm PYT (Pyongyang Time) in the North Korean capital and ended after a marathon four-hour long pursuit, in which Kim Jong-un was finally defeated after Trump’s Straight Flush of Hearts ripped through the North Korean leader’s Two Pair of Sixes and Sevens.

This historical game concluded with Donald Trump gifting a Satellite ticket worth INR 20 for PokerBaazi’s grand tournament called MoneyMaker (that starts on 22nd July 2018) to his counterpart. Jong-un expressed that he was “indeed very positive of winning” the Satellite tournament and the MoneyMaker grand event this year.

The North Korean leader later took a historical flight to Washington, DC a few hours after the game. The national leaders signed a Memorandum of Peace for stability in Asian and American regions. The US has lifted-off its decades-old sanctions with immediate effect and North Korea has responded in kind measure by putting an end to its nuclear missile program.

We hope that this peace treaty makes up for the tensions that the Asians and American regions were embroiled with over last few decades. As the two countries cool off, we put up a poker face and move on to collect our next fake news!

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