Mar 31, 2020

Race 4 Sequel Story Leaked And It’s All About Poker

 Poker- Race 4 Sequel Story

If you thought that Samsher Singh would be spending the rest of life in the jail of Zila Handia then pinch yourself and get up close with reality- for the Race isn’t over yet. The whole story proceeds with a game of poker between Sikhander and Samsher in Race 4. We understand your curiosity to know more so here’s a sneak peek into what really happens.

Racing to Poker

Samsher Singh and his son Yuvraaj manage to escape from the jail located in their hometown Zila Handia. Samsher Singh contacts Sikhander Singh and demands the full share of Al-Shifah property back and when Sikhander refuses, Samsher challenges him for a game of poker. This game is bound by the ‘winner takes it all’  condition, which means that whosoever wins also takes 100% of the property share. Sikhander agrees to it and gets ready for the poker game the next day. This is when the real Race begins.     

Race begins…

Next morning, Samsher Singh and Sikhander Singh head to Samsher Singh’s Army Base Camp where a game of poker shall decide the fate of the Al-Shifah property, thus making it a signature case of poker deciding the survival of the fittest.

Typically in any poker league in India, you would usually find 5-6 players seated at a table but in this case, it is a Heads-Up battle because it involves two people– Samsher and Sikhander. The game kick-starts where Sikhander holds hole cards: 9 (hearts) and 8 (clubs) and Samsher holds hole cards of Ace (of diamonds) and King (of spades). Samsher has around 56% chances of winning whereas Sikhander has 44% chance of winning.

Sikhander and Samsher choose to call and in the proceeding hand, Sikhander raises and Samsher follows the 3-bet online poker strategy. The flop waits to be opened but the pre-flop observes aggressive play and bets.

Sikhander then calls and the flop opens with three community cards being dealt: J (of hearts), J (of diamonds), 5 (of spades). Samsher aces the game with 76% chances of winning as he has a high-value card: A (of diamonds) and Sikhander has 28% chances of winning as he owns mediocre hands.

Game changer

Sikhander chooses to step back and check post flop just as Samsher calls. The game proceeds with the 4th community card being dealt, which is a 9 (of spades). This leads to a massive drop in the winning chances of Samsher to just 7% and Sikhander now has 93% of winning chances as he holds a pair of 9 (of hearts), 9 (of spades) and a pair of Jacks. It’s nothing less than a cakewalk for Sikhander from here!

Sikhander delivers a masterstroke as he goes all-in and Samsher is left with no other option but to show his cards. The game ends with Sikhander becoming the winner of this game hands down.

"Disclaimer: The aforementioned article displays fake news and is meant for entertainment purposes only. Also, we have deliberately changed the characters’ names. It is produced solely for enjoyment of poker fans in India. No infringement of Copyright is intended. "

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