Feb 29, 2020

PokerBaazi Undergoes A Complete Overhaul; New Website, Smartphone Apps And A Class-Leading Loyalty Rewards System Goes Live

"Open letter from Mr. Navkiran Singh, CEO, PokerBaazi.com"


It is my birthday today and I woke up this pleasant morning to a gift that my team had prepared. I would like to share this happiness with you. I am sure this would make your morning just as thrilling as it made mine.

I’d like to welcome you to a new approach to playing poker in India and being rewarded by just playing the game.From now onwards, you would not even need to win every game to get rewarded- you would only need to play consistently and learn!I would like to elaborate our unique reward system that appreciates your love for the game. I am sure you’ll love it.

Enter our Baazi Rewards, PokerBaazi’s unique rewards structure for all poker players in India

What’s new?

We take this opportunity to carefully explain the laundry list of all the changes that we have made to our website, gaming software and playing apps. We are sure you would like them.Just a little heads-up, we got a little behind time to deliver the goodies because we had a ton of expectations and prayers to answer.

  1. Baazi Rewards:We have introduced an encouraging Rewards system to pay you back for your passion for the game, regardless of whether you win or lose a game.Baazi Rewards is unique in three ways. One, it has two programs under it from which you can choose the best fit for you. Second, it had absolutely stunning prizes which have never been seen before. Third, we are giving back upto 50% back to you through the Baazi Rewards!



Baazi Rewards

If you wish to set a wish for yourself and want to play to achieve it, you can go for LOYALTY REWARDS PROGRAM, in which you can claim prizes at various levels. A lot of thought going into it has made us bring out some of the best things you would wish for. From real cash prizes to big tournament tickets to traveling best poker destinations in the world including my favourite Las Vegas, Australia and more. From iPhone to ICC world cup package to a Bahama Cruise. From a Honda City to a Toyota Fortuner to a Jaguar XF. We have everything in store for you and achieving all this is very possible as there is no timeline to achieve all this! Yes, it’s true. There are certain Premium levels which are offering the max giveback (upto 50%) among the levels.

The other program is CASHBACK, which is a weekly program. Under this, you will get direct cashback every Monday for the previous week. The cashback will range from 10% to 40% depending on the Reward Points you earn which are directly related to the volume of your play.

We have kept the default program as Loyalty Rewards Program, but you can switch as per your choice. However, please note that switching can only be done once in a calendar month.

  1. Playing experience on website and smartphone apps:Being a player first gives me the edge to get into your shoes and craft the best desirable poker platform not just in terms of looks but performance as well. We have introduced a portrait mode in our smartphone app. One of the first of its kind in Indian poker industry, it marks a watershed moment in the Indian poker industry because of its easy interface and bidirectional orientation.
  • The website and apps are fluidic and highly intuitive.
  • You can easily swipe across the app to play up to four tables at a time.
  • The more vintage, landscape mode is still present and you can use it to play your game as well.
  • You can see your tables in the preview bar even when you are away on the Lobby, Cashier, Settings, etc.
  • Our new app is optimized for single-handed use so that one can play the game for longer durations of the game. The appalso has in-built Cashier and Rewards tabs.
  • We offer a unified access to your hand history. You can switch between tables and lobbies with one click.
  • You can use different themes and emoticons to reflect your mood in real-time.

              Today’s roll out is the beta version of the new app which will subsequently brought on.

  1. Awesome Autumn:Our latest promotional event is called Awesome Autumn and it features many new exciting tournaments.

We are also offering exclusive 25% Real Cash Bonus deposit code called NEWAPP for our players using our new app. This code will give upto a max of 25K bonus!

Awsome Autumn

We have made two leaderboards worth INR 17 LACS in total for 40 days. Again based on the player feedback, we have crafted two separate leaderboards, one for tournaments above 1 LAC GTD and the other for lower guarantees.

There’s more to it!

That was just for the starters. We have made several player-centric changes as per the comments and feedbacks that we had received from you over past few months.

  1. New website: Our new website features dedicated sections for our current tournaments, knowledge resources, last minute references, marketing and promotional offers and customer support.
  2. Ease of playing:You can now refill your account from the website and the app. As was once customary in the app, you would not have to come to the home screen to visit your profile. You could now do the same from the playing table itself in real time.
  3. Indian software:We believe in the motto of ‘Be Indian, By Indian’ because we have come to know what the country’s online poker players come to expect of us. Our gaming software and Random Number Generator are internationally-certified and playing poker is safe, secure and a lot of fun.


PokerBaazi signifies the beauty of a glorious idea whose time has come. It is thecoming together of a humble beginning, untiring hard work and a top-notch gaming experience spanning past four years. We project poker as a skill-based game, one that has so much to give to everyone in the form of superior reasoning and analytical skills and pronounced mathematical probabilities.

  1. We have been through a lot of hard times earlier but managed to come out trumps every single time because of your unwavering trust in us. We have always maintained a straight-line approach to transparency and honesty, and that’s why we had debuted with our own internationally-certified ‘Made in India’ gaming software.
  2. We know of the Indian players’ psyche and thus wanted to offer them a playing experience that made them feel at home- relaxed, safe and trustworthy.
  3. We provide a segment-leader in our customer support because we know that you are our priority. We thus want to be so good at serving you that you would not choose anyone else for the services ever.

We took the hard way of taking the Cross up the hill. It was difficult to rise above the prevalent market trends and playing services and low-flying competitive expectations. We had dreamt of a superlative degree of online gaming experience that would become a template across the nation in times to come-and your love kept us going.

You are our hero!

You are the centre of our universe. All our love and hard work spin around you, and ditto for those countless nights that we are awake only to crackthe code that makes you go wow with excitement. We were on fire to deliver you a final and multi-dimensional line of services that is both unparallel and majestic in its own might, and we believe that we scaled the heights now.

The most important aspect of this development was the playing experience you would get on our website and apps- and we knew we had to score big in quick time here. We used to introduce several incremental contemporary changes at regular intervals earlier. We have discarded that age-old practice for a 360-degree overhaul of our platforms. We have carried out a long-term development plan to award you witha crème de la crème user experience. We have presented it in a form that is both tantalizing and respected as a templatein the industry.

This is Baazi’s way of doing the grandest of things.

A knock to remember!

We may not have scored a perfect ten but we have tried our best to bring a world-class online gaming experience to you. Our core leadership has spent countless nights cracking the code that would benefit the online poker community in India, and we believe that we have come out trumps as we help you graduate to a world-class online gaming experience.

We understand that we are still on road to improvement, just as we might still have a few niggles here and there but we urge you to give our website and smartphone apps a shot notwithstanding the hitch. We are committed to delivera significantly better online gaming experience to you in near foreseeable future.


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