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To enhance and improve the experience of playing poker online, PokerBaazi is introducing responsible gaming systems on its platform. Poker going online has made the sport fast-paced and therefore exciting and less time-taking. With regulations such as our new responsible gaming tools and KYC activated accounts, your winnings are safe and secure with the operators until withdrawals. Another benefit of online poker is multi-tabling, which we’ll be further discuss about. 

What is Multi-Tabling?

If you don’t already know, multi-tabling is the art of playing several online poker hands on different tables at one point in time. It is the bread and butter of online poker and the grinder. It makes the game more fun as you sit on many tables and while you create more chances of losing, you also have higher chances of winning.

Multi-tabling has changed the way poker is played. If you haven’t started multi-tabling, it means you’re not throwing good poker money away yet. But there are several crucial aspects to it as well. The average online player should be careful about how many tables he/she is playing on. This is different for every player depending on their skills and bankroll.

Let’s take a look at some of the concepts of multi-tabling for both experienced and newbie players.

How is your Focus Affected?

Some poker nits believe that multi-tabling is a waste of time. They say that when you are multi-tabling, you are not able to give each decision enough thought and time. This can lead to wrong decisions.

  • While playing many popular online games means that you are constantly invested in playing the game, it can also work against you since you have to make decisions quicker.
  • Playing more hands means exposure to more kinds of games which can help you focus deeply on your strategy.
  • It helps you build patience, which is extremely vital.

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What happens to the Bankroll?

Bankroll is an important determinant for your poker game. And what happens to it when you multi-table:

  • Playing more hands means you remain occupied and chances of you growing impatient to bet higher stakes impulsively are less.
  • You play safer and accumulate more. There is no place for speculative spots and it is more rewarding for tight play.

What do the Pros Say?

Pros have been multi-tabling for quite some time now. Some are even playing on 20 tables and here’s what they have to say about the practice of multi-tabling:

  • If you’re winning on one table, why not try on 3,4 more and increase the winning amount?
  • More tables mean better planning of poker strategy in the long-term.
  • More tables for some = less tilt
  • The chances of losing also increase and not always though, but a lot of times, players get emotional leading to bankroll consequences.
  • Players try to multi-table as an online poker strategy to recover their losses, however, in certain situations, they end up losing, even more, leading to a vicious downward spiral.
  • Players are not bored since they have different hands to play on different tables. They are not waiting for their turns and so, generally avoid taking impatient decisions.

If you can relate to the pointers mentioned above but multi-tabling hasn’t been working in your favour, then it is a good idea to give the practice a break. Or it would be a good idea to set limits to your play with PB Responsible Limits.

Should you Restrict Multi-Tabling?

  • MTT can be a lot of fun and can be extremely exciting, but poker (high-stakes especially) demands a high level of concentration, willpower and thinking that is taxing on both the body and mind.
  • When you play for long hours across tables, it is important to maintain a calm mind since you may end up feeling tired and you could also be avoiding other vital activities that require your time and attention on and off the online poker tables.
  • Spending hours in front of the screen also has a cumulative effect, so it's important to take a break if you're the marathoner type.

Getting the right balance is essential to achieve the most out of the game. You must keep everything in moderation - time spent, the number of tables, bankroll, and more.

Are there any Disadvantages?

  • Multi-tabling can backfire if you are not using the right strategies. You don’t even have to play badly, one awful beat can have you steaming. Handling the pressure of many games together can get taxing and if you are staking big winnings on the line, you may not be able to get past it quickly.
  • You can’t always manage if you’re in a couple of important spots. This can significantly affect your game and your bankroll. Not just that, it can also bother your mental attitude towards multi-tabling and the game on the whole.

The most important thing when deciding the number of tables you should play at is to understand what you are aiming for. Is your primary motive profit? Or are you trying to learn the game and enhance your skills? There are lots of other reasons and identifying what matters the most to you is essential to decide how many tables you want to play on.

Make your game more sustainable as you play to build a healthy bankroll for your next big game with PokerBaazi’s new responsible gaming tools.

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